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Students and Teachers of Spencer High School, Owen County, Indiana (1921)

Submitted by Randi Richardson

Source: The 1921 Spencerian (a yearbook published by the senior class of Spencer High School in 1921). This yearbook is available at the Owen County Public Library in Spencer, Indiana.

This is an index of every photo in which an individual is identified by name, including in group photos. This yearbook does not have any page numbers.

Last Name First Name Grade or
Group Photo
Allspaugh Nancy 11  
Alverson Marguerite 10  
Andrews Austin 9  
Bacon Robert 10  
Baird Ernest 10  
Baird Ernest Agricultural Club  
Barge Glen 10  
Barge Glenn Agricultural Club  
Barnes Wayne 9  
Barnes Wayne Agricultural Club  
Barnett Naomi 10  
Beem Jacob 10  
Beem Richard 11  
Beem Richard Boys Basketball  
Blair Christine 12  
Boruff Russell 11  
Bourn Frederick, Mr. Faculty  
Brewer Fannie 12  
Britton Ernest 10  
Brown Doris 10  
Brown Doris Boys Basketball  
Brumfield Elsie A., Mrs. Faculty  
Cain Hall 11  
Cain Hall Agricultural Club  
Campbell Fred 11  
Campbell Fred Agricultural Club  
Cassady Mabel 10  
Cassady Margaret 11  
Cassady Margaret Girls Basketball  
Close David Agricultural Club  
Coble Elizabeth 12  
Coble Elizabeth Staff  
Cooper Frieda 10  
Cooper Frieda Staff  
Cooper Frieda Vocational Department  
Copeland Jesse 10  
Copeland Jesse Agricultural Club  
Cox Edward 11  
Cox Edward Boys Basketball  
Cox Linda 12  
Cox Linda Staff  
Crane Halcyon 11  
Criss Mar 9  
Crow Frank Agricultural Club  
Crowe Frank 10  
Curtis Helen 9  
Curtis Helen Vocational Department  
Davis John 11  
Davis John Agricultural Club  
Davis John Boys Basketball  
Davis Renos 9  
Davis Renos Agricultural Club  
Dowdall Fern 9  
Dowell Ralph 9  
Drescher Francis 12  
Drescher Francis Staff  
Drescher Mary 9  
Drescher Mary Vocational Department  
Duling James Agricultural Club  
Dulng James 11  
Dunn Dorothy 11  
Edward Clay 9  
Edwards Leona 10  
Edwards Leona Vocational Department  
Eichenlaub Mildred 9  
Eichenlaub Mildred Vocational Department  
Ellis Robert 9  
Ellis Robert Agricultural Club  
Evans Opal 11  
Ferguson Made 12  
Foley Clarence 10  
Foley Clifford 9  
Foster Lucile 12  
Foster Lucile Girls Basketball  
Frank Mary 12  
Fulk Irene 12  
Fulk Irene Girls Basketball  
Galimore Lois 10  
Garner Paul 9  
Gibson Edna 11  
Gibson Jessie 9  
Gibson Jessie Vocational Department  
Gibson Kenneth 9  
Gibson Kenneth Agricultural Club  
Gray Dorothy Vocational Department  
Gray Maxine 11  
Gray Maxine Girls Basketball  
Gray Mildred 11  
Gray Orma 12  
Gray Orma Girls Basketball  
Green John 11  
Greene John Agricultural Club  
Guy Loraine 9  
Guy Margaret 11  
Hancock Parker 9  
Hancock Parker Agricultural Club  
Hendershot Wilfred G., Mr. Faculty  
Hendershot Wilfred Glenn Dedication of Yearbook  
Hight John 11  
Hopper Wilma 10  
Hopper Wilma Vocational Department  
Hutcheson Wampler 10  
Hutcheson Wampler Agricultural Club  
Jarvis George 11  
Jarvis Josephine 9  
Jarvis Josephine Girls Basketball  
Johnson Effie 11  
Johnson Horace 12  
Johnson Horace Agricultural Club  
Johnson Horace Boys Basketball  
Johnson Horace Staff  
Johnson Nylice 9  
Johnson Warren 11  
Johnson Warren Agricultural Club  
Kestler Ruth, Miss Faculty  
King Francis 12  
Knight Hazel 12  
Knott Lawrence 10  
Kolb H. J. Agricultural Club  
Kolb Harold J., Mr. Faculty  
Lawson James 10  
Leapley Theodore 12  
Leapley Theodore Staff  
Livingston Clifford 11  
Lombard Eleanor 12  
Long Gray 9  
Lucas Mildred 10  
Lucas Mildred Vocational Department  
Lucas Roxa 9  
Lucas Roxa Vocational Department  
Lytton Harold 9  
Lytton Lester 11  
Maners Wilson  11  
Mason Marietta, Miss Faculty  
Mason Mildred English Faculty  
Mathes Virginia 11  
Matkins James 9  
McAuley Adeline 12  
McAuley Adeline Vocational Department  
McClaflin Ruth 9  
McClaflin Ruth Vocational Department  
McClure Barney 9  
McCord Bernice 10  
McCord Max 11  
McCord Max Agricultural Club  
McHaley Martha 11  
McIndoo Clifford 9  
McIndoo Clifford Agricultural Club  
Medaris Alta E. 11  
Medaris Blanche 11  
Melick Mary 12  
Melick Mary Girls Basketball  
Melick Mary Staff  
Melick Richard 10  
Milligan Alice W., Miss Faculty  
Minnick Ruth 9  
Moffett Ralph Agricultural Club  
Moffett Ralph Boys Basketball  
Moffit Ralph 10  
Molloy John 10  
Molloy Mary 9  
Molloy Mary Vocational Department  
Morton Margaret 12  
Morton Margaret Girls Basketball  
Myers Roy 10  
Myers Roy Agricultural Club  
Need Ruby 11  
Newton Ruth 10  
Nichols Opal 10  
Oliphant Fredrick 12  
Oliphant Ralph Agricultural Club  
Olphant Ralph 10  
Ooley Muriel 12  
Ooley Muriel Girls Basketball  
Ooley Muriel Staff  
Pectol Charles 11  
Pectol Charles Boys Basketball  
Pectol Ruth 11  
Pectol Ruth Girls Basketball  
Peden Paris 10  
Peden Paris Agricultural Club  
Peden Richard 11  
Peden Richard Agricultural Club  
Phillips Charles 10  
Phillips Charles Agricultural Club  
Phillips Mildred 9  
Pierson Mary 11  
Poulton Ralph 10  
Ridenour Minor 9  
Robertson Paul 10  
Robertson Paul Agricultural Club  
Royer David 12 Memorial
Royer Virginia 11  
Royer Virginia Staff  
Sanders Arthur 9  
Shugert Daisy 9  
Shugert Daisy Vocational Department  
Skinner Theodore 9  
Smith Lovina 12  
Smith Lovina Staff  
Speas Mary 11  
Spicer Jearl 10  
Stevenson William 9  
Stevenson William Staff  
Stimson Paul 12  
Stimson Paul Staff  
Surber Myrtle, Miss Faculty  
Swain Irvin 11  
Swain Irvin Boys Basketball  
Troth John 9  
Troth John Agricultural Club  
Troth Mildred 11  
Turner Cloyd 9  
Turner Cloyd Agricultural Club  
Vaughn John 9  
Vaughn John Agricultural Club  
Wampler June 9  
Wampler Simeon 11  
Wampler Simeon Agricultural Club  
Ward Geneva 10  
Waterbury Dale M., Miss Faculty  
Waterbury Dale, Miss Vocational Department  
Williams Mildred 11  

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