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Soldiers of Monroe County, Indiana Who Received Pensions (1883)

Submitted by Randi Richardson

The information in this database was extracted from an "Old Bloomington" column written by D.C. Miller which appeared in the December 10, 1947 issue of the Bloomington World. This newspaper is available on microfilm at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana as well as the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis.

The information in D.C. Miller's 1947 column appears to come from List of pensioners on the roll January 1, 1883, a 5-volume set that was published by the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC in 1883 because Congress had asked the Secretary of the Interior to compile a list of everyone who was receiving a federal pension for military service (including widows and minor children). The 1883 set of books have been digitized and can be browsed for free on Google Books and Internet Archive; Volume 4 contains the listing for Indiana by county. These books contain the pensioner's name, their post office address, the cause of their pension, the amount of their monthly pension, and the date it was granted.

And if you have access to a Fold3 subscription, you can find even more information from the digital files they have of pension documents. For example, pension documents for Eliza Gentry show that she was the widow of John W. Gentry of Company G of the 38th Indiana Infantry, who died on September 19, 1863 of wounds received in the battle of Chickamauga, Tennessee. The pension documents also include a copy of Eliza's 1852 Monroe County marriage record and list the names and birthdates of all of their children who were under the age of 16 at the time of John's death.

Last Name First Name Type of Pension
Abram Lucinda widow
Adams William H.  
Adams Wilson  
Alexander William M.  
Bailey Susan E. widow
Baker Harry  
Beck John H.  
Bicknell Henry H. minor
Billings William E.  
Board James M.  
Bode Marie survivor
Bowers Eli  
Briscoe Margaret widow
Burke Daniel  
Burks Susan mother
Buskirk Elizabeth widow
Buskirk William H.  
Cagee Robert  
Cain Melinda widow
Campbell John  
Campbell Samuel  
Carter Amelia widow - 1812 war
Carter Clara mother
Cates Nancy widow
Cathcart Mary 1812 war
Chambers David  
Chandler Andrew  
Chandler Joshua  
Chandler Silas  
Chestnut Thomas J.  
Clark Sarah mother
Collins Thomas N  
Cooksey Vincent H.  
Core Charles G.  
Cracraft John T.  
Crafton Henry  
Deckard William  
Downing Richard  
Eakin Vanelia widow
East Nancy mother
Eller John T.  
Farmer Elizabeth W. widow
Farmer Elizabeth W. widow - 1812 war
Farmer William M.  
Fox Nancy widow
Freeman Joseph  
Fulford Jonathan H.  
Gaskins Hosea  
Gaskins Thomas M.  
Gaston James H.  
Gentry Eliza widow
Getzendanner William  
Gibbs Theodore  
Glares Alvin  
Graham Robertson  
Haley John  
Harbison Joseph C.  
Harrell John C.  
Harris Joseph H.  
Harris Martha E. widow
Hawkins Thomas E.  
Helms Eliza C. widow
Helms Elizabeth widow
Holland Edward  
Ison Henry  
Jackson Granville  
Jackson William J.  
Johnson Susan widow
Keck Nancy J. widow
Keith John L.  
Kelley Alexander  
Kelley Mary widow
Knight Elijah  
Lamkins George W.  
Langley John T.  
Lewis Catherine widow
Lewis Joseph  
Livingston Julia widow
Livingston Martha widow
Lucas Elizabeth widow
Lyons John H.  
Maginnis Thomas  
Manley James F.  
Marshall Christiana widow - 1812 war
Massey Andrew T.  
Maxwell Mary D. widow - 1812 war
McKinney Lawson E.  
McLaughlin Daniel  
McLaughlin Ruth widow
Meadows William H.  
Mercer Thomas  
Millen Sophia widow
Moore Alvis  
Moreland George W.  
Myers Mary R. widow
Nichols John  
Nicholson Johnathan  
Parkins Francis  
Perry Henry F.  
Peterson Mary survivor
Poling Sarah widow
Rasco Robert  
Reeves George W.  
Rice Thomas E.  
Richardson George  
Ripley John  
Robertson James T.  
Roddy Joseph B.  
Roddy Mary A. widow
Ross James L.  
Sater Joseph  
Seeks George  
Skirvin James M.  
Slocumb Matilda widow
Smith Mary E. widow
Smith Reuben  
Smith Rosanna widow
Southern William  
Spencer James K.  
Spencer Mary E. widow
Spires Sarah widow
Stephenson George T.  
Stepp Francis  
Sumner Benjamin  
Tilley Nancy widow
Voss Lydia mother
Walker Cynthia mother
Walker Joseph  
Watson William  
Webb Jesse F.  
Weimer Louis  
Wolfe Margaret widow


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