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Graduates of Public Schools in Allen County, Indiana (1906)

Transcribed by Jim Cox - August 2012

This is a transcription of the program of the "First Annual Commencement of the Public Schools of Allen County, Indiana," held at the Princess Rink in Fort Wayne on Saturday, June 16, 1906 at 2 pm. See the school officials (PDF) listed in the program.

Last Name First Name School
Adams Blanche Wayne Township
Aiken Minnie E Lafayette Township
Albro Estella Wayne Township
Alleger Alice E W Monroeville
Bair Minnie M Springfield Township
Baldwin Esther L Washington Township
Baldwin Maurice St. Joseph Township
Barnhart Cora Eel River Township
Baysinger Alpha S Adams Township
Behrman Carrie Jefferson Township
Benz Lillie Washington Township
Black Jesset M New Haven
Bly Lottie E Pleasant Township
Botteron George W Milan Township
Bowser Homer G Perry Township
Brown Ama Mae Lafayette Township
Burgette Lee Harley Adams Township
Burkholder Homer St. Joseph Township
Butt Irma Lake Township
Cartwright Edna J Wayne Township
Clark James Curtis Pleasant Township
Comment Eugene J Jefferson Township
Conrad Herman Cedar Creek Township
Conrad Persida Cedar Creek Township
Cook Anna Belle St. Joseph Township
Cook Gertrude E Lake Township
Cook Sarah Ann Washington Township
Corville Franklin Glen Madison Township
Culver Ona Irene St. Joseph Township
Cummins Lulu M Springfield Township
Davis Anna Rue Pleasant Township
Dawson Roy A Eel River Township
Dehner Joseph Pleasant Township
Dennis Hazel C Pleasant Township
Dennis Melvia Maoli Aboite Township
Didier Bertha Mary Adams Township
Disler Elma E Wayne Township
Edwards Cleo Marguerite Monroeville
Emenhiser Grace A Jackson Township
Evard Mildred Aboite Township
Flaugh Michael J Madison Township
Garman Belle Perry Township
Girard Eudoxia M Washington Township
Girard Leo J Washington Township
Gloyd Norma D Perry Township
Goldsmith Anna M Cedar Creek Township
Greenawalt George L Springfield Township
Gremaux Julian C Jefferson Township
Grubb Clinton J Springfield Township
Hannan Theresa I Springfield Township
Hartman Frances N Washington Township
Hay Leona R Springfield Township
Heddin Annice L Washington Township
Heiser Maude Marion Township
Hockemeyer Eleanor J Wayne Township
Hofer Amelia M Washington Township
Huff Edith Perry Township
Hursh Dora Belle Perry Township
Hursh Mabel Marie Perry Township
Jacoby Earl St. Joseph Township
Jacoby Ida Leone St. Joseph Township
Jacquay Lucy A Jefferson Township
Johnson Helen Adams Township
Johnson Mary E Eel River Township
Johnston Orpha M Eel River Township
Kasbaum Charles Washington Township
Kiefer Hazel Elma Washington Township
King Fern E Pleasant Township
Klaehn William F Aboite Township
Klopfenstein Lawrence Cedar Creek Township
Knoll Matilda E Wayne Township
Knoll Mildred Wayne Township
Kohr Jennie E Lafayette Township
Kurtz Florence M Milan Township
Lamont Clarence F Jefferson Township
Linden Mary New Haven
Lopshire Bula E Lafayette Township
Lung Myrtle F New Haven
Mayhew Ethel St. Joseph Township
McIntosh Henry J Monroeville
Melton Clarence Aboite Township
Merriman Georgia Wayne Township
Miller Carrie Jefferson Township
Miller Edna Monroeville
Miller Hazel Springfield Township
Mooney Lillie Alice Madison Township
Morgan Goldie Monroe Township
Moss Golda M Perry Township
Moudy Mina M Cedar Creek Township
Moudy Roy F Cedar Creek Township
Muldoon Frank Marion Township
Mullen Eva Marie Marion Township
Nickelson Grace Lafayette Township
Nicodemus Ferdinand Lafayette Township
Nuttle Ima Milan Township
Otto Josie Perry Township
Page Roy Springfield Township
Parker Herbert M St. Joseph Township
Peckham Earl R Monroeville
Pfeiffer Clarence E Washington Township
Phillips Agnes Monroeville
Poince Dessie Springfield Township
Prill Glen Lake Township
Rackenweg Mary Wayne Township
Ream Atlee D Cedar Creek Township
Reichelderfer George E Springfield Township
Rhodes Estella Leona Adams Township
Ringwalt Aldrich M Milan Township
Robinson Erma Pleasant Township
Roller Guy Springfield Township
Roy Mary Adams Township
Ruch Bruce K Jackson Township
Ruhl Homer A Marion Township
Rupert Zello O Springfield Township
Sage Herbert Eel River Township
Saylor Georgia D Perry Township
Shoaff Bessie T Cedar Creek Township
Simons Gladys L Perry Township
Smith Evangeline Pleasant Township
Smith Rachel Pleasant Township
Snider Wilson Everett Marion Township
Snyder Myrtle Marie Perry Township
Spencer Frances Pleasant Township
Stauffer Zelda Milan Township
Stein Elizabeth Pleasant Township
Steiner John Urban Springfield Township
Stephenson Allen W Monroe Township
Sweeney Clara M Jefferson Township
Thomas Winnie A Wayne Township
Tonkel Mina E Cedar Creek Township
Tonkel Rosza O Perry Township
Turflinger Elsie Wayne Township
Voetter Margaret C Wayne Township
Vonderau Martin St. Joseph Township
Waid Lloyd D Lafayette Township
Walter Edythe Springfield Township
Weichart Harley St. Joseph Township
Wells Eugene Jackson Township
Whittern Leora Monroeville
Wilkie Helen M Wayne Township
Wilson Lulu E Lafayette Township
Wisely Walter New Haven
Woods Ottie Pleasant Township
Worden Charles E Springfield Township
Wyss Celestine M Marion Township


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