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Soldiers of Monroe County, Indiana Who Died During The Civil War

Submitted by Randi Richardson

The information in this database was extracted from an "Old Bloomington" column written by D.C. Miller which appeared in the December 8, 9 & 10, 1947 issues of the Bloomington World. This newspaper is available on microfilm at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana as well as the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis. A preface to Miller's 1947 column seems to indicate that he had extracted this information from the newspapers that were published during the war and immediately afterward. This database includes all the information that was in Miller's column - if a column is blank, it means that Miller did not include that information for that soldier.

Some of the spellings seem suspect - flexibility (and a genealogist's eye) should be given to the soldiers' names.

Last Name First Name Date of Death Place of Death
Adams Hugh C. Apr 1865 Dalton, GA
Alexander Enoch  In Andersonville Prison
Alexander John D.  Chattanooga, TN
Alexander William F. Aug 1864 Pulaski, TN
Allen Wren  In Andersonville Prison
Alton Robert  Supposed to have been lost on steamer Sultana
Amor Charles  Corinth, MS
Arthur Andrew W. Sep 1861 By accident
Ashbrook Joseph Jan 1864 In prison at Danville, VA
Barnes William  In action at Ashley Gap, VA
Barrett Elijah Apr 1862 Of wounds rcvd at Winchester, VA
Barrett Sylvester Nov 1861 St. Louis, MO
Baxter John Jun 1862 Near Elkton, AL
Beatly Horace L. May 1865 At Jacksonville, FL, prison
Berry William M. Jul 1865  
Bowen C. M.  Washington, D. C.
Bowers Alfred  Kennesaw, GA
Brinkinson Daniel N.  Corinth, MS
Bunger Henry W. Dec 1862 At home in Bloomington, IN
Burris James M.  In Andersonville Prison
Buskirk Isaac A., Capt. Jul 11, 1864  
Butcher James A.  Of wounds at home in Bloomington, IN
Butcher William S.  Nashville, TN
Butler Fred  New Orleans, LA
Carlow Thomas W. Sep 1862 Antietam
Carmichael William H.  Moscow, TN
Carter John  Warren, MO
Charles William Stanley, Lt. Col. Nov 10, 1864  
Clark William Apr 1865 Nashville, TN
Coan Samuel Feb 1863 Murfreesboro, TN
Coffey Copernicus Jul 1862 Farmington, MS
Coffey James M Dec 1861 Syracuse, MO
Coffey William H.  Little Rock, AR
Comeri Martin  In a field hospital
Cook David  Louisville, KY
Cooper William H. 1861 Otterville, MO
Copenhaver Adam M. Feb 1864 Chattanooga, TN
Cox John C., Sgt. Nov 3, 1862 Huttonville, Va
Craig James M. Feb 1865 Louisville, KY
Craig William J. May 1864 Killed at Reseca, GA
Crump Lewis Apr 1862 Of wounds rcvd at Winchester VA
Curry William Mar 1864 From wounds rcvd at Missionary Ridge
Dailey Lewis W.  Of wounds rcvd at Cassville, MO
Dains Isaac S., Capt.  Little Rock, AR
Dearmin James R.  Gallatin, TN
Degan James Nov 1862  
Dodds Samuel W., Sgt. Nov 1861 St. Louis, MO
Drake Richard J. Aug 1864 Pulaski, TN
Dubois George W.  Gallatin, TN
Duncan Edward Dec 1861  
Duncan Henry L. Apr 1862 Harrodsburg, IN
East Jonathan Apr 1865 Louisville, KY
Edwards George W. Feb 1863 Murfreesboro, TN
Elkins Joseph Apr 1862 Harrodsburg, IN
Eller James M. Jul 1862 New Albany, IN
Farmer Elvin  Memphis, TN
Fielder John R.  Of disease at Mobile, AL
Flatlook E. M.  Frederick, MD
Floyd Abraham Apr 1865 Madison, IN
Fowler Eli  Of disease at Ft. Gaines
Fox William H. Mar 1864 Indianapolis, IN
Franklin Rolla Apr 1862 Battle at Shiloh
Fullbright James B., Sgt.  Battle of Shiloh
Gardner Benjamin T., Sgt. Dec 1863 Of wounds rcvd in action
Gardner John Mar 1863 Nashville, TN
Goben Charles M. May 18, 1862 St. Louis, MO
Gourley Robert H.  New Maryville, IN
Graham Edward Oct 1861 St. Louis, MO
Gray Samuel May 22, 1863 Of disease
Guy Samuel May 22, 1863 Of disease
Hanna Robert P. Oct 1864 Atlanta, GA
Harbison Robert A. Dec 1861 Calhoun, KY
Harsch Andrew Sep 1862 Antietam
Hendricks Reuben  Killed at Reseca, GA
Hodges James M.  Of disease at Helena, AR
Hooshour Joseph  Supposed to have died
Hoover J. B.  Louisville, KY
Hovious Bedford  Atlanta, GA
Howard Alvin Dec 1864 Nashville, TN
Howard J. J.  In action
Hubbard John M. Feb 1865 Indianapolis, IN
Hughes James M. May 1864  
Ivory George Nov 1862 Of wounds rcvd at Antietam
Jacobs E. F.  In a field hospital
Jennings W. G.  Tyrnne, MO
Jennings William G. Feb 1862 Lynn Creek, MO
Johnson Fleming Jul 1862 Evansville, IN
Johnson Verdman 1862 Of wounds rcvd in action
Keith John May 1864 Of wounds rcvd at Reseca
Kelley George W.  Of wounds rcvd at Antitam
Kelly James R., Capt. May 8, 1862 Of wounds rcvd at Winchester, VA
Knight James H.  Nashville, TN
Knight Samuel  By guerrilas at Reseca, GA
Kop Peter  In battle at Antietam
Lee William  Little Rock, AR
Lills Joseph Oct 1863 Of wounds rcvd at Chickamauga, TN
Litz J. W.  Of wounds at Chattanooga, TN
Livingston James J. May 1862 New Albany, IN
Livingston James V. Jun 1864 Kennesaw, GA
Lucas Alexander Aug 1864 Atlanta, GA
Lyons Elijah May 1864 Killed at Rome, GA
Mathers Willis L. Dec 19, 1861 Calhoun, KY
Matthews Franklin D. Aug 1864 On picket run near Atlanta, GA
May Abram Feb 1863 Nashville, TN
Mayfield Joseph M. Sep 1864 Of wounds rcvd at Jonesboro
McCalla Joseph Aug 1861  
McCune Richard R. Apr 1864 Pulaski, TN
McDermott Clark Sep 1863 Of wounds rcvd at Chickamauga, TN
McDonald Joseph  Near Stevensburg, VA
Meadows David Sep 1864 Cahaba, AL
Meadows Jacob Dec 1862 Stone River, TN
Meadows James Jan 1864 Indianapolis, IN
Miller David Aug 1863 Mound City, IL
Miller William Apr 1862 Of wounds rcvd at Winchester VA
Miller William B. Dec 1863 Of wounds rcvd in action
Mitchell Emmett Aug 1863 Nashville, TN
Mobey Milton H.  New Albany, IN
Nichols James W. Dec 1861 In Andersonville Prison
Parks Samuel Jan 1865 St. Louis, MO
Pauley James M. Apr 1865 Dalton, GA
Peterson Thomas Dec 1864 Nashville, TN
Pettus James H. Oct 1862 Killed at Perryville, KY
Pratt Thomas  Killed at Atlanta, GA
Prince Ison Nov 1862 Lawrence County, IN
Quick John Apr 1864 Columbus, IN
Raper James H. May 1861  
Reagan Alexander Apr 14, 1862 Of wounds rcvd at Winchester, VA
Reed Hiram  Of wounds at Memphis, TN
Reeves Joseph H., 1st Lt. Mar 1864  
Rice William  In captivity
Richardson Joseph  Williamsport, MD
Robertson Elisha Jul 1862 Evansville, IN
Rogers Tilman A. Mar 1865 Dalton, GA
Russell James  Chickamauga, TN
Rutledge Aaron J. Apr 1864 Bloomington, IN
Shaffer William H. May 1862 Corinth, MS
Shields Lewis W. Mar 1864 Indianapolis, IN
Simpson William  Of disease at Nashville, TN
Sipes Henry  Killed at Darnestown, MD
Slocumb Paul E., Lt. Mar 3, 1864 Of wounds rcvd in action
Sluss Edward T. Sep 1864 Of wounds
Smallwood John W. Mar 1865 Huntsville, AL
Smith Jefferson  Thompson's Station
Smith John M. Jan 1866 Cuthbert, GA
Smith John W.  In Andersonville Prison
Smith John W. Jul 1864 Chattahoochie River, GA
Smith Stacey F. Sep 1862 Antietam
Smith William H. Jun 1864  
Southern Henry Jul 1863 Walnut Hills, MS
Sparks James H.  Camp Sherman
Spencer Charles H. Sep 1862 Helena, AR
St. Clair Thomas Nov 1862 St. Louis, MO
Stewart John Mar 1865 Bainbridge, GA
Stewart Lee  Newman Station
Stiere W. A.  Hospital
Strong John W. Aug 1863 Winchester, TN
Sutphin Miller M. Feb 1862 Calhoun, KY
Taylor Benjamin F. Dec 1861 Calhoun, KY
Taylor Joseph S. Oct 1862 Killed at Perryville, KY
Temples John W.  Reseca, GA
Thomas John  Near Atlanta, GA
Thompson James  Shiloh
Thompson John  Louisburg, AR
Todd Thomas  Darnestown, MD
Trueblood John  Pulaski, TN
Tull Thomas May 1862 Corinth, MS
Vanderpool Jeremiah 1864 Nashville, TN
Wagner F. M.  Cold Harbor
Walker Arthur Dec 1861 Otterville, MO
Waugh James H. Dec 1864 Nashville, TN
Wayman William Aug 1862  
Welsh William Aug 1865 Vicksburg, MS
West John  New Albany, IN
Whisenand Benjamin Feb 1862 Calhoun, KY
Whitaker George W. Jun 1863 Bowling Green, KY
Wisely Jordan Apr 1865 Dalton, GA
Wright Jacob Nov 1862 Bowling Green, KY
Wylie Richard D. Oct 1861 Otterville, MO
Wylie Samuel E. Feb 1862 Calhoun, KY
Yates A. B.  Killed at Vicksburg, MS
Young Ira Nov 1864 Nashville, TN
Young Joseph  Kennesaw, GA
Yund George  Chickamauga, TN


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