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Index to Mortality Schedule for Allen County, Indiana (1850)

Transcribed by Jim Cox

ABOUT THIS SOURCE: The mortality schedule was a supplemental schedule to the federal census, and exists for the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 census years. It recorded information on people who had died between 1 June and 31 May of the year prior to the census.

The 1850 mortality schedule recorded information on people who had died between 1 June 1849 and 31 May 1850 and consisted of 11 columns: 1) Name of Deceased; 2) Age; 3) Sex; 4) Color; 5) Free or Slave; 6) Married or Widowed; 7) Birthplace; 8) Month of Death; 9) Occupation; 10) Disease or Cause of Death; 11) Number of Days Ill.

Indiana’s 1850-1880 mortality schedules are on 7 rolls of microfilm. This microfilm is available at the Allen County Public Library and the Indiana State Library and may also be available at other repositories.

Last Name First Name Age Sex Cause of Death Birthplace
AixEliza1 F Fits Indiana
AllenJoseph46 M Accident England
AmesRachael3 F Croup Indiana
BabcockHarriet2 F Cholera Indiana
BaitSusan7 months F Fits Indiana
BakerJohn83 M Old Age North Carolina
BareSusan7 months F Fits Indiana
BarnesDaniel2 M Whooping Cough Indiana
BeecherLouis43 M Inflammation Connecticut
BellJames M1 M Dysentery Ohio
BentholHanna47 F Lung Fever New Jersey
BeppoJean B7 F Fever France
BerronJoseph54 M Cholera France
BlessingJohn J55 M Fever Germany
BoriveAnina7 months F Fever Switzerland
BounJohn6 M Cholera Germany
BrackenridgeHellen27 F Child Birth Indiana
BradyPatrick57 M Fever Ireland
BrevonChristian3 M Whooping Cough Indiana
BrownSarah67 F Consumption Massachusetts
BunnellBetsy A41 F Cholera New York
CalkinsGeorge4 M Small Pox Indiana
ClearWilson1 M Scarlet Fever Indiana
ClineMartin14 M Bronchitis Indiana
ClockHenry12 M Fever Indiana
ClutingRebecca4 F Whooping Cough Germany
CocanourJane24 F Childbed Fever Connecticut
CocanourRufus6 months M Debility Indiana
ColemanHarriet21 F Cholera Indiana
ColumbiaMay E2 F Cholera Indiana
CooperJonathan6 months M Croup Indiana
CowderBarna36 M Fever Germany
DahmonHenry36 M Cholera Germany
DahmonPnenia A4 F Chill Indiana
DahmonWilliam2 M Fits Indiana
DauglossAnn12 F Fever Ohio
DePewCatharine3 F Croup Indiana
DeveseElizabeth22 F Cholera Pennsylvania
DigbyJohn19 M Fever Ireland
DinklahChristian28 M Cholera Germany
DoctorLewis29 M Fever Germany
DriverHester16 F Brain Inflamation Indiana
DuffeyAnn1 F Cholera Indiana
EickhoffAnthony4 months M Dropsy Indiana
EmiCasper14 M Bills Fever France
EngertConrad32 M Cholera Germany
EverdinkChristian58 M Cholera Germany
FarberNancy3 F Whooping Cough Indiana
FeatherspearPhillip5 months M Summer Complaint Indiana
FelgerFrancis2 M Accident Indiana
FelgerJohn1 M Fever Indiana
FisherCatherina1 F Not Listed Indiana
FleckmanHenry30 M Cholera Germany
FlockmanHenry1 M Fits Indiana
FlockmanMary23 F Cholera Germany
FoellingerFred32 M Cholera Germany
FreidlineAlexander1 M Fits Indiana
GambolRobert5 M Cholera Indiana
GeeAlva52 M Small Pox New Hampshire
GillispieDavid1 month M Not Listed Indiana
GintusChathane35 F Cholera Germany
GintusEliza8 F Cholera Germany
GintusFritz19 M Cholera Germany
GintusMargaret15 F Cholera Germany
GleasanMartha1 month F Fever Indiana
GoldingJohn5 M Accident Indiana
GrayPrudence7 F Inflammation Ohio
GreenJohn25 M Accident Germany
GroveLavina38 F Dropsy Ohio
GruberBenjamin1 month M Croup Indiana
GunderMary37 F Consumption Ohio
HardymanMahal23 F Child Birth Ohio
HelmanManhena35 F Fever Germany
HillierThomas1 M Brain Fever Indiana
HoltopeterMargaret19 F Bills Fever Ohio
HubbellMary65 F Decline Kentucky
HublerHannah25 F Consumption Ohio
HudsonJames36 M Consumption Ohio
JacobyGertrude A2 F Diarrhea Indiana
JohnsonMary3 F Cholera Indiana
JonnsonThomas F6 M Cholera Indiana
KeefeMary38 F Child Bed Fever Ireland
KeiffenMary28 F Cholera Pennsylvania
KelloggHarvy45 M Consumption Pennsylvania
LachimyerJohn20 M Consumption Germany
LakeJerred46 M Cholera New York
LargeElizabeth1 F Summer Complaint Michigan
LaukenawAnn2 F Cramps Indiana
LautonSamuel E5 months M Bowel Complaint Indiana
LittlefieldObadiah50 M Consumption Massachusetts
MajorCaleb4 months M Croup Indiana
MartinBarbara1 F Dropsy Ohio
MasonMary20 F Consumption Ohio
MayerBolivar5 M Cholera Germany
MayerFritz5 M Chills Germany
McCullouchE B2 M Bowel Inflammation Indiana
McLaughlinNancy3 F Cholera Indiana
McNearEliza J20 F Shock Connecticut
MenkeBattie40 F Cholera Germany
MenkeHanna17 F Cholera Germany
MillerSolomon34 M Cholera Germany
MinorTheodore M1 month M Enzipelas Indiana
MuhlerGeorge6 months M Cold Indiana
MyersEliza42 F Fever Germany
MyersRebecca45 F Consumption Virginia
NeroNicholas36 M Fever France
NollCatherine4 months F Inflammation Indiana
NotistineRachael13 F Consumption Ohio
OdendahlAugustus1 M Fits Indiana
OdendahlJulia36 F Consumption Germany
OmansJohn40 M Consumption New York
OmoSimon2 M Croup Indiana
OrffElizabeth C2 F Croup Indiana
OverlyHariet2 F Whooping Cough Indiana
PalmerMurray3 M Drowned Indiana
ParksJames W5 months M Croup Indiana
PetersNicholas25 M Cholera Germany
PettitEphraim76 M Palsy New Jersey
PhelpsTheodore4 M Fever Indiana
PoinsettMary70 F Chill Fever New Jersey
PuttSusannah35 F Inflammation Ohio
RealoHenrietta17 F Consumption Michigan
ReickartsBarbara43 F Cholera New Jersey
ReywaltElisha3 M Croup Indiana
RichardCaroline5 months F Fever Indiana
RobinsonAlice1 F Measles Indiana
RodickerCarolin42 F Cholera Germany
RodickerHenry48 M Cholera Germany
RuloHenrietta17 F Consumption Michigan
RussloFrederick56 M Cholera France
RyanHellan30 F Consumption Ireland
SaundersAnn S29 F Consumption South Carolina
SavageEmeline1 F Whooping Cough Indiana
SchoverMay E7 F Cholera Indiana
SeigualdFred8 months M Summer Complaint Indiana
SemickBennart62 M Palsy Germany
ShafferJabex56 M Rheumatism Maryland
ShearenLouis6 months M Croup Indiana
ShemMagdalene44 F Child Bed Fever Germany
ShutLewis C1 month M Whooping Cough Indiana
SipesHenry H4 M Accident Indiana
SithensMary L1 F Inflammation none listed
SlagelMerritt2 M Scarlet Fever Indiana
SmallElizabeth2 F Whooping Cough Indiana
SmallMary Jane1 F Croup Indiana
SolesJohn3 months M Hives Indiana
StuckBenjamin1 M Cholera Ohio
SutzingJames P7 M Fever Germany
SwainSusan49 F Consumption Pennsylvania
SweetJoseph P2 M Putrid Fever Indiana
TalkstalfGeorge27 M Cholera Germany
TateJohn17 M Fever none listed
TeithelCatherine26 F Rheumatism Germany
ThomasJohn57 M Cholera none listed
TolertonAlex14 M Trop Fever Ohio
TreplearRiky30 F Cholera Germany
TreplearWilliam38 M Cholera Germany
TroutmanCharles13 M Fever Indiana
ValeketPhilip40 M Bowel Inflammation none listed
VanCampJohn S1 M Croup Ohio
WagnerMary Ann4 months F Summer Complaint Indiana
WalkerJerred L2 M Cholera Wisconsin
WallMary W5 months F Croup Indiana
WarnyFrances X28 M Cholera France
WatsonRebecca2 F Brain Inflamation Indiana
WearsFred3 M Cholera Indiana
WebbCatherine36 F Fever Pennsylvania
WefelAndrew6 M Cholera Indiana
WefelHenry13 M Cholera Indiana
WefelMartin10 M Cholera Indiana
WefelMary3 F Cholera Indiana
WeismanSophia40 F Cholera Germany
WeroNicholas36 M Fever France
WilsonRuth64 F Cancer Pennsylvania
WinderbergerCharles6 months M Summer Complaint Indiana
WinsteinHendrick1 M Inflammation Indiana
WitteAnthony4 M Cholera Indiana
WitteHenry6 M Cholera Indiana
WoodwardAgnesUnknown F Fever New York
WoodwardZenas25 M Fever New York


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