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Veterans in Porter County, Indiana (1894)

Submitted by: Porter County Public Library

Source: Enrollment of the late soldiers, their widows and orphans of the late armies of the United States residing in the State of Indiana, Porter County (1894)

Last Name First Name Enumeration
Rank Company Regiment State Service Remarks
Adams George W. Boone Priv. C 99 IN Vol.  
Adams William H. Boone Priv. I  IL Vol. Cav.
Adkins Elijah M. Union Priv. E 10 IN Vol.  
Alyea David Boone Priv. C 99 IN Vol.  
Alyea George W. Boone Priv. C 99 IN Vol.  
Alyea Jacob Boone Priv. I  IN Vol. Cav.
Anderson Andrew T. Westchester Priv. G 59 IN Vol.  
Anderson Charles Jackson Priv. E 128 IN Vol Choronic Diahrrea, GA
Anderson Joseph A. Center Priv. B & E 8 IN Vol.  
Andrews S.F. Boone Priv. I 7 IN Vol. Cav.,d. 5 April 1884, Leadville, Co. Wid. Cora, Son Harry
Arnold Charles Union Lt. I 73 IN Vol.  
Arnold E.V. (Edwin) Center   4 IN Vol.  
Ashton Marion Liberty Priv. D 17 IN Vol. Throat, Lungs, Louisville, KY
Babacock William Liberty Priv. ? 53 IN Drafted Sore eyes at Indianapolis
Barnes Joseph Union Priv C 15 IN Vol  
Baum Isaiah J. Liberty Priv.  151 IN Vol. Lung, disease, Indianapolis, Hip disease, Nashville, TN
Bayless John H.G. Pine Sgt. C 35 IN Vol  
Bender Conrad Portage Priv. A 83/48 IN Vol.  
Bender Joseph Portage Priv. P 9 MI Vol.  
Bentley Reuban Liberty Priv. C 9 NY Vol. Measles, Washington, DC.
Biggs Johathan Liberty Priv. E 99 IN Vol. Liver Complaint,Piles, Rheuratism, Carp Nelson, KY, Washington DC
Blackstone Jonth. K. Boone Capt. E 9 IN Vol.  
Blake Jared Washington Priv. H 146 IL Vol.  
Booher Arth Jackson 1st Lt. I 73 IN Vol. Shot In face, 29 April 1862, Low Mt., AL
Boy Cyrus A. Union Priv. C 99 IN Vol.  
Boyler Harmon Center Priv. E 188 IN Vol.  
Bozarth Nelson J. Center Priv. C & C 138/69 IN/IL Vol. Wound left leg, Nashiville, TN, Dec 1864
Broerway Thomas Boone Priv.  128 IN Vol.  
Bronson Purrell Center Priv. B  IN Vol. 1st Art.
Brooker Hiram K. Westchester Priv. K 38 IN Vol. Rupture,d. Jan 1864, GA
Brooks Job C. Boone Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
Broughton Harrison Center Sgt. D 2 NY Vol. Mounted Rifle, gunshot Leftside Petersburg, VA 30 July 1864
Brown James W. Westchester Priv. E 2 MI Vol.  
Brown Mary C. Pine Priv.      
Brummitt Henry Pine Priv. B 9 IN Vol.  
Bundy George Morgan Priv. A 7 IN Vol.  
Burge Byrod Union Priv. D 17 IN Vol.  
Burges Henry Boone Priv. E 9 IN Vol.  
Burgun Daniel W. Union Qrt Mas.  102 AR Vol.  
Burk George W. Westchester Corp. E 73 IN Vol.  
Burk Jacob C. Westchester Priv. F 73 IN Vol.  
Burkhart Charles H. Westchester Priv. C 29 IN Vol. d. 28 Dec 1888, Wid. Ellen Burkhart, Son James
Burrus Edward M. Center Priv. G & B 15 IN Vol.  
Burstrom Frederick Westchester Priv. A 35 OH Vol.  
Cadwell Charles H. Boone Priv. K 216 ? IN Vol.  
Cain Leonard Porter Priv. B 151 IN Vol. Leg Injured at Indianapolis
Campbel Francis H. Liberty Priv. H 33 IN Vol.  
Campbell Wilson Westchester Priv. K 147 IL Vol. d. 2 Dec 1876, Wid. Sarah A. Campbell
Carey William Portage Priv. K  DE Vol.  
Castleman Josiah Westchester Priv. B 151 IN Vol  
Clement William H. Liberty Priv. K 73 IN Vol. Heart & Kidney trouble, Galveston, TX
Cleverger Thomas J. Liberty Priv. F 55 IN Vol. Rheumatism, Paris, KY 1862
Clifford Daniel S. Union Priv. B 73 IN Vol.  
Clites William H. Porter Priv. I 9 & 5 IN Vol.  
Cole John C. Liberty Sgt. E 73 IN Vol. Hurt Spine, Blockhouse
Cooley Peter Westchester Sgt. E 73 IN Vol.  
Coulter James C. Union Priv. D 23 IN Vol.  
Coulter John C. Westchester Priv. B 48 IN Vol.  
Covert Jerry Morgan Corp. M 12 IN Vol.  
Covey Jennings I. Union Sgt. G 159 NY Vol.  
Crawford Charles Westchester Priv. G 155 IN Vol.  
Crism Isaac Portage Priv. E/D 73/23 IN Vol. Rheumatism, Dectur, IL, Fall 1864, Measles near Cumberland River,
Crisman Addison Portage Priv. E 73 IN Vol.  
Crow Almeron Jackson Priv. R 59 IN   
Crow Thomas A. Center Priv. K 59 IN Drafted  
Culp George Center Priv.   IN Vol. 5th IN Batt, Shot left side leg
Curtis Edward D. Union Priv D 22 IN Vol.  
Curtis William W. Westchester Priv. A 128 IN Vol.  
Cyplers Phillip Westchester Priv. B 9 IN Vol. Rupture, d. I June 1890, Wid. Ellen Cyplers
Czizek John Westchester Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
De Potty John Pleasant Priv. M 26 MI Vol. Wound with Bullet
Defrance Charles Portage Sgt. K 106 PA Vol. d. 3 Dec 1883, Wid. Catherine Defrance.
DeMass naathan Westchester Corp. E 73 IN Vol.  
Dilley Calvin C. Center Priv. B 151 IN Vol.  
Dillie John Westchester Priv. B 155 IN Vol.  
Donley James M. Portage Musician H 1st   R.R.Vot. C.
Dorsey Seth Center Priv. F & A 16 OH Vol.  
Dunlap R.A. Center Priv A 87 IN Vol.  
Dye Xavia Center Priv. C 38 IN Vol.  
Edwards Nelson Porter Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
Eggleston Daniel  Sgt. E 151 IN Vol.  
Egleson John Westchester Priv. B 128 IN Vol.  
Elam John W. Center Capt. D 87 IN Vol.  
Elliott William Union Priv. B 151 IN Vol.  
Ellis Edward E. Pleasant Priv. M 12th IN Vol. Cav.
Essex Joshua Boone Priv. I 90 IN Vol.  
Ferguson John Center Priv. E 20 IN Vol.  
Ferris James Center Corp. K 73 IN Vol.  
Field Frank J. Union Priv. G  IL Vol. Heavy Artillery
Filby John Center Priv. H 16 OH Vol.  
Finney George W. Center Priv. C 138 IL Vol.  
Finney Jasper N. Center Corp. E 4 IN Vol. Cav.
Fisher Ellis N. Pleasant Sgt. A 13 IN Vol.  
Fisher George Liberty Sgt. E 73 IN Vol. Injured foot, Rheumatism, retreat from Lexington, to Lousville, KY
Fisher Jacob Washington Priv. E 34 OH Vol.  
Flewellean Isaac Pleasant Priv. I 73 IN Vol.  
Flint Austin V. Center Priv. E 64 IL Vol.  
Flint John C. Center Priv. K 47 IL Vol.  
Forbes Lorenze Pine Priv. D 9 MI Vol.  
Forney John W. Center Priv. I 12 IL Vol.  
Foster John M. Boone Priv. C 46 IN Vol.  
Fox John N. Center Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
Frame Thomas J. Union Priv. B 151 IN Vol.  
French Solon Union Priv. D 17 IN Vol. Gun Shot Wound, Macon, GA
Fryer Robert M. Center Priv. E 73 IN Vol.  
Fuller John B. Westchester Priv. F 73 IN Vol.  
Furguson Ezra Union Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
Gemberling John W. Center 2nd. Lt. F 172 PA Vol.  
Gibbons David Jackson    IL Vol. Navy Gunboat Laudry Man, Deafness in Left ear from fall from gun carriage
Gilson Edward Boone Priv. A 7th IN Vol Cav.
Gogan Charles M. Center Sgt. A 7 IN Vol. d. Three River MI, Widow Margaret S. Gemberling
Gordon Joseph Union Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
Gossett Benj. F. Boone Priv. I 5th IN Vol. Cav.
Gott Daniel B. Union Priv. B 128 OH Vol. Liver Ruptured
Green Charles Portage    NY Vol. Sailor in ME
Green Hiram Westchester Capt. E 73 IN Vol.  
Green Robert A. Jackson Priv. C 193 OH Vol. Diseased Lungs, 6 Aug 1862 Columbus, OH
Gregg George C. Boone Priv. C 11 MI Vol.  
Griffith John J. Center Corp. H 9 IN Vol.  
Griswold Andrew J. Center Priv. M 12 IN Vol.  
Gustafon Gustaf Westchester Priv. I 42 IN Vol. d. 1 Sept 1886,
Gustafson Morris Liberty Priv. I 82 IL Vol. Shot in Shoulder Chancellorville, VA, 3 May 1862
Hackett Henry Pine Priv. C 55 MI Vol. Wounded Right Side, White Oak Swamp June 1862
Halluday John G. Center Priv. K 73 IN Vol. Leg broke, kicked by horse, Murfordsville, KY
Hammer Peter Portage Priv. K 51 IL Vol.  
Harris Andrew C. Union Priv. C  IN Vol.  
Harris Gilbert Union Priv. E  NY Vol. Wounded Left Arm, Petersburg, VA
Harris Washington R. Liberty Priv. H 9 IN Vol. Ruptured, Victoria TX, Measles & Neualgia, Indianapolis
Hathaway Daniel Westchester Priv. D 128 IN Vol.  
Hawkins Albert Pine Priv. I 20 IN Vol. Wounded In neck, May 27, 1864
Hayes John P. Center Priv.  4th IN Vol. Batt.
Heath Alvin M. Union Priv. E  MI Vol.  
Herr David C. Center Priv. H & C & E 9/33 IN Vol.  
Hicks John Center  C 99 IN Vol.  
Hicks William T. Center Priv. C 99 IN Vol.  
Hineline Addie Liberty Priv. E 128 IN Vol. Lung Trouble, Atlanta, GA
Hodgens James A. Pleasant Priv. D 22 IN   
Hodsden Stephen P. Union Corp. H 9 IN Vol. d. 20 June 1864, Mariette, GA, Gun Shot
Hogerty Thomas Union Priv.   IL Vol. Light Artillery
Horner Samuel Center Priv. E 9 IN Vol.  
Jackson Matilda Center      d. March 1891, Wid. Of Peter Jackson
Jagua Uriah Center Priv. I 73 IN Vol.  
Johnson Andrew J. Westchester Priv. B 151 IN Vol. d. 16 June 1890, Whiting, IN, Wid. Stacy H. Johnson
Johnson John P. Westchester Priv. E 73 IN Vol. d. 19 July 1888, Wid. Clara Johnson
Johnson Olaf Portage Priv. A 43 IL Vol. Wounded, Stone River.
Jones John M. Portage 1st Lt. K 150 IN Vol. Shot through right arm, Shiloh
Jones Mathew Center Priv. N 12th IN Vol. Cav.
Jones William S. Union Independent Sharpshooter   NY Vol.  
Kaslon Charls J. Westchester Priv. E 127 IL Vol.  
Kern Frederick Boone Priv B 151 IN Vol.  
Kingsburg George W. Union Priv. B 63 IN Vol.  
Kitchen Stephen D. Center Priv. B 63   U.S. Inf., 18th U.S. Inf.
Kithcort Thomas W. Boone Priv. B 120 OH Vol.  
Knapp Andrew J. Westchester Priv. K 147 IL Vol. d. 8 Feb 1883, Son of Mark B. Knapp
Knapp Hiram Westchester Priv. G 87 IN Vol.  
Krieger Frederick C. Portage Priv. A 35 IN Vol. Yellow Fever, New Orleans
Kyes Harrison M. Center Priv. K 48 IN Vol. Cripled left foot Graysville, GA
Lansing Robert Westchester Priv. K 35 IN Vol.  
Laren David E. Porter Priv. H 83 OH  Rheumatism, Arkansas?
Larsing Robert Union Priv I 73  Vol.  
Lauderback John S. Center Capt. I 5 IN Vol. Andersonville Prison, Rheumatism
Lauderback Tipton B. Center Priv. A 118 IN Vol.  
Lewis Thomas Washington Corp. B 63 IN Vol. d. 1864 in KY, Son Levander Lewis
Liggett Jesse Boone Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
Loux Benjamin E. Union Priv.  9 IN Vol.  
Lowry William Pine Priv. E 9 IN Vol. Epilepsy
Ludington David Porter Priv. G 9th   Cav. IL, Jackson's Port Ar., Chronic Diarrhea
Ludington James H. Porter Priv. H 12th   Cav., Chronic Diarrhea, Stark;s Landing, MS.
Lutlo Robert Portage Priv. I 49 NY Vol. Fractured arm, Williamsburg, VA.
Lytle Aaron W. Center Capt. E 151 IN Vol.  
Lytle Thomas G.  Capt. C 138 IN Vol.  
Manning William Jackson Priv. L 2 MI Vol. Broke arm, Booneville, MS July 1862
Martin Gideon Washington Priv. E 29 IN Vol.  
Maxwell George Pleasant Priv. I 73 IN Vol. Shot in left Leg, 15 April 1863
Maxwell John Morgan Sgt. I 73 IN Vol.  
Maxwell William C. Westchester Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
McCann D.M. Boone Priv. E 103 IL Vol.  
McCorde Joseph T. Liberty Corp. H 128 IN Vol. Lung Trouble, Atlanta GA 1864
McEwen William H. Liberty Priv. E 49 OH Vol. Measles, Chornic Diarrhea, Chattanooga. TN
McGillin Thomas Jackson Priv. C 16 WI Vol. Shot both thighs, Shiloh 6 April 1862
McGinely Isiah Union Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
McMather Mathias Jackson Priv. C&B 128/151 IL Vol.  
McRoberts Robert Portage Sgt. E 27 MA Vol. Gunshot in hand, loss of middle finger, Corinth, MS
McTigue Michael Jackson Priv. C 59 IL Vol. 7 March 1862 Penige, AK
Messer William Jackson Priv. E 53 IL Vol. Loss of Hearing right ear
Miller Charles Pine Priv. G 100 OH Vol.  
Miller George H. Pleasant Priv. C 7 PA Vol.  
Miller Horace B. Center Priv. C 4 IA Vol.  
Miller Ira Center Priv. C & K 15 IN Vol.  
Miller Zeri Pleasant Priv. D 69 OH Vol.  
Mintzen Abel Westchester Priv. F 102 OH Vol.  
Moffitt O.L. Center Priv. D 48 IN Vol.  
Mooker Jacob Portage Priv. H 128 IN Vol. Coughing spell, Big Shaty, AL.
Neff Joseph M. Union Priv. B 73 IN Vol.  
Niles E.R. Westchester Priv. E 9 IN Vol.  
Osborn Edwan C. Westchester Corp. E 151 IN Vol.  
Palmateer Ellis Westchester Priv. G 9 IN Vol.  
Pariott Knighten Westchester Priv. D 33 IN Vol.  
Pariott Kuighton Westchester Priv. E 70 IN Vol. d. Jan 1863, Gunshot in Stone River, TN. Wid. Hannah Samuelson
Peck David B. Union Priv. B 151 IN Vol.  
Peck Ruthven O. Union Priv. B 151 IN Vol. Sunstroke, Yellow Joundice
Peoples Jacob Washington       
Perry Frank Portage Priv. L 3/9 NY Vol. Art., Corinth, MS
Peterson John Westchester Priv. G 7 NY Vol.  
Pickercll Nicholas Washington Priv. D 33 IN Vol.  
Pierce Winfield Pleasant Priv. A 7th IN Vol. Cav.
Polph Allen Jackson Priv. E 12 MI Vol. Deafness, Chronic Diahrrea
Pratt Moses J.G. Westchester Musician E 73 IN Vol.  
Price John T. Washington Priv.  7th IN Vol. IN Batt. Irregular Service
Reese David Center Priv. G 120 NY Vol.  
Replogle Soloman Jackson Priv. E 20 IN Vol.  
Reynolds Allen W. Center Priv. B & C 151/138 IN Vol.  
Reynolds David Jackson Priv. K 9/147 IN Vol.  
Richmond George Pleasant Priv. I 3rd PA Vol. H. Art.
Riddle John Porter Priv. K 122 IN  Thrown Off Wagon, Nashville, TN
Rinker William Morgan Priv. G 9 IL Vol.  
Ritter George K. Portage Priv. A 7th IN Vol. Cav. d. 19 Apr 1886, Son Joseph Ritter, Daughters Ida and Effie J.
Ritz John Center Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
Roberts John S. Jackson Priv. H 12 IN Vol. Piles, Rheumatism, at New Orleans, LA
Rowe Henry H. Center Priv. E 100 IL Vol.  
Rushmore Chester B. Portage Corp. L 15th IL Vol. Cav., Loss of Index finger
Ryan James Westchester Priv. D 9 IN  Gen Service
Samuelson Hannah Westchester Priv. E 70 IN Vol. d. Jan 1863, Gunshot in Stone River, TN, Widow of Kuighton Pariott
Schlunet John Jackson Priv. G 17 IN  Piles, Loss right eye
Selman Stephen Morgan Priv. I 20 IN Vol.  
Sergeant Jerome B. Portage Priv. A 35 IN Vol. Shot in right Arm.
Shay John Pleasant Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
Sheafer Henry W.    24th IN Vol. Batt.
Sheets Sylvester Liberty Priv. B 151 IN Vol. Spinet Kidney & Rheumatism, 1865
Shinabarger James Union Corp.  4th IN  Batt.
Sholl William H. Center Priv. A    1st Eng. US
Shoup Benjamin Boone Priv. I 20 OH Vol.  
Shuey John Westchester Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
Siebert Myron J. Boone Priv. I 9 IN Vol.  
Sigler Jacob Boone Priv. I 120 IN Vol.  
Sims Harvey Pleasant Priv.  20th IN Vol. IN Art. Right leg torn, broken, Battle of Nashville, 1864
Sims Joseph Pleasant Priv.  20th IN Vol. IN, Batt.
Skinner John  Priv.     d. 20 Sept 1888, Wid. Catherine Skinner
Smith Joseph R. Center Priv. B 151 IN Vol.  
Smith W.H. Boone Priv. I 20 IN Vol.  
Snider Valentine Pleasant Priv.  1st. NY Vol.  
Snyder John Center Priv. I 128 IA Vol. Shell in Shoulder, Ceder Creek, VA
Soper David  Priv C 128 IN Vol. d. 21 Aug 1892
Spencer Eli Porter Priv. C 138 IN Vol.  
Springer Andrew J. Jackson Priv. H 149 NY Vol. Broken shoulder, 15 June 1863
Staffer Peter Westchester Priv. F 17 IN Vol. Wid. Sarah E. H. Staffer
Statton J.W. Center Priv. C 138 IN Vol.  
Stephens Joseph Westchester Priv. G 17 IN Vol. d. 7 Mar 1894, Wid. Louisa Stephens
Stick John Pine Priv. K 17 IN Vol.  
Stilvell Samuel S. Union Priv. B 151 IN Vol.  
Stoddard Haper Center Priv. C 138 IN Vol.  
Stoddard Heber Morgan Priv. C 13 IN Vol.  
Stoddard Henry Morgan Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
Stoddard Lewis Pleasant Corp. M 12th IN Vol. IN, Cav. Bullet in Left Arm, Huntsville, Al, July 1864
Strowberg John Gust Portage Priv. I 152 IL Vol. Right Leg broken Paduch, KY
Stuart John Porter Priv. E 9 IN Vol. Sunstroke, Heart Trouble, Near Bowling Green, KY
Taylor William Westchester Corp. K 167 IL Vol. d. 13 Jan 1880, Wid. Emma, Son Shirley, Daughter Jesse
Thoesen Nicholes Jackson Corp. A 2 IL Vol.  
Thompson Frank P. Center Sgt. C 16 WI Vol. Shot in foot 21 July 1863, Atlanta, GA
Tillotson Homer H. Liberty 2sd Lt. E 73 IN Vol.  
Trinkle John W. Pleasant Priv. C 1st CA Vol. Cav.
Tucker Jeremiah D. Center Priv. E 17 IN Drafted  
Turner David Center Priv. H 59 IN Vol.  
Vanratter James Center Priv. H 9 IN Vol.  
Wagner Christian Pleasant Priv. E 153 IL Vol.  
Way Charles E. Pine Priv. B 9 IN Vol.  
Way Edwin F. Pine Capt. B 9 IN Vol.  
Weaver Zenes Liberty Priv.  79 IN Vol. Unassigned, Lung Fever 1864, Indianpolis, Camp Carirgton
Welty Edward Center Capt. M 14 PA Vol. PA Cav.
Weston John H. Portage Priv. C 2 ME Vol. Navy, St. Louis, MO, Shot in Hand with shell in MS.
Wheeler George Liberty Priv. E 73 IN Vol. Fell two Stories, Hospital in Nashville, TN
Whitney Milo Porter Priv. H 9 VT Vol.  
Wilcox Edward F. Union 1st Sgt. E 129 OH Vol. D. Fall of 1864, Marietta, GA Shot in back of left leg
William George Porter Priv. E 9 IN Vol. Ruptured, Stone River Battle
William John Westchester Priv. K 73 IN Vol. wid. Mary Williams
Williams Harrison H. Jackson Corp. K 73 IN Vol.  
Williams Jacob D. Porter Priv. C 35 IN Vol Ruptred, Washington, D.C.
Williams Milliken C. Jackson Priv. E 151 IN Vol.  
Wilson Andrew Boone Priv. H 87 IN Vol.  
Winnegar George Westchester Priv. H 42 IN Vol.  
Wiseman John Pine Priv. B 9 IN Vol.  
Wiser John Union Teamster E 48 IN Vol.  
Wistrand Otto Portage Priv. R 35 IN Vol.  
Wistrard August Westchester Priv. H 17 IN Vol. d. 24 Sept 1892, Wid. Sophie Wistrand
Witham Simon Pleasant 1st. Sgt. I 75 IN Vol. Gunshot
Wolvester Silas Pine Priv.  17 IN Vol.  
Wood William L. Jackson  K 9 NY Vol. High Brevetted, injured by fall between Culpepper, Berryville, VA
Wright H.A. Pleasant Corp. C 138 IN Vol.  
Wyeth Matthew M. Union Priv. E 128 IN Vol.  
Yohn Frederick Porter Priv. K 134 OH Vol. Sunstroke, Com Chase, Heart Trouble
Young Martin Westchester Priv. E 73 IN Vol.  
Zane Benjamin Westchester Priv. D 33 IN Vol.  
Zass John Liberty Priv. A 151 IN Vol. Lung Disease, Diahrrea, Rupture, Nashvile TN
Zorn Andrew J. Morgan Sgt. E 4 IN Vol.  

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