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Burials of Revolutionary War Veterans in Indiana

Submitted by Meredith Thompson

This index was extracted from a series of 22 rolls of National Archives microfilm, titled "Headstones provided for deceased Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1879 - ca. 1903". Contrary to the microfilm's title, it covers more than the Civil War. Data was extracted on those veterans who were buried in Indiana. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the Revolutionary War veterans who are buried in Indiana.

BACKGROUND: In 1879, Congress passed a law providing for the federal government to pay for tombstones for Union soldiers who were buried in private cemeteries. In some cases, the application for a tombstone was made many years after the death had occurred.

Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Cemetery Town County State Date of Death Remarks
Abbott John   U.S. Soldier, Maryland Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1832  
Abbott John   U.S. Soldier, Maryland volunteers Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1832  
Boyles David   U.S. Soldier   Lawrence Indiana June 17, 1845  
Brewer Zion   North Carolina Volunteers Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana   
Burnett Joshua Private  New Jersey Volunteers  near Bloomfield  Indiana   
Caldwell Robert Private  Pennsylvania Volunteers Concord Rushville  Indiana July 31, 1846  
Chaney Francis   U.S. Soldier Ooley  Greene Indiana [blank] 1841  
Cheek Cato   U.S. Soldier Beech Grove Muncie  Indiana   
Conway William   U.S. Soldier Ooley  Greene Indiana [blank] 1839  
Crawford James   U.S. Soldier Milford Clifty  Indiana February [blank] 1836  
De Moss John   U.S. Soldier James Byer's Clay Twp. Decatur Indiana about 1844  
Dogan Jeremiah I. Drummer  U.S. Soldier Carmel Fugit Twp. Decatur Indiana April 14, 1857  
Douglass David  2nd 8th New York County Battery Old Logansport  Indiana   
Downing Michael   U.S. Soldier Hunter Greene  Indiana [blank] 1840 Revolutionary War & War of 1812
Edwards John Drummer  8th Pennsylvania Militia Edwards (Private) near Kurtz  Indiana April 18, 1836  
Faris Isaac   U.S. Soldier Private mouth of Big Indian Creek Harrison Indiana   
Ford William   U.S. Soldier Upper Indiana near Vincennes  Indiana January 22, 1850  
Funk Henry   U.S. Soldier Private mouth of Big Indian Creek Harrison Indiana November 1, 1815  
Gilbert Sewell   U.S. Soldier Beech Grove Muncie  Indiana   
Goodrich Nathan Private  2nd Connecticut Infantry City Shelbyville  Indiana   
Gullion John O.   U.S. Soldier Shiloh  Decatur Indiana   
Hamblin Isaac   Connecticut Infantry Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana   
Hopwell John   Virginia Infantry New Lebanon near New Lebanon Sullivan Indiana August 6, 1826  
Hueston David   U.S. Soldier  Princeton  Indiana   
Hughes John Private  6th Virginia Militia Hughes Dupont  Indiana August 31, 1831  
Humphries Wood   U.S. Soldier  Princeton  Indiana   
Ingersol Peter   New York Volunteers Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana   
King George   U.S. Soldier Milford Clifty  Indiana February 6, 1838  
Kirby [blank]   U.S. Soldier Burke Chapel near Gaynorsville  Indiana about 1838  
Lang Francis   U.S. Soldier Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1840  
Lawrence Joseph   U.S. Soldier Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1840 Color Bearer under General Lincoln at Siege of Yorktown
Martin Alexander   U.S. Soldier Livonia Livonia  Indiana [blank] 1846  
Mauzy William Private  Girard's Regiment, Virginia East Hill Rushville  Indiana April 6, 1837  
McBride Lyman   U.S. Soldier  Princeton  Indiana   
McCrearry William   U.S. Soldier Black Township Mount Vernon  Indiana   
McElfresh George   U.S. Soldier Beech Grove Muncie  Indiana   
McKinney Robert Adjutant   Livonia Livonia  Indiana   
Pope Steven   U.S. Soldier  Princeton  Indiana   
Posey Zephaniah Private Captain Charles Gallahue's Virginia Hopewell Richland Township Rush Indiana October 21, 1826  
Robinson Benjamin   U.S. Soldier Lower Indiana near Vincennes  Indiana March 27, 1877  
Shyer John   U.S. Soldier Bloomfield Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1832 French and Indian War and Revolutionary War
Silva George   U.S. Soldier Clarksburg Clarksburg  Indiana April [blank] 1849  
Skoats James   U.S. Soldier Yorkridge near Guilford  Indiana September 10, 1838  
Wall John Private Washington's 4th Virginia Militia Old Greencastle  Indiana [blank] 1836  
Ward John   U.S. Soldier  near Brownsburg  Indiana [blank] 1885  
Westfall Abel Private  8th Virginia Regiment McCormick near Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1830  
Westfall Cornelius Private  8th Virginia Regiment McCormick near Bloomfield  Indiana [blank] 1830  
Woodworth Samuel Private H 2nd New York Volunteers Otsego North Otsego Twp. Steuben Indiana   
Wright Robert   U.S. Soldier Mt. Pleasant near Mulberry  Indiana   

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