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Residents of Porter County, Indiana Who Died in World War II (1942-1946)

Submitted by Porter County Public Library

NOTE: The newspaper date refers to the issue of the Porter County Vidette-Messenger that the death appeared in.

Last Name First Name Middle
Residence Newspaper
Where Died Where Buried Remarks
AchermanRobert  Chesterton 6/10/1943 North Africa Chesterton  
AffeldFreddie K. Valparaiso R. 4 5/10/1943 South Pacific   
AffeldFreddie K. Valparaiso 2/7/1943 Pacific   
AlexanderClaude A.  Valparaiso 3/6/1943 Georgia Kts-Graceland  
AlyeaDonald A. Hebron 2/3/1945  At Sea  
AndresEric  Valparaiso 9/10/1942 Coral Sea At Sea, Marker in Graceland  
AngebergRichard A.  11/2/1943 Great Lakes, IL   
ApplemanRobert A.  Crocker 3/14/1944 Camp Robinson, ARK Calvary  
AubleLouis P.  Valparaiso R. 2 7/2/1944 Italy   
AuckThomas W. Valparaiso   Graceland  
BarrettLawrence, Jr.  Valparaiso 12/29/1942  St. Paul  
BatesJohn Hall Hebron 7/23/1943    
BerkovitzArthur I. Lake/Porter Counties 5/19/1943 Germany T. Bethel  
BigelowElmer  Chesterton 3/11/1945 South Pacific   
BiggartPaul  Valparaiso 4/24/1944 Germany Graceland  
BirkyJohn J.  Valparaiso R.3 10/1/1942 Ontario Graceland  
BirminghamBilly J. Valparaiso 4/10/1945 Iwo Jima   
BrainerdWallace O. Long Lake 12/23/1944 Germany Belgian Cemetery  
BrawerdWallace  Valparaiso RFD 1 12/23/1944 France   
BroboeckMichael J. Valparaiso 10/11/1943 North Africa   
BrunkFrank  Chesterton 6/26/1944 New Guinea Chesterton  
BunnBennie M. Valparaiso 8/3/1943 Pacific   
BurnsHoward, Jr.  Valparaiso 12/7/1944 SW Pacific   
BusseElton A. Chesterton     
ButlerGilbert  Valparaiso 12/13/1944 France   
CarlsonHoward F. Chesterton     
CaseyByron  Valparaiso 6/8/1945 South Pacific   
ChambersWilliam H. Valparaiso 10/29/1942 Alaska   
ClaudonHerbert  Valparaiso 3/27/1945    
CollingsworthDelbert  Valparaiso 5/12/1945 Germany Memorial Park  
CrumJohn D. Chesterton 3/20/1944 South Pacific Chesterton  
DowdenFrank N. Chesterton 11/22/1942 France Epinal American Cemetery  
DyeDeForest  Valparaiso 12/8/1945  Hebron  
FarringtonJohn (Jack) P. Valparaiso 2/19/1943 North Africa   
FinneranDonald  Valparaiso (Cal City 12) 8/10/1945 Pacific   
FletcherWalter  Garyton     
ForemanEmmett F. Valparaiso 11/19/1943 Italy Graceland  
FrederickI.  Dunes St. Pk     
FrenchLloyd Emery Valparaiso 1/27/1945 South Pacific   
GobleJames Frank Valparaiso 4/11/1945 Germany Graceland  
GoldstineMark T., Jr.  7/25/1945 Japanese Ship   
GoodrichPaul  Valparaiso 4/8/1945 Germany Graceland  
GravesRalph E., Jr.    Florence Cemetery  
HargraveRichard K.  3/21/1945 Pacific At Sea  
HargraveRichard King Valparaiso     
HasselgraveRichard King       
HayesDlebert B.  8/23/1945 Phillippines Graceland  
HenryLewis F. Hebron 2/12/1944 Italy   
HenryRoger  Valparaiso 8/12/1945 India   
HesselgraveLawrence  Valparaiso 2/7/1945 South Pacific Graceland  
HesselgroveEugene R. Valparaiso 9/23/1943  Graceland  
HickLyle Wilmot Valparaiso     
HillCharles  Valparaiso 10/11/1944 France  19-Dec-1948 Memorial Service
HockelbergHenry  Valparaiso 11/8/1944 NM   
HoegAndrew  Valparaiso 7/16/1944 Italy Graceland  
HollettJames C. Valparaiso 8/29/1945 Ft. Belvoir, WA Graceland  
HolzbaurRobert Walter Valparaiso 6/29/1945 South Pacific   
JanowskiAlbert Chs    St. Patrick  
JensenRobert A. Chesterton 6/20/1945 Philippines Chesterton  
JohnsonGordon  Valparaiso 12/22/1946  Graceland  
KempRobert W. Chesterton 1/20/1945 Mediterranean Chesterton  
KlettCarl Frederick Chesterton 12/14/1944 Burma   
KniefelHoward Theodore Kouts     
KoeppenCharles  Wheeler 2/24/1945 Marians At Sea  
KoselkeWallace     Salem United Church of Christ Cemetery  
KubeckMagdalene  Chesterton 2/22/1945 South Pacific St. Patrick  
KuehlJohn H., Jr. Valparaiso R.5 3/11/1945 France Graceland  
LeitchJames E. Crisman 11/19/1944 Colorado   
LongAugust Joseph Valparaiso 5/31/1945 South Pacific   
LongEmery L. Chesterton 4/2/1944 France Chester Cemetery  
LongEmory L.  Chesterton 10/1/1944 France Chesterton  
MayerPaul Nicklas Valparaiso 2/18/1944 South Pacific St. Paul  
McAlpinVirgil  Hebron 4/22/1945 Germany   
McBrideJohn T.  Valparaiso 2/13/1945 France   
MeilahnJohn Fmr. Val (Chi)  5/2/1945 South Pacific   
MilbyWalter  Valparaiso 12/15/1944 Luxembourg   
MintonConnie  Kouts     
MitchellSamuel R.  Valparaiso 1/20/1945 Belgium   
MolersLeo  Valparaiso 10/29/1945 San Antonio   
MoltzHoward  Valparaiso 8/3/1944 France Graceland  
MoodyRobert  Chesterton 3/29/1944 CA   
MyersLewis E., Jr. Valparaiso     
NeunerGilbert S. Valparaiso 6/22/1945 Pittsburgh, PA Graceland  
NobleSteven  Valparaiso 8/13/1943 RCAF Graceland  
OrwigPaul  Valparaiso 7/14/1944 France   
OwensGlen  Valparaiso 6/21/1942 Pacific At Sea  
PeterichFrank J.  Kouts 6/24/1945 Austria K-St. Mary  
PetschauerRobert L. Porter County   Tunis Permanent Cemetery  
ProffittCharles Mckindred Valparaiso R. 1 3/3/1942 Atlantic   
PumroyHoward L./D. Kouts 9/2/1942 Pacific Cornell  
RaynesWilliam A. Valparaiso 6/21/1945 O Okinawa   
RichardsGeorge  Valparaiso 5/11/1944    
RugeRobert  Valparaiso 7/3/1945 Japanese Ship Graceland  
SandersDamon  Valparaiso R1     
SchlobohmLouis P. Dale Lake/Porter Counties 6/16/1945 Okinawa McCool  
SchmithOllie  Valparaiso 5/2/1945 Germany   
SchoopHarold H. Tremont 1/22/1945 France Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery  
ShortClyde  Valparaiso 2/16/1945 South Pacific   
SiddallLaurence S. Kouts 2/19/1945  Kouts- St. Mary  
SlontWalter W. Liberty Township 7/21/1944  Chesterton  
SmallRaymond J. Valparaiso     
SmalleyCharles W., Jr. Chesterton 7/6/1945 Germany Chesterton  
SmithEdward H. Valparaiso 11/22/1942 South Pacific   
SommersJames H., Jr. Chesterton 9/12/1944  St. Patrick  
SperlingLarry  Valparaiso 2/13/1945 Belgium   
StanleyClyde L. Valparaiso 7/1/1945 Hines V.A., IL Memorial Park  
StarnClinton (Clayton)  Valparaiso 11/12/1944 South Pacific   
StewartEdward (Edwin) Dick Valparaiso 3/28/1944 Germany   
StoddardJohn Henry Kouts 8/15/1945 Long Beach, CA Kouts-Graceland  
StrackFrederick I. Dunes State Park 5/23/1944 Mediterranean Sea   
SuesseRalph  Valparaiso 5/13/1944 Europe   
TuckerRichard Glen Valparaiso 10/4/1944 France   
Van DusenPaul  Dunn Bridge   Dunn's Bridge Lorraine Armed Cemetery  
VolkRichard  Grayton 2/20/1945 Philippines Calvary  
VolkRussell E. Garyton 3/16/1944 Camp Robinson, ARK Calvary  
WakemanFrank B. Valparaiso 3/18/1944 Ft. Monmouth, NJ Graceland  
WardeanCharles F. Beush 3/27/1945 Germany Funessville  
WhiteWilliam (Dale) D. Porter     
WilliamsonMelvin E. Valparaiso 3/13/1945 France   
WindrossMax (Mike)  Valparaiso     
WoycikWalter  Valparaiso 12/28/1944 TX St. Paul  
WynkoopJames A. Chesterton 12/22/1946  Chesterton  
YaegerRichard  Chesterton 7/5/1945 Okinawa   
YostMilton  Valparaiso 8/11/1944 France   
YoungWilliam L.  4/18/1945 Germany   
YucasCharles T.  Valparaiso R. 2     
ZackerElmer E. Kouts 5/27/1945 Luzon P.I. Kouts- St. Paul  
ZellerRobert  Valparaiso 6/22/1944 Germany   


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