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Burials Relocated from Monroe County, Indiana Cemeteries By Lake Monroe (1960)

Submitted by Randi Richardson

PREFACE: In 1960 when construction began on Lake Monroe, it was necessary to relocate burial remains from several area cemeteries including the Daniel E. Fox; Russell Mitchell; Blackwell; Hughs; Macy W. Malott; Goodman; Cutright and Shields. The relocation was undertaken by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

At the time of relocation, many of the burial plots were identified only by unmarked fieldstones. Information from those burials identified by a tombstone was compiled into a list that included name of the deceased, the original cemetery name and the new place of burial. Two of the relocated burials were made in the Clear Creek Cemetery; the remainder in the New Allen’s Creek Cemetery in Polk Township.

Information about the displaced cemeteries and the relocated burials is noted in County Cemeteries of Monroe which was compiled in 1993, revised in 1998, and published by the Monroe County Historical Society. It should be noted, however, that the list compiled by the Army Corps of Engineers does not always coincide with the information noted in the book, nor does it include all the information noted in the book. For example, the book includes specific birth and death dates, but the Corps’ list only includes the year of death. To learn more about these burials, please check with the research library at the Monroe County History Center in Bloomington, Indiana.

Last Name First Name Date of
Original Place
of Burial
   Macy W. Malott Cemetery No burials noted by name
   Goodman Cemetery No burials noted by name
   Cutright Cemetery No burials noted by name
Baxter Amanda 1894 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Amanda J. 1876 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Emily 1883 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Flossie 1918 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Infant of J. O. and A. E. 1879 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter James M. 1873 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter James O. 1908 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Mary 1872 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Mary M. 1882 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter Onie B. 1892 Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter William  Hughes Cemetery  
Baxter William 1858 Hughes Cemetery  
Bender John I. 1863 Hughes Cemetery  
Bender Sarah F. 1873 Hughes Cemetery  
Blackwell Infant of R. & T. 1884 Blackwell Cemetery  
Blackwell Rachel E. 1940 Blackwell Cemetery  
Blackwell Silas J. 1885 Blackwell Cemetery  
Blackwell Thomas T. 1928 Blackwell Cemetery  
Butcher Coney J. 1857 Hughes Cemetery  
Butcher David 1857 Hughes Cemetery  
Butcher Eddie  Hughes Cemetery  
Butcher Infant  Hughes Cemetery  
Butcher Nancy M. 1871 Hughes Cemetery  
Butcher Samuel 1866 Hughes Cemetery  
Carter   Hughes Cemetery  
Cazee Carmilda 1851 Blackwell Cemetery  
Cazee E.  Blackwell Cemetery  
Cazee John W. 1900 Blackwell Cemetery  
Cazee Matilda 1900 Blackwell Cemetery  
Cazee Robert, Rev.  Blackwell Cemetery  
Cazee Serilda 1852 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers Anderson J. 1856 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers Dau of W. and N. J. 1859 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers Dugas J. 1881 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers Jacob 1888 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers Jacob, wife of 1879 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers John W. 1853 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chambers Nancy Jane 1880 Blackwell Cemetery  
Chandler   Shields Cemetery  
Chandler (child)  Shields Cemetery  
Chandler (infant)  Shields Cemetery  
Chandler David H. 1878 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Andrew 1884 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Andrew (infant)  Hughes Cemetery  
Clark David 1895 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Edith Ethel  Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Elizabeth 1856 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Julia 1876 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Lizziebeth 1909 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Margaret 1848 Hughes Cemetery  
Clark Margret 1923 Hughes Cemetery  
Conner Annie  Blackwell Cemetery  
Conner Elmer 1930 Blackwell Cemetery  
Conner Zelma Pearl  Blackwell Cemetery  
Daub Sarah Wampler  Hughes Cemetery  
Deckard Caroline 1866 Hughes Cemetery  
Deckard Eliza Jane 1866 Hughes Cemetery  
Dupree John H. 1913 Hughes Cemetery  
Dupree Nellie F. 1913 Hughes Cemetery  
Eads (infant)  Blackwell Cemetery  
Eads G. Maxine 1937 Shields Cemetery  
Eads Lonzo 1902 Shields Cemetery  
Eads Paul (infant) 1909 Shields Cemetery  
Eads Pauline (infant) 1907 Shields Cemetery  
Evans Ira A. 1864 Hughes Cemetery  
Followell M. J. 1853 Hughes Cemetery  
Grub Ella Wampler 1902 Hughes Cemetery  
Hanson Polly 1916 Hughes Cemetery  
Hatton Lidia A. 1897 Hughes Cemetery  
Hatton Rhoda  Hughes Cemetery  
Heltenburg Sarah A. & infant dau. 1875 Shields Cemetery  
Huddle Martha A. M. 1864 Hughes Cemetery  
Hughes Clara 1855 Hughes Cemetery  
Kennealy Elizabeth 1886 Blackwell Cemetery  
Lanning R. A. 1827 Daniel E. Fox Cemetery  
Lanning William A. 1860 Daniel E. Fox Cemetery  
Livingston  1883 Russell Mitchell Cemetery  
Livingston John H. 1864 Hughes Cemetery  
Luther Saber  Blackwell Cemetery  
Luther Valentine  Blackwell Cemetery  
May 3 infants of A. M. 1873 Hughes Cemetery  
May Abner 1915 Hughes Cemetery  
May Clara 1904 Hughes Cemetery  
May Elijah 1923 Hughes Cemetery  
May Elmer 1899 Hughes Cemetery  
May Frances M. 1950 Hughes Cemetery  
May J. E. 1933 Hughes Cemetery  
May Martha E. 1946 Hughes Cemetery  
May Martha J. 1943 Hughes Cemetery  
May Mary J. 1916 Hughes Cemetery  
May Tommy 1892 Hughes Cemetery  
May William H. 1919 Hughes Cemetery  
Mitchell H. W. 1923 Shields Cemetery  
Mize M.  Hughes Cemetery  
Mize Mary J.  Hughes Cemetery  
Mobley William 1906 Hughes Cemetery  
Nelson Sarah E. 1889 Hughes Cemetery  
Nunn Downey J. 1890 Hughes Cemetery  
Nunn Nancy 1923 Hughes Cemetery  
Nunn William 1893 Hughes Cemetery  
Pate George  Hughes Cemetery  
Pate Sarah 1906 Hughes Cemetery  
Pennington Laura A. 1882 Shields Cemetery  
Rogers Andy Anderson 1958 Hughes Cemetery  
Rogers James M. 1919 Hughes Cemetery  
Rogers John 1954 Hughes Cemetery  
Rush Jane Baxter 1906 Hughes Cemetery  
Rush John  Hughes Cemetery  
Sciscoe John P. 1859 Hughes Cemetery  
Shields Almeda B. 1901 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Charles M. 1872 Shields Cemetery  
Shields David W. 1892 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Ella F. 1899 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Ellen 1922 Shields Cemetery  
Shields George 1871 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Infant of D. T. & S. F. 1892 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Infant of J. H. & M. E. 1897 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Keet 1902 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Lizabeth Beth 1912 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Martha 1897 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Mary 1899 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Odie (child)  Shields Cemetery  
Shields Orpha I. 1897 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Raymond (child)  Shields Cemetery  
Shields Rosa L. 1897 Shields Cemetery  
Shields Sarah 1878 Shields Cemetery  
Shields William 1902 Shields Cemetery  
Shields William H. 1901 Shields Cemetery  
Smith Eliza A. 1878 Hughes Cemetery  
Smith James 1898 Hughes Cemetery  
Southern Charles M. 1885 Blackwell Cemetery  
Stevens Hannah E.  Hughes Cemetery  
Stillions   Blackwell Cemetery  
Stillions Etta 1914 Blackwell Cemetery  
Stillions Janie 1911 Blackwell Cemetery  
Stillions Mary Alice 1924 Blackwell Cemetery  
Stillions Tom 1924 Blackwell Cemetery  
Todd Andrew J. 1857 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Charles M. 1948 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Charlotte (infant) 1900 Shields Cemetery  
Wampler Cynthia  Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler David P. 1851 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Gertie  Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Hettie Jane  Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Infant  Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Isaac J. 1901 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler James M. 1946 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler John 1865 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Mary E. 1893 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Mary R. 1857 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Merica K. 1857 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Rena 1905 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler Sarah 1872 Hughes Cemetery  
Wampler William H. 1857 Hughes Cemetery  
Wells Mrs.  Blackwell Cemetery  
Wetherman Mary 1889 Shields Cemetery  


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