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Index to Tax Duplicates for Monroe County, Indiana (1865)

Submitted by Randi Richardson

PREFACE: These tax duplicates are an important resource because they fall between two census years and at the conclusion of the Civil War. Each record notes:

Each record is assigned a unique number which is noted in numerical order and that number is the best way to locate an individual in the original tax record. Keep in mind that some names are difficult to read and, therefore, are subject to interpretation. The index includes surname variants in order to facilitate location of a given surname.

The index was created from the original bound volume at the Monroe County History Center (MCHC) in Bloomington, Indiana. It is one of only three bound volumes of tax duplicates in existence and the only volume prior to 1900. Microfilm copies of the tax duplicates from 1842-1921 are available at the MCHC and few, if any, other locations.

Last Name, First Name Tax ID Township Remarks
Abel (see also Able)    
Abel, E. W. 14 Bean Blossom  
Abel, Elias 1008 Bloomington  
Abel, Elias 3967 Bloomington, City of  
Abel, Elias 2360 Perry  
Abel, Elias 3077 Polk  
Abel, Elias 649 Washington  
Abel, Martha 18 Bean Blossom  
Abel, Mary 17 Bean Blossom  
Abernathy, Eli 9 Bean Blossom  
Abernathy, Eli 354 Washington  
Abernathy, John 20 Bean Blossom  
Able (see also Abel)    
Able, Peter 7 Bean Blossom  
Abrams, Elias 3073 Polk  
Abrams, Elias 2091 Van Buren  
Abrams, William 2824 Salt Creek  
Abrams, William J. 3076 Polk  
Acker, John F. 3081 Polk  
Acker, William 3071 Polk  
Acton, Drury 3086 Polk  
Acton, J. M. 3085 Polk  
Acton, James 3068 Polk  
Acton, Stephen 3079 Polk  
Acton, Stephen 3084 Polk  
Acuff, Barton 1743 Richland  
Acuff, Barton 1750 Richland Guardian of Robert Acuff heirs
Acuff, Chesley 1755 Richland  
Acuff, David E. 1740 Richland  
Acuff, Luke 1754 Richland  
Acuff, Sabina 1742 Richland  
Adams, Albert 1017 Bloomington  
Adams, Albert  Perry No number noted; follows No. 2375
Adams, Ancel 350 Washington  
Adams, Benjamin 3686 Indian Creek  
Adams, David 2362 Perry  
Adams, David 2816 Salt Creek  
Adams, Elijah 1027 Bloomington  
Adams, George W. 1758 Richland  
Adams, Hugh C. 19 Bean Blossom  
Adams, Hugh C. 340 Washington  
Adams, James 13 Bean Blossom  
Adams, James H. 10 Bean Blossom  
Adams, John 11 Bean Blossom  
Adams, John 3317 Clear Creek  
Adams, John M. 351 Washington  
Adams, John R. 2371 Perry  
Adams, Joseph 2363 Perry  
Adams, Joseph 3078 Polk  
Adams, Joseph 2817 Salt Creek  
Adams, Margaret 343 Washington  
Adams, Mary 2361 Perry  
Adams, Moses 3069 Polk  
Adams, Susanah 3313 Clear Creek  
Adams, William 1024 Bloomington  
Adams, Wilson 1026 Bloomington  
Adams, Wilson 3973 Bloomington, City of  
Adkins, Elizabeth 1013 Bloomington  
Adkins, Elizabeth 3970 Bloomington, City of  
Adkins, Isaac 1012 Bloomington  
Adkins, Isaac 3964 Bloomington, City of  
Adkins, J. 1749 Richland  
Adkins, James 1028 Bloomington  
Adkins, James 3965 Bloomington, City of  
Adkins, John 650 Marion  
Adkins, Joseph 1022 Bloomington  
Adkins, Joseph 3966 Bloomington, City of  
Adkins, Owen 2370 Perry  
Adkins, Rollin 651 Marion  
Adkins, Royal 2825 Salt Creek  
Aikin, William 1761 Richland  
Akin (see also Aikin) 0 Bloomington, City of  
Akin, Milton 1746 Richland  
Albertson, Aaron 348 Washington  
Albertson, P. 1023 Bloomington  
Alex, Peter 2819 Salt Creek  
Alexander, George 3962 Bloomington, City of  
Alexander, George W. 1014 Bloomington  
Alexander, James 789 Benton  
Alexander, James J. 776 Benton  
Alexander, James W. 6 Bean Blossom  
Alexander, James W. 3960 Bloomington, City of  
Alexander, Jane 790 Benton  
Alexander, Nancy E. 791 Benton  
Alexander, Samuel 782 Benton  
Alexander, Thomas 3968 Bloomington, City of  
Alexander, Thomas 2359 Perry  
Alexander, W. J. 1025 Bloomington  
Alexander, William B. 784 Benton  
Alexander, William D. 342 Washington  
Alexander, William F. 786 Benton  
Alexander, William F. 2369 Perry  
Allen, Charles 341 Washington  
Allen, David 16 Bean Blossom  
Allen, David 355 Washington  
Allen, Elijah 1741 Richland  
Allen, Elijah T. 345 Washington  
Allen, Elisha 1745 Richland  
Allen, Eliza J. 1016 Bloomington  
Allen, Eliza J. 3971 Bloomington, City of  
Allen, Eliza J. 2356 Perry  
Allen, Emanuel F. 1760 Richland  
Allen, Franklin 3082 Polk  
Allen, George W. 8 Bean Blossom  
Allen, J. N. 1747 Richland  
Allen, James 12 Bean Blossom  
Allen, James 777 Benton  
Allen, James D. 2358 Perry  
Allen, John R. 3074 Polk  
Allen, John R. 3087 Polk  
Allen, John W. 1753 Richland  
Allen, Jonathan L. 1744 Richland  
Allen, R. W. 2822 Salt Creek  
Allen, Robert A. 2357 Perry  
Allen, Sarah 1756 Richland  
Allen, T. W. 1748 Richland  
Allen, Thomas 15 Bean Blossom  
Allen, Thomas 3070 Polk  
Allen, William J. 2355 Perry  
Allen, William W. 356 Washington  
Allen, Wilson 778 Benton  
Allensworth, John C. 1747 Richland  
Allison, James B. 1015 Bloomington  
Allison, James B. 3961 Bloomington, City of  
Alton, Charlotte 3314 Clear Creek  
Ammerman, John 2090 Van Buren  
Anders, John 357 Washington  
Anderson, Andrew B. 339 Washington  
Anderson, C. M. 347 Washington  
Anderson, Catharine & others 3319 Clear Creek  
Anderson, G. W. 1021 Bloomington  
Anderson, George W. 3963 Bloomington, City of  
Anderson, Henry 3316 Clear Creek  
Anderson, J. B. F. 3318 Clear Creek  
Anderson, Jackson 3688 Indian Creek  
Anderson, Jacob 788 Benton  
Anderson, James J. 2375 Perry  
Anderson, James L. 783 Benton  
Anderson, Jesse 781 Benton  
Anderson, John 3687 Indian Creek  
Anderson, John 2821 Salt Creek  
Anderson, John 352 Washington  
Anderson, John K. 2365 Perry  
Anderson, John M. 3312 Clear Creek  
Anderson, M. M. 1029 Bloomington  
Anderson, Milton & Newton 3315 Clear Creek  
Anderson, Morrison 3975 Bloomington, City of  
Anderson, Nancy 1011 Bloomington  
Anderson, Nancy 3969 Bloomington, City of  
Anderson, Newton (see Anderson, Milton & Newman)    
Anderson, Thomas 2366 Perry  
Anderson, William 1009 Bloomington  
Anderson, William H. 3320 Clear Creek  
Anderson, William I. 3685 Indian Creek  
Anderson, William N. 779 Benton  
Anderson, William N. 353 Washington  
Applegate, Benjamin 344 Washington  
Archer, Eizabeth 2364 Perry  
Archer, Samuel 2373 Perry  
Armfield, John M. 1018 Bloomington  
Armstrong, George 1752 Richland  
Armstrong, Hannah 346 Washington  
Armstrong, John 2368 Perry  
Armstrong, John 2820 Salt Creek  
Armstrong, John M. 785 Benton  
Armstrong, john M. 2823 Salt Creek  
Arnold, Edith 1010 Bloomington  
Arnold, Jackson 2372 Perry  
Arnold, N. B. 1020 Bloomington  
Arnold, N. B. 3974 Bloomington, City of  
Ashbaugh, Francis 2 Bean Blossom  
Ashbaugh, Jacob 5 Bean Blossom  
Ashbaugh, James A. 4 Bean Blossom  
Ashbaugh, John L. 3 Bean Blossom  
Ashbaugh, William 1 Bean Blossom  
Ashbrook, Thomas J. 1759 Richland  
Aspey, John 780 Benton Resident of Bartholomew Twp., IN
Aston, Nancy 792 Benton  
Atkinson, James W. 2374 Perry  
Atkinson, Jno. 1762 Richland  
Atkinson, John D. 2093 Van Buren  
Atkinson, Noah 2092 Van Buren  
Austin, John 3972 Bloomington, City of  
Austin, John 2367 Perry  
Austin, John A. 1019 Bloomington  
Avard, A. F. 787 Benton  
Axsom, Joseph 3072 Polk  
Axsom, Samuel 3080 Polk  
Ayers, Salena 349 Washington  
Aynes, Drury 3083 Polk  
Aynes, Nancy R. 3075 Polk  
Aynes, William 2818 Salt Creek  
B(illegible), John 2826 Salt Creek  
Back, Marinda 394 Washington  
Badgley, Henry 1094 Bloomington  
Bagley, Henry 1784 Richland  
Bailey, Clara 1081 Bloomington  
Bailey, Clara 4021 Bloomington, City of  
Bailey, Garrison 1082 Bloomington  
Bailey, Garrison 4022 Bloomington, City of  
Bailey, Gordon 3714 Indian Creek  
Bailey, W. P. 2121 Van Buren  
Baker & Marker 1041 Bloomington  
Baker & Markle 4015 Bloomington, City of  
Baker, Absalom 2114 Van Buren  
Baker, Casper 2122 Van Buren  
Baker, Daniel, Jr. 364 Washington  
Baker, David 45 Bean Blossom  
Baker, Edward J. 367 Washington  
Baker, Ezra D. 365 Washington  
Baker, Howard A. 2115 Van Buren  
Baker, James A. 1772 Richland  
Baker, James G. 1084 Bloomington  
Baker, James G. 4020 Bloomington, City of  
Baker, Jinsey 1089 Bloomington  
Baker, Joseph C. 1085 Bloomington  
Baker, Malden 2111 Van Buren  
Baker, Mariah 4007 Bloomington, City of  
Baker, Richard H. 2119 Van Buren  
Baker, Samuel S. 362 Washington  
Baker, Thomas C. 48 Bean Blossom  
Baker, Thomas J. 2116 Van Buren  
Baker, William B. 2099 Van Buren  
Baldeth, John 4012 Bloomington, City of  
Baldith, John 1056 Bloomington  
Bales, Hawkins (heirs of) 380 Washington  
Bales, Jackson 358 Washington  
Bales, James 2840 Salt Creek  
Bales, James H. 374 Washington  
Bales, Margaret 2851 Salt Creek  
Bales, Milton 2856 Salt Creek  
Bales, Perry 2841 Salt Creek  
Bales, Stephen 656 Marion  
Balinger, John 3690 Indian Creek  
Ball, Alvin 388 Washington  
Ballinger, Peter 3709 Indian Creek  
Banta, T. A. 3995 Bloomington, City of  
Banta, Tyrus A. 1039 Bloomington  
Barkalow, A. 1096 Bloomington  
Barkalow, Alcey 4025 Bloomington, City of  
Barkalow, Riley 4026 Bloomington, City of  
Barnes, John (estate of) 2830 Salt Creek  
Barnett, Hazlett 2385 Perry  
Barnett, Maudain 1079 Bloomington  
Barnhill, John 813 Benton  
Barnhill, Thomas H. 812 Benton  
Barrett, Elijah 811 Benton  
Barrow, Andrew J. 799 Benton  
Barrow, Daniel 802 Benton  
Barrow, David 805 Benton  
Barrow, James M. 809 Benton  
Barth, August 2393 Perry  
Barth, Augustus 4014 Bloomington, City of  
Bartlett, L. 2849 Salt Creek  
Barton, Robert L. 3982 Bloomington, City of  
Bast, George G. 377 Washington  
Bastin, Harvey 399 Washington  
Bastin, Henry, Sr. 384 Washington  
Bastin, Hiram 360 Washington  
Bastin, Isiah 402 Washington  
Bastin, John E. 382 Washington  
Bates, A. 3339 Clear Creek  
Bates, Joseph C. 798 Benton  
Bates, Thomas J. 801 Benton  
Bates, Thomas J. 655 Marion  
Bates, W. L. 3980 Bloomington, City of  
Bates, Wilie 1042 Bloomington  
Batterton, B. Ewing 3990 Bloomington, City of  
Batterton, David 1047 Bloomington  
Batterton, David 2382 Perry  
Batterton, David J. 1093 Bloomington  
Batterton, David, Jr. 3989 Bloomington, City of  
Batterton, David, Sr. 3987 Bloomington, City of  
Batterton, Ewing 1087 Bloomington  
Batterton, George W. 1035 Bloomington  
Batterton, George, Sr. 3976 Bloomington, City of  
Batterton, W. 3988 Bloomington, City of  
Batterton, William 1050 Bloomington  
Bauer, Dominic 3701 Indian Creek  
Baugh, Abner 390 Washington  
Baugh, Christopher 381 Washington  
Baugh, Ephraim 3335 Clear Creek  
Baugh, Ephraim 1774 Richland  
Baugh, Henry 392 Washington  
Baugh, Joseph 3337 Clear Creek  
Baugh, Rufus 3343 Clear Creek  
Baugh, Thomas 395 Washington  
Baugh, Walter 3338 Clear Creek  
Baugh, William 368 Washington  
Bault, Nimrod 1776 Richland  
Baur, Dominic 2094 Van Buren  
Baxter, Benjamin 2108 Van Buren  
Baxter, James 3342 Clear Creek  
Baxter, James 2837 Salt Creek  
Baxter, Mary 2839 Salt Creek  
Baxter, William 2383 Perry  
Baxter, William  Salt Creek No number noted; follows No. 2856
Beall, Sarah 389 Washington  
Beans & Faris 1037 Bloomington  
Bears & Faris 4009 Bloomington, City of  
Bears, A. H. 4023 Bloomington, City of  
Beatty, Ann M. 1070 Bloomington  
Beatty, Ann M. 3986 Bloomington, City of  
Bechler, Mary 2411 Perry  
Beckert, William J. 1054 Bloomington  
Becket, William 3999 Bloomington, City of  
Bedenbender, Christain 2109 Van Buren  
Been, A. H. 1090 Bloomington  
Bell, Caleb 3996 Bloomington, City of  
Bency, John M. 1053 Bloomington  
Bender, James 2399 Perry  
Bender, John 3323 Clear Creek  
Bender, William 3102 Polk  
Bender, William B. 2852 Salt Creek  
Bender, William, Sr. 2377 Perry  
Benedict (heirs of) 3703 Indian Creek  
Benford, W. B. 2829 Salt Creek  
Benhaus, D. J. 3094 Polk  
Bennett, Aaron G. 3708 Indian Creek  
Bennett, Granville (Estate of) 3330 Clear Creek  
Bennett, Hugh 3357 Clear Creek  
Bennett, Mansfield 3324 Clear Creek  
Bennett, Patrick 393 Washington  
Bennett, Permelia J. 3351 Clear Creek  
Bennington, John C. 3095 Polk  
Beol, Horace 3103 Polk  
Berry, Daniel 41 Bean Blossom  
Berry, James R. 1071 Bloomington  
Berry, James R. 4010 Bloomington, City of  
Berry, John 26 Bean Blossom  
Berry, John M. 3979 Bloomington, City of  
Berry, John M. 1770 Richland  
Berry, Logan 43 Bean Blossom  
Berry, Margaraet 2392 Perry  
Berry, Margaret 1031 Bloomington  
Berry, Margaret 4013 Bloomington, City of  
Berry, Mathias 27 Bean Blossom  
Berry, William 2408 Perry  
Berry, William C. 3325 Clear Creek  
Bigger & Sproul 797 Benton  
Bigger, & Sprowle 3097 Polk  
Bigger, Finley 2834 Salt Creek  
Bigger, Robert H. 2827 Salt Creek  
Bill, Caleb 1076 Bloomington  
Bill, S. G. 1091 Bloomington  
Billings, Elizabeth 1779 Richland  
Billings, Hannah 1765 Richland  
Binford, William B. 3088 Polk  
Binkney, Christian 3693 Indian Creek  
Birch, James 4005 Bloomington, City of  
Bishop, F. M. 1083 Bloomington  
Bishop, F. M. 3998 Bloomington, City of  
Bishop, John M. 1038 Bloomington  
Bishop, John M. 3997 Bloomington, City of  
Black, Ellen 1032 Bloomington  
Black, Ellen 3993 Bloomington, City of  
Black, W. C. 3992 Bloomington, City of  
Blackwell, Garret J. 3355 Clear Creek  
Blackwell, Joshua D. 3091 Polk  
Blackwell, William 3090 Polk  
Blair (estate of) 1055 Bloomington  
Blair (estate of) 4011 Bloomington, City of  
Blair, Dekalb 2117 Van Buren  
Blair, Enos 2102 Van Buren  
Blair, John 1060 Bloomington  
Blair, John 2412 Perry  
Blair, Thomas N. 1067 Bloomington  
Blake, George W. 378 Washington  
Blake, James 3096 Polk  
Blakely (see also Blakley)    
Blakely, John 2380 Perry  
Blakely, Wiliam, Jr. 2415 Perry  
Blakley (see also Blakely)    
Blakley, William 2387 Perry  
Blankenship, James 2100 Van Buren  
Blasdell, James (estate of) 366 Washington  
Boaz, Harrison 3346 Clear Creek  
Boaz, Jacob 3336 Clear Creek  
Bockman, John 4024 Bloomington, City of  
Bodenhammer, Lafayette 2381 Perry  
Bodkins, W. H. 1077 Bloomington  
Bodkins, W. H. 4008 Bloomington, City of  
Boles, R. F. 400 Washington  
Boles, William 2847 Salt Creek  
Boles, William H. 2855 Salt Creek  
Bolin, Amanda 398 Washington  
Bollenbacher, George 1036 Bloomington  
Bollenbacher, George 2386 Perry  
Bollenbacher, Peter 1044 Bloomington  
Bollenbacher, Peter 2396 Perry  
Bollenbaker, George W. 4002 Bloomington, City of  
Bollenbaker, Peter 4016 Bloomington, City of  
Bollman, Julia 1034 Bloomington  
Bollman, Julia 4000 Bloomington, City of  
Bollman, Julia 1767 Richland  
Boltinghouse, Isaac 795 Benton  
Boltinghouse, Isaac 2833 Salt Creek  
Bonsall, N. L. 4019 Bloomington, City of  
Bonsall, Robert W. 4004 Bloomington, City of  
Bonsall, Samuel W. 3981 Bloomington, City of  
Bonsall, Samuel W. 2394 Perry  
Bonsall, Samuel W., Jr. 2854 Salt Creek  
Bonsall, Samuel, Jr. 4018 Bloomington, City of  
Booher & Corman 3328 Clear Creek  
Booher, I. N. 3354 Clear Creek  
Bookman, John 1092 Bloomington  
Borden, Amos 2828 Salt Creek  
Borland, Edward (estate of) 2391 Perry  
Borland, James A. 2389 Perry  
Borland, James, Sr. 2410 Perry  
Borland, John E. 2390 Perry  
Borland, William 2388 Perry  
Borland, William 3101 Polk  
Borland, William 2096 Van Buren  
Boruff, Eleanor 2413 Perry  
Boruff, Eli 2401 Perry  
Boruff, Samuel 3326 Clear Creek  
Boruff, Samuel 2379 Perry  
Boruff, Samuel, Jr 2400 Perry  
Boruff, Solomon 3699 Indian Creek  
Boruff, William 2414 Perry  
Botts, Harriet E. 24 Bean Blossom  
Bousel, N. L. 1078 Bloomington  
Bousel, Robert W. 1088 Bloomington  
Bousel, Samuel W. 1051 Bloomington  
Bousel, Samuel W., Jr. 1080 Bloomington  
Bowen 658 Marion  
Bowen, Ellen 659 Marion  
Bowen, Isaac 3695 Indian Creek  
Bowen, William 3702 Indian Creek  
Bower, Peter 3689 Indian Creek  
Bowman, Emanuel 25 Bean Blossom  
Bowman, George 361 Washington  
Bowman, Robert 46 Bean Blossom  
Boyd, George W. 44 Bean Blossom  
Boyd, Mecca 34 Bean Blossom  
Boyle, Peter 47 Bean Blossom  
Bradford, John 1781 Richland  
Bradley, W. W. 3341 Clear Creek  
Branam, Isaac 401 Washington  
Branam, J. 1072 Bloomington  
Branam, Jonathan 1063 Bloomington  
Branam, Milton 1061 Bloomington  
Branam, Milton 372 Washington  
Brashears & Co. 3089 Polk  
Brassfield, A. H. (estate of) 3705 Indian Creek  
Brassfield, James 4006 Bloomington, City of  
Brassfield, Mary 3710 Indian Creek  
Bratney, James, Jr. 1769 Richland  
Bratney, James, Sr. 1771 Richland  
Bray, Catharine 1778 Richland  
Bray, E. W. 3356 Clear Creek  
Bray, L. B. 1773 Richland  
Bray, Nathan 1768 Richland  
Breeden, Thomas 2098 Van Buren  
Brenchel, George 2842 Salt Creek  
Brinegar, Benjamin 3697 Indian Creek  
Broadwell, Jacob 1075 Bloomington  
Broadwell, Jacob S. 4001 Bloomington, City of  
Brock, David 3100 Polk  
Brock, Emery 3340 Clear Creek  
Brock, George 810 Benton  
Brock, J. H. 3348 Clear Creek  
Brock, Martin 803 Benton  
Brock, Pleasant 363 Washington  
Brooks, Thomas 1783 Richland  
Brookshear, C. W. 3353 Clear Creek  
Brookshear, Charles 3329 Clear Creek  
Brown, Allen 1097 Bloomington  
Brown, Andrew J. 396 Washington  
Brown, David 2105 Van Buren  
Brown, Elizabeth & Martha F. 1764 Richland  
Brown, Francis 1033 Bloomington  
Brown, Francis O. 369 Washington  
Brown, Francis O. 403 Washington  
Brown, George L. 383 Washington  
Brown, George W,. 391 Washington  
Brown, George W. 376 Washington  
Brown, J. W. 3331 Clear Creek  
Brown, Jacob 3104 Polk  
Brown, James 2397 Perry  
Brown, James M. 385 Washington  
Brown, Joel T. 375 Washington  
Brown, John 1069 Bloomington  
Brown, John S. 2118 Van Buren  
Brown, M. M. 1095 Bloomington  
Brown, Martha F. (see also Brown, Elizabeth & Martha F.)    
Brown, Nelson 2120 Van Buren  
Brown, Robert 30 Bean Blossom  
Brown, Sanford 1782 Richland  
Brown, Thomas 4017 Bloomington, City of  
Brown, Thomas J. 386 Washington  
Brown, William 28 Bean Blossom  
Brown, William 39 Bean Blossom  
Brown, William 2112 Van Buren  
Brown, William C. 800 Benton  
Brown, William J. 3327 Clear Creek  
Browning, Benjamin 3092 Polk  
Browning, Columus 1064 Bloomington  
Browning, Ira 1048 Bloomington  
Browning, Ira 3984 Bloomington, City of  
Browning, Nathaniel C. 1062 Bloomington  
Browning, Thomas R. 2398 Perry  
Browning, William F. 1040 Bloomington  
Browning, William F. 3983 Bloomington, City of  
Browning, Zipporah 1073 Bloomington  
Brummett, Banner 815 Benton  
Brummett, Lankston 807 Benton  
Brummett, Lankston 1057 Bloomington  
Brummett, Lankston 2828 Salt Creek  
Bruner, John 3707 Indian Creek  
Bruner, William J. 3344 Clear Creek  
Bryan (see also Robinson & Bryan    
Bryan, G. W. 3985 Bloomington, City of  
Bryan, George W. 1045 Bloomington  
Bryan, John 2378 Perry  
Buchanan, Isaac 3098 Polk  
Buck, Isaac 3321 Clear Creek  
Buck, John 3358 Clear Creek  
Buck, Joseph 3322 Clear Creek  
Buckner, John 804 Benton  
Buckner, Presley 652 Marion  
Buckner, Presley T. 387 Washington  
Buckner, Robert 359 Washington  
Buckner, Thomas J. 657 Marion  
Bullard, Edwin 2395 Perry  
Bullard, Edwin (administrator for John A. White) 2403 Perry  
Bullard, Edwin (administrator for Mary White) 2404 Perry  
Bullard, Edwin (administrator for Nancy Pleasant Estate) 2406 Perry  
Bullard, Edwin (guardian for John F. Pleasant) 2402 Perry  
Bullard, Edwin (guardian for Margaret E. Pleasant) 2407 Perry  
Bullard, Edwin (guardian of Zachariah Pleasant) 2405 Perry  
Bunger, Jacob 2110 Van Buren  
Bunger, John H. 2103 Van Buren  
Bunger, Joseph 2107 Van Buren  
Bunger, Phillip 2101 Van Buren  
Bunger, William 2104 Van Buren  
Burch, Charles 3696 Indian Creek  
Burch, Henry 3692 Indian Creek  
Burch, Jesse T. 3706 Indian Creek  
Burch, Joel 3691 Indian Creek  
Burch, John 3700 Indian Creek  
Burch, William 1058 Bloomington  
Burch, William 3712 Indian Creek  
Burgoon, Francis 3099 Polk  
Burk, Henry S. 653 Marion  
Burk, John 3093 Polk  
Burk, John 2838 Salt Creek  
Burk, Mary 4003 Bloomington, City of  
Burk, William 1059 Bloomington  
Burke, Mathias 793 Benton  
Burke, William B. 2844 Salt Creek  
Burkhart, John 3333 Clear Creek  
Burkhart, William 3334 Clear Creek  
Burks, G. W. 1780 Richland  
Burks, Mary 1043 Bloomington  
Burnes, James 397 Washington  
Burnett, Samuel  Clear Creek No number; follows 3346
Burnett, Samuel 3694 Indian Creek  
Burns, John 1086 Bloomington  
Burris (see Mailos & Burris)    
Burt, E. M. 1030 Bloomington  
Burt, E. M. 3994 Bloomington, City of  
Burt, E. M. 2850 Salt Creek  
Burtman, Henry C. 2846 Salt Creek  
Burton, James E. 23 Bean Blossom  
Burton, Josiah P. 35 Bean Blossom  
Burton, Nancy 32 Bean Blossom  
Bush, Leonard 373 Washington  
Buskirk (estate of) 2113 Van Buren  
Buskirk, C. 42 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, David V. 37 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, Elizabeth 814 Benton  
Buskirk, George A. 808 Benton  
Buskirk, George A. 1052 Bloomington  
Buskirk, George A. 3977 Bloomington, City of  
Buskirk, George A. 654 Marion  
Buskirk, George A. 2843 Salt Creek  
Buskirk, Isaac "Blue" 33 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, Isaac S. 794 Benton  
Buskirk, Isaac S. 1068 Bloomington  
Buskirk, Isaac, Sr. 36 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, J. S. 1777 Richland  
Buskirk, James 379 Washington  
Buskirk, James V. 38 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, James V. R. 29 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, Joseph 40 Bean Blossom  
Buskirk, Samuel H. 1049 Bloomington  
Buskirk, Samuel H. 3978 Bloomington, City of  
Buskirk, Samuel Hl 796 Benton  
Buskirk, William 1065 Bloomington  
Buskirk, William H. 371 Washington  
Butcher, Adam 2832 Salt Creek  
Butcher, Conney 3349 Clear Creek  
Butcher, Daniel 3713 Indian Creek  
Butcher, Daniel (Estate of) 3332 Clear Creek  
Butcher, Daniel (heirs of) 3698 Indian Creek  
Butcher, Elah 2097 Van Buren  
Butcher, Hiram 3347 Clear Creek  
Butcher, James 3704 Indian Creek  
Butcher, James 2831 Salt Creek  
Butcher, James H. 2409 Perry  
Butcher, John W,. 3350 Clear Creek  
Butcher, Joseph 2836 Salt Creek  
Butcher, Lewis H. 370 Washington  
Butcher, Matthew 2853 Salt Creek  
Butcher, Samuel 2835 Salt Creek  
Butcher, Sarah 2845 Salt Creek  
Butcher, Sarah D. 3711 Indian Creek  
Butcher, Solomon 2384 Perry  
Butcher, T. C. 3352 Clear Creek  
Butcher, William 2095 Van Buren  
Butcher, William, Jr. 2106 Van Buren  
Butler, F. T. 3991 Bloomington, City of  
Butler, Frederic T. 1046 Bloomington  
Butting, John 806 Benton  
Byers, Barton R. (estate of) 31 Bean Blossom  
Byers, David 1074 Bloomington  
Byers, David 1777 Richland  
Byers, Lafayette 1775 Richland  
Byers, Sarah Ann 1066 Bloomington  
Cabel, Joseph 1813 Richland  
Call, J. J. 2445 Perry  
Call, Sarah J.l 2423 Perry  
Campbell (see also Sanders & Campbell)    
Campbell, A. P. 662 Marion  
Campbell, Elizabeth 50 Bean Blossom  
Campbell, Hugh B. 2416 Perry  
Campbell, Hugh, Sr. 2436 Perry  
Campbell, James  Benton No number; follows 825
Campbell, James 411 Washington  
Campbell, James L 2440 Perry  
Campbell, James M. 1805 Richland  
Campbell, John 71 Bean Blossom  
Campbell, John 1110 Bloomington  
Campbell, John 4038 Bloomington, City of  
Campbell, John 425 Washington  
Campbell, John F. 824 Benton  
Campbell, John, Sr. 2431 Perry  
Campbell, John, Sr. 3107 Polk  
Campbell, John, Sr. 2873 Salt Creek  
Campbell, Joseph 420 Washington  
Campbell, M. M. 1099 Bloomington  
Campbell, Martha D. 663 Marion  
Campbell, Matthew M. 2427 Perry  
Campbell, Robert 665 Marion  
Campbell, Robert 412 Washington  
Campbell, Susan 2447 Perry  
Campbell, William 2432 Perry  
Campbell, William 2129 Van Buren  
Campbell. G. W. 818 Benton  
Canada, Absalom 410 Washington  
Canada, Green 406 Washington  
Canada, James 426 Washington  
Canada, James L.  Washington No ID #
Cannon, M. A. F. 2143 Van Buren  
Cargan, William 1108 Bloomington  
Cargan, William 4054 Bloomington, City of  
Carlton, C. R. 3683 Clear Creek  
Carlton, Frank 54 Bean Blossom  
Carlton, Hosea 60 Bean Blossom  
Carlton, Julia 417 Washington  
Carlton, William R. 439 Washington  
Carmichael (see also Oliphant, R. & Carmichael)    
Carmichael, Alex D. 3376 Clear Creek  
Carmichael, Alexander 3736 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, Elizabeth 3735 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, Jacob 3741 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, James 3728 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, John C. 3743 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, Peter 3374 Clear Creek  
Carmichael, Peter 3386 Clear Creek Guardian of A. Carmichael's heirs
Carmichael, Peter 3727 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, Richard, Sr. 3753 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, T. A. 3746 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, T. T. 3749 Indian Creek  
Carmichael, William 3744 Indian Creek  
Carmidia, Elizabeth 3114 Polk  
Carpenter, David 3731 Indian Creek  
Carpenter, David 2127 Van Buren  
Carpenter, Jacob 2126 Van Buren  
Carpenter, Jonathan 3756 Indian Creek  
Carpenter, Mathias 3725 Indian Creek  
Carpenter, Mathias 2134 Van Buren  
Carr, Richard W. 3377 Clear Creek  
Carroll, F. M. 435 Washington  
Carroll, James 3682 Clear Creek  
Carroll, James 2128 Van Buren  
Carroll, Lewis (estate of) 523 Washington  
Carson, Davy 1126 Bloomington  
Carson, Davy 4041 Bloomington, City of  
Carson, Davy 2425 Perry  
Carter, Coleman A. 2866 Salt Creek  
Carter, George 2146 Van Buren  
Carter, Harrison 3716 Indian Creek  
Carter, J. C. 2434 Perry  
Carter, James F. 4056 Bloomington, City of  
Carter, James F. 2424 Perry  
Carter, James F. 2145 Van Buren  
Carter, James W. 1116 Bloomington  
Carter, James W. 4040 Bloomington, City of  
Carter, Jesse E. 3750 Indian Creek  
Carter, John 3720 Indian Creek  
Carter, John 3755 Indian Creek  
Carter, John, Sr. 2421 Perry  
Carter, Lewis 3737 Indian Creek  
Carter, Thomas 1114 Bloomington  
Carter, Thomas 4032 Bloomington, City of  
Carter, Thomas 3734 Indian Creek  
Carter, Thomas 1797 Richland  
Carter, Thomas, Sr. 2430 Perry  
Carter, Wesley 3745 Indian Creek  
Carter, Wilford 3371 Clear Creek  
Carter, Wilford 2859 Salt Creek  
Carter, William A. 2147 Van Buren  
Carter, William V. 3733 Indian Creek  
Carter, William, Sr. 3717 Indian Creek  
Cash, S. C. 2085 Richland  
Casteel, Thomas J. 1817 Richland  
Cates, Calvin 1136 Bloomington  
Cathcart, David (heirs of) 1794 Richland  
Cathcart, John 1795 Richland  
Cathcart, Mary 1793 Richland  
Cathcart, Sarah B. 2439 Perry  
Caul, John J. 4048 Bloomington, City of  
Caul, Sarah J. 4049 Bloomington, City of  
Cazee, George 3129 Polk  
Cazee, Nancy 3120 Polk  
Cazee, Robert 3125 Polk  
Chadwick, Eli 438 Washington  
Chambers & Paxton 2138 Van Buren  
Chambers (see also Moore & Chambers)    
Chambers Joseph 3364 Clear Creek  
Chambers, A. W. 3380 Clear Creek  
Chambers, Alexander 3368 Clear Creek  
Chambers, allan 2449 Perry  
Chambers, Allen 3366 Clear Creek  
Chambers, Anthony (estate of) 3363 Clear Creek  
Chambers, Azias 3715 Indian Creek  
Chambers, David 3375 Clear Creek  
Chambers, David 3383 Clear Creek  
Chambers, David 3387 Clear Creek  
Chambers, David (estate of) 3361 Clear Creek  
Chambers, David (heirs of) 3115 Polk  
Chambers, Hezekiah 2137 Van Buren  
Chambers, J. B.  Clear Creek No number; follows 3362
Chambers, J. B. 3388 Clear Creek  
Chambers, J. P. 3126 Polk  
Chambers, Jacob 3123 Polk  
Chambers, Jacob G. 3384 Clear Creek  
Chambers, James 62 Bean Blossom  
Chambers, James S. 2149 Van Buren  
Chambers, John 3385 Clear Creek  
Chambers, John (heirs of) 2433 Perry  
Chambers, John G. 3360 Clear Creek  
Chambers, John G. 3117 Polk  
Chambers, Joseph 3742 Indian Creek  
Chambers, Sarah 3365 Clear Creek  
Chambers, Shelton 3382 Clear Creek  
Chambers, W. J. 3391 Clear Creek  
Chambers, William 3362 Clear Creek  
Chambers, William (estate of) 3369 Clear Creek  
Chambers, Zachariah 55 Bean Blossom  
Champ, James 828 Benton  
Chandler, Andrew 2867 Salt Creek  
Chandler, Isaac 2860 Salt Creek  
Chandler, Silas 3106 Polk  
Chandler, Silas 2863 Salt Creek  
Chandler, William R. 3128 Polk  
Chandler, William, Sr. 2878 Salt Creek  
Chapman, James 2135 Van Buren  
Chase & Co. 1127 Bloomington  
Chase & Co. 4035 Bloomington, City of  
Chase, Aaron 1109 Bloomington  
Chase, Aaron (estate of) 4036 Bloomington, City of  
Chase, B. S. 1128 Bloomington  
Chase, B. S. 4033 Bloomington, City of  
Chase, George M. 4037 Bloomington, City of  
Chase, Leroy 1119 Bloomington  
Chase, Leroy H. 4034 Bloomington, City of  
Chase, Lizzie 1129 Bloomington  
Cheatham, A. W. 2444 Perry  
Cherry, George 51 Bean Blossom  
Cherry, J. J. 4029 Bloomington, City of  
Cherry, John J. 1137 Bloomington  
Cherry, Sallie 1124 Bloomington  
Chestnut, Abraham 2861 Salt Creek  
Childers, Thomas 831 Benton  
Chitwood, Andrew 832 Benton  
Chitwood, Emanuel 817 Benton  
Chitwood, Henry 2872 Salt Creek  
Chitwood, Isaac 829 Benton  
Chrisamore, Rufus E. 2150 Van Buren  
Christenberry, Rosana 3113 Polk  
Christy, Abraham 666 Marion  
Christy, Andrew 1810 Richland  
Church, Christian 1801 Richland  
Church, Christian 2862 Salt Creek  
Clafton, H. B. 3118 Polk  
Clark, David (estate of) 422 Washington  
Clark, Henry 3108 Polk  
Clark, Henry 2875 Salt Creek  
Clark, James 3681 Clear Creek  
Clark, James 3105 Polk  
Clark, John 826 Benton  
Clark, John 414 Washington  
Clark, Leander 431 Washington  
Clark, Pleasant 2876 Salt Creek  
Clark, Reuben, Jr. 2868 Salt Creek  
Clark, Reuben, Sr. 2864 Salt Creek  
Clark, Robert 2865 Salt Creek  
Clark, Thomas 413 Washington  
Clark, Thomas J. 427 Washington  
Clark, William 415 Washington  
Clark, William A. 1117 Bloomington  
Clark, William A. 4027 Bloomington, City of  
Clark, William H. 430 Washington  
Clark, Wilson 3370 Clear Creek  
Clark, Wilson 2871 Salt Creek  
Clarkston, Henry (estate of) 424 Washington  
Clay, B. P. 1814 Richland  
Clay, Cornelius 1791 Richland  
Clay, Henry 1812 Richland  
Clay, Mat 3729 Indian Creek  
Clay, T. J. 3378 Clear Creek  
Clay, Thomas 1790 Richland  
Clay, Thomas J. 3757 Indian Creek  
Clay, William 1807 Richland  
Clayman, William 1799 Richland  
Clendenin, C. A. 3121 Polk  
Clendenin, Charles 416 Washington  
Clendenin, Jackson 3116 Polk  
Clendenin, James B. 3121 Polk  
Cline, John 3392 Clear Creek  
Cline, Rufus 73 Bean Blossom  
Cline, Valentine 59 Bean Blossom  
Cline, William 74 Bean Blossom  
Coan, Peter 2156 Van Buren  
Coan, Stephen 2130 Van Buren  
Coatney, Rufus 2420 Perry  
Coburn, John 822 Benton  
Cochran (estate of) 4055 Bloomington, City of  
Cochran, James 1112 Bloomington  
Cochran, Leverett 1111 Bloomington  
Cochran, Leverett 4051 Bloomington, City of  
Coffey, Cornelius (heirs of) 1785 Richland  
Coffey, Fountain 72 Bean Blossom  
Coffey, Hiram 63 Bean Blossom  
Coffey, J. G. 1811 Richland  
Coffey, James 1789 Richland  
Coffey, James W. 1806 Richland  
Coffey, Jason 1816 Richland  
Coffey, John D. 1788 Richland  
Coffey, Larkin 1786 Richland  
Coffey, Rufus 1798 Richland  
Coffey, T. J. 1808 Richland  
Coffin, Z. T. 1118 Bloomington  
Coffin, Z. T. 4039 Bloomington, City of  
Cole (heirs of) 2142 Van Buren  
Cole, Barton 2131 Van Buren  
Cole, Barton W. 2429 Perry  
Cole, J. N. 2139 Van Buren  
Cole, John M. 2152 Van Buren  
Cole, M. M. 2151 Van Buren  
Coleman, James 2154 Van Buren  
Collier, Jeremiah 419 Washington  
Collier, Joel 408 Washington  
Collier, John 434 Washington  
Collier, Levi 437 Washington  
Collier, Levi, Sr. 407 Washington  
Collier, Malichi 404 Washington  
Collier, Micajah 421 Washington  
Collier, William, Sr. 432 Washington  
Collins, John 3381 Clear Creek  
Collins, Joseph B. 2869 Salt Creek  
Collins, Owen 433 Washington  
Colpits, H. J. E. 1107 Bloomington  
Combs, Charles 3738 Indian Creek  
Combs, Mary 3751 Indian Creek  
Combs, Silas 3739 Indian Creek  
Conder, David M. 3726 Indian Creek  
Conder, David W. 3740 Indian Creek  
Conder, Elijah 3752 Indian Creek  
Conder, Greenberry 3723 Indian Creek  
Conder, Mary 3721 Indian Creek  
Conley, Patric 1121 Bloomington  
Conley, Patrick 4047 Bloomington, City of  
Conniff, Thomas 661 Marion  
Conrad, Frederic 1131 Bloomington  
Constable, A. J. 1809 Richland  
Constable, H. H. 2087 Richland  
Constable, John 1803 Richland  
Cook, David 1130 Bloomington  
Cook, James W. 2877 Salt Creek  
Cook, John 1804 Richland  
Cook, Nicholas 1103 Bloomington  
Cookerley, John H. 2419 Perry  
Cookerly, James W. 2136 Van Buren  
Cookerly, John H. 1106 Bloomington  
Cooper, Jesse 827 Benton  
Cooter, John 69 Bean Blossom  
Cooter, Marion 67 Bean Blossom  
Cope, James 3110 Polk  
Cope, William 3127 Polk  
Copenhaver, A. J. 61 Bean Blossom  
Copper, John 70 Bean Blossom  
Corder, David 1815 Richland  
Corder, Stephen G. 1787 Richland  
Corlect, H. R. 2153 Van Buren  
Corletts, Henry 3732 Indian Creek  
Corman (see also Booher & Corman)    
Corman, W. F. 3373 Clear Creek  
Corman, W. F. 2148 Van Buren  
Cornett, Nelson 2124 Van Buren  
Cornman, Martin 52 Bean Blossom  
Cornwell, George W. 2144 Van Buren  
Corr, Charles G. 664 Marion  
Corr, Charles G. 405 Washington  
Corsaw, Mary 1115 Bloomington  
Corsaw, Mary 4053 Bloomington, City of  
Cory, John M. 1113 Bloomington  
Cory, John M. 4031 Bloomington, City of  
Cosner, Andrew J. 66 Bean Blossom  
Costigan, Frank, Jr. 1133 Bloomington  
Cotrill, Calvin 821 Benton  
Covey, J. W. C. 1132 Bloomington  
Cowden, Daniel & Ephraim 57 Bean Blossom  
Cowden, Ephraim (see Cowden, Daniel & Ephraim)    
Cowden, James 58 Bean Blossom  
Cowden, James, Jr. 56 Bean Blossom  
Cowden, Peter 64 Bean Blossom  
Cowden, Robert 68 Bean Blossom  
Cowden, Sarah 53 Bean Blossom  
Cowell, Joseph 3367 Clear Creek  
Cox, Elizabeth 436 Washington  
Cox, Francis M. 1102 Bloomington  
Cox, Isaac 819 Benton  
Cox, Isaac M. 820 Benton  
Cox, James M. 1101 Bloomington  
Cox, James M. 418 Washington  
Cox, Jasper N. 833 Benton  
Cox, Jesse T. 4050 Bloomington, City of  
Cox, John B., Jr. 1104 Bloomington  
Cox, John B., Sr. 816 Benton  
Cox, Joseph 1120 Bloomington  
Cox, Joseph 4052 Bloomington, City of  
Cox, Nathaniel 830 Benton  
Cox, William 1138 Bloomington  
Cox, William, Sr. 823 Benton  
Crabb, Philip 1105 Bloomington  
Crabbs, Thomas 1125 Bloomington  
Cracaft, Joseph 3111 Polk  
Cracraft, Jackson 3119 Polk  
Cracraft, John 3112 Polk  
Cracraft, Mary 65 Bean Blossom  
Crafton, Lucy 2450 Perry  
Craig (see Quick & Craig)    
Craig, Daniel 2132 Van Buren  
Craig, James 1792 Richland  
Craig, James H. 667 Marion  
Craig, Levi H. 3359 Clear Creek  
Crane, David 1802 Richland  
Crane, George W. 3719 Indian Creek  
Crane, John 3718 Indian Creek  
Crane, John 3757 Indian Creek  
Cravens, James H. 660 Marion  
Crawford, Jno. B. 2448 Perry  
Crawford, John B. 4043 Bloomington, City of  
Crea, Sarah 825 Benton  
Crea, Sarah 1098 Bloomington  
Crea, Sarah 2422 Perry  
Creager, James 429 Washington  
Creagor, John (estate of) 409 Washington  
Crismore (see Chrisamore)    
Crocket, James 1135 Bloomington  
Cron, Isaiah W. (estate of) 2125 Van Buren  
Cron, Joseph W. 2155 Van Buren  
Croom, L. D. 76 Bean Blossom  
Crosby, Jno. W. 3130 Polk  
Crossfield, G. M. 3379 Clear Creek  
Crossfield, W. W. 2441 Perry  
Crossfield, William 3372 Clear Creek  
Crossfield, William, Jr. 3390 Clear Creek  
Crouch, M. (heirs of) 2874 Salt Creek  
Croucher, Andrew 428 Washington  
Crum, David 3748 Indian Creek  
Crum, Henry J. 3722 Indian Creek  
Crum, John H. 3730 Indian Creek  
Crum, John H. 3747 Indian Creek  
Crum, Nancy 3724 Indian Creek  
Crump, William 2086 Richland  
Culley, James M. 3389 Clear Creek  
Culp, Thomas 75 Bean Blossom  
Cumming, A. D. 1123 Bloomington  
Cummings, A. F. 4030 Bloomington, City of  
Cummins, A. F. 1122 Bloomington  
Cummins, Samuel P. 2426 Perry  
Cummisius, S. P. 4042 Bloomington, City of  
Cunning, A. D. 4028 Bloomington, City of  
Cunningham, George W. 2754 Indian Creek  
Curry, David S. 4045 Bloomington, City of  
Curry, David S. 2438 Perry  
Curry, James 2435 Perry  
Curry, James 2141 Van Buren  
Curry, James F. 2446 Perry  
Curry, John B. 2442 Perry  
Curry, John J. 2443 Perry  
Curry, Nancy J. 2140 Van Buren  
Curry, Samuel 2418 Perry  
Curry, Samuel 2858 Salt Creek  
Curry, Thomas 2417 Perry  
Curry, William 1100 Bloomington  
Curry, William 2428 Perry  
Curry, William (estate of) 2133 Van Buren  
Curry, William H. 1796 Richland  
Curry, William H. (estate of) 2437 Perry  
Curtis, Joshua 4044 Bloomington, City of  
Curtis, Joshua 1800 Richland  
Cutler, George E. 4046 Bloomington, City of  
Cutright, Joseph 3124 Polk  
Cutright, Robert 3109 Polk  
Cutright, Robert 2870 Salt Creek  
Daggy, Andrew J. 668 Marion  
Dalkey, Rose 1159 Bloomington  
Daugherty, James M. 2468 Perry  
Daughters, Frank 3140 Polk  
Davar, Ira 2885 Salt Creek  
Davar, Samuel 2879 Salt Creek  
Davenport, S. A. 3405 Clear Creek  
Davenport, W. J. 82 Bean Blossom  
David, Henry S. 3133 Polk  
Davidson, Christian 836 Benton  
Davis, David 2161 Van Buren  
Davis, James 81 Bean Blossom  
Davis, James 2467 Perry  
Davis, James 2160 Van Buren  
Davis, James J. 3411 Clear Creek  
Davis, John 83 Bean Blossom  
Davis, John (heirs of) 79 Bean Blossom  
Davis, John W. 1162 Bloomington  
Davis, John W. 1166 Bloomington  
Davis, John W. 4071 Bloomington, City of  
Davis, Joseph 2458 Perry  
Davis, M. S. 1828 Richland  
Davis, Mary A. 443 Washington  
Davis, Samuel 86 Bean Blossom  
Davis, Stephen 3396 Clear Creek  
Davis, Susan 78 Bean Blossom  
Davis, William P. 1830 Richland  
Dawes, Henry L. 834 Benton Surname very difficult to read
Day, Ezekial R. 2882 Salt Creek  
Day. N. C. 1827 Richland  
Dean, Alfred C. 1826 Richland  
Dearmin, Ad 4070 Bloomington, City of  
Dearmin, Addison 1154 Bloomington  
Dearmin, James 1150 Bloomington  
Dearmin, Joseph, Jr. 1161 Bloomington  
Dearmin, Joseph, Sr. 1156 Bloomington  
Dearmin, M. J. 2469 Perry  
Dearmin, Milt 4068 Bloomington, City of  
Dearmin, Milton 1155 Bloomington  
Deckard, A. 3141 Polk  
Deckard, Adam 2460 Perry  
Deckard, Addison 2471 Perry  
Deckard, Daniel 1824 Richland  
Deckard, David, Jr. 3394 Clear Creek  
Deckard, David, Sr. 3395 Clear Creek  
Deckard, Henry 3137 Polk  
Deckard, Isaac 3399 Clear Creek  
Deckard, Jacob, Sr. 3397 Clear Creek  
Deckard, John 3393 Clear Creek  
Deckard, John 3134 Polk  
Deckard, John, Sr. 3138 Polk  
Deckard, Martin 3406 Clear Creek  
Deckard, Martin 3139 Polk  
Deckard, Michael 3409 Clear Creek  
Deckard, Peter 3135 Polk  
Deckard, Sampson 3132 Polk  
Deckard, Valentine 3402 Clear Creek  
Deckard, William 3136 Polk  
Decker, George A. (see also Decker, Jacob & George A.)    
Decker, Jacob & George A. 1825 Richland  
Decker, John 1831 Richland  
Delap & Turner 440 Washington  
Delap, David M. 1151 Bloomington  
Delap, Robert 1819 Richland  
Delap, Robert 1829 Richland  
Delap, William 1152 Bloomington  
Demarcus, J. B. 1832 Richland  
Demming, Frank 4067 Bloomington, City of  
Demming, Franklin 1143 Bloomington  
Denny, Azariah 441 Washington  
Denny, Benoni O. 446 Washington  
Denny, Samuel 444 Washington  
Denny, William 447 Washington  
Denny, William B. 445 Washington  
Denton, John W. 1140 Bloomington  
Denton, John W. 4059 Bloomington, City of  
Denton, Mary E. 1141 Bloomington  
Denton, Mary E. 4060 Bloomington, City of  
Denton, richard N. 1147 Bloomington  
Denton, Richard W. 4058 Bloomington, City of  
Devore, Henry 84 Bean Blossom  
Dewees, Ezekial 3131 Polk  
Dickerson, Edward 1834 Richland  
Dickey, William 85 Bean Blossom  
Dicks, Zachariah 3758 Indian Creek  
Dillingham, L. C. 1153 Bloomington  
Dillingham, S. C. 840 Benton  
Dillman, Andrew 2456 Perry  
Dillman, David C. 2459 Perry  
Dillman, Henry F. 2463 Perry  
Dillman, Henry F. 2165 Van Buren  
Dillman, Isaac 2466 Perry  
Dillman, Isaac A. 2164 Van Buren  
Dillman, John 3403 Clear Creek  
Dinsmore, Joe (see Dinsmore, Sam & Joe)    
Dinsmore, John 2157 Van Buren  
Dinsmore, Sam & Joe 2158 Van Buren  
Dinsmore, Samuel 2159 Van Buren  
Ditteman, Frank 837 Benton  
Dittemore, John M. 2465 Perry  
Dobson, Jane 2166 Van Buren  
Dodd, Harvey 1165 Bloomington  
Dodd, Harvey 4072 Bloomington, City of  
Dodds, Andrew F. 2461 Perry  
Dodds, C. F. 4066 Bloomington, City of  
Dodds, Clelland F. 1146 Bloomington  
Dodds, Clelland F. 2455 Perry  
Dodds, J. F. 4065 Bloomington, City of  
Dodds, James 3400 Clear Creek  
Dodds, James F. 2462 Perry  
Dodds, James F. 2881 Salt Creek  
Dodds,William H.  Salt Creek No number; follows 2885
Dolens, James 442 Washington  
Dorras, Conrad 1142 Bloomington  
Dorrias & Co. 1157 Bloomington  
Dorris, Coonrod 4064 Bloomington, City of  
Douglass, W. H. 2464 Perry  
Dover, John 838 Benton  
Dover, John 1163 Bloomington  
Dowden, J. L. 3410 Clear Creek  
Dowden, James 3398 Clear Creek  
Dowden, James 2162 Van Buren  
Dowden, W. H. 3407 Clear Creek  
Dowell, James 1821 Richland  
Dowell, James L. 1818 Richland  
Dowling, Peter (estate of) 2470 Perry  
Downs & Co. 4069 Bloomington, City of  
Downs, John 4057 Bloomington, City of  
Dowries, John S. 1160 Bloomington  
Drake, Richard 2880 Salt Creek  
Draper, Jesse 1148 Bloomington  
Draper, Jesse 1823 Richland  
Draper, Oscar L. 1822 Richland  
Dudley, William 2163 Van Buren  
Dugger, A. B. 1833 Richland  
Duncan, J. J. 3404 Clear Creek  
Duncan, James 2883 Salt Creek  
Duncan, James G. 3401 Clear Creek  
Duncan, M. M. 2884 Salt Creek  
Duncan, William R. 3408 Clear Creek  
Duncan, William R. 2453 Perry  
Duncan, William W. 2452 Perry  
Dunn & Co. 1144 Bloomington  
Dunn & Co. 4063 Bloomington, City of  
Dunn, Benjamin R. 1164 Bloomington  
Dunn, Felix 4061 Bloomington, City of  
Dunn, Felix C. 1139 Bloomington  
Dunn, Moses F. 1149 Bloomington  
Dunn, Samuel F. (estate of) 2454 Perry  
Dunn, W. D. 1158 Bloomington  
Dunning, Elijah C. 1820 Richland  
Dunning, Paris C. 80 Bean Blossom  
Dunning, Paris C. 1145 Bloomington  
Dunning, Paris C. 4062 Bloomington, City of  
Dunning, Paris C. 2457 Perry  
Durand, John H.  Clear Creek No number, follows 3311
Dyas, James 839 Benton  
Dyas, Lydia Ann 835 Benton  
Eads (see also Edds)    
Ealey, James C. 842 Benton  
Ealey, Joseph D. 841 Benton  
Ealy, Joshua H. 2893 Salt Creek  
East, Benjamin F. 3760 Indian Creek  
East, Ezra H. 3764 Indian Creek  
East, Jesse 1171 Bloomington  
East, Jesse W. 4074 Bloomington, City of  
East, John 3762 Indian Creek  
East, Joseph 2171 Van Buren  
East, Thomas P. 3763 Indian Creek  
East, William 3759 Indian Creek  
Easton, William G. 96 Bean Blossom  
Eaton, Adolphus 2888 Salt Creek  
Edds, Lewis 3142 Polk  
Edds, Milton 3144 Polk  
Edds, William 3143 Polk  
Edmondson, H L. 1843 Richland  
Edmondson, H. M. 1844 Richland  
Edmondson, William 1837 Richland  
Edwards, A. H. 843 Benton  
Edwards, Andarew J. 1841 Richland  
Edwards, John 2475 Perry  
Edwards, Julia A. 1842 Richland  
Edwards, Lewis 3145 Polk  
Edwards, S. F. 1839 Richland  
Edwards, S. F. 1850 Richland  
Edwards, T. J. 1847 Richland  
Edwards, William J. 1840 Richland  
Egbert (see Parks & Egbert)    
Ehni, John 1167 Bloomington  
Ehni, John 4073 Bloomington, City of  
Elgar, James 2895 Salt Creek  
Elger, William 2886 Salt Creek  
Eller, Francis A. 2170 Van Buren  
Eller, Geoerge 2169 Van Buren  
Eller, Henry 2168 Van Buren  
Eller, John (heirs of) 89 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, Bartlett 92 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, David 87 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, James 93 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, James E. 90 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, John 98 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, Marion 97 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, Mary 94 Bean Blossom  
Ellett, Squire 91 Bean Blossom  
Ellis, A. H. 88 Bean Blossom  
Ellis, James H. 2891 Salt Creek  
Ellis, James T. 2890 Salt Creek  
Ellis, Richard 2889 Salt Creek  
Ellswick, Sarah 4076 Bloomington, City of  
Elswick, Andrew 4078 Bloomington, City of  
Emery & Mi(illegible) 1173 Bloomington  
Emery & Minnett 4077 Bloomington, City of  
Emery, William 4075 Bloomington, City of  
Emory, William 1168 Bloomington  
Empson, Euziel (estate of) 2474 Perry  
Empson, John D. 2894 Salt Creek  
Empson, Uziel (estate of) 2887 Salt Creek  
Empson, William M. 2476 Perry  
Enderlin, Joseph 2477 Perry  
Engle, Jno. A. 1851 Richland  
Epstein, Zachariah 3412 Clear Creek  
Ervin, Charles 2473 Perry  
Ervin, John M. 2472 Perry  
Eswick, Sarah 1172 Bloomington  
Evans, Adam 1170 Bloomington  
Evans, James 2892 Salt Creek  
Evans, James (estate of) 1836 Richland  
Evans, John W. 3761 Indian Creek  
Evans, Marion 1852 Richland  
Evans, Owen D. 3413 Clear Creek  
Evans, Winna F. 95 Bean Blossom  
Everman, Isaac P. 1848 Richland  
Everman, James 1838 Richland  
Everman, John T. 1849 Richland  
Everman, R. M. 1846 Richland  
Everman, William P. 1845 Richland  
Ewing, Robert 1169 Bloomington  
Fanning, Edwin 2899 Salt Creek  
Faris (see also Bears & Faris)    
Faris (see Beans & Faris)    
Faris, Daniel 1187 Bloomington  
Faris, David 2495 Perry  
Faris, James (heirs of) 2487 Perry  
Faris, James B. 1188 Bloomington  
Faris, James S. 4090 Bloomington, City of  
Faris, John 4084 Bloomington, City of  
Faris, John M. 2485 Perry  
Faris, John, Sr. 1195 Bloomington  
Faris, Juliet 1178 Bloomington  
Faris, Juliet 4083 Bloomington, City of  
Faris, Nancy 2486 Perry  
Faris, Samuel R. 1189 Bloomington  
Faris, Thomas N. 2492 Perry  
Faris, William 1199 Bloomington  
Faris, William 4082 Bloomington, City of  
Farley, James 3766 Indian Creek  
Farmer, Eli P. 1181 Bloomington  
Farmer, Eli P. 4093 Bloomington, City of  
Farmer, Eli P. 1859 Richland  
Farmer, Eli P. 2174 Van Buren  
Farmer, Gideon 109 Bean Blossom  
Farmer, John E. 102 Bean Blossom  
Farmer, John M. (estate of) 1858 Richland  
Farmer, R. M. 4091 Bloomington, City of  
Farmer, Rebecca 2497 Perry  
Farmer, Robertson M. 1203 Bloomington  
Farmer, Valentine 1176 Bloomington  
Farmer, Valentine 4092 Bloomington, City of  
Farmer, William 1868 Richland  
Farnham, Benjamin 3152 Polk  
Farrington, E. W. 1856 Richland  
Farrington, V. 1869 Richland  
Faulkner, F. M. 1864 Richland  
Faulkner, G. W. 1862 Richland  
Faulks, William T. 1870 Richland  
Feathers, Lewis 1183 Bloomington  
Fedder, Lewis 4085 Bloomington, City of  
Fee & Howe 1175 Bloomington  
Fee & Howe 4081 Bloomington, City of  
Fee, E. H. 1184 Bloomington  
Fee, Sarah & Son 1200 Bloomington  
Fee, William O. 1174 Bloomington  
Fee, William O. 4080 Bloomington, City of  
Fee, William, Sr. 1186 Bloomington  
Feeler, Cornelius 1191 Bloomington  
Fellows, Henry 1196 Bloomington  
Fellows, Henry 4087 Bloomington, City of  
Fellows, Henry 2489 Perry  
Fellows, Woodward & Co. 4089 Bloomington, City of  
Fender, Levi 3150 Polk  
Ferguson (see also Furguson)    
Ferguson, Augustus 3770 Indian Creek  
Ferguson, James 3769 Indian Creek  
Field, John 3426 Clear Creek  
Field, Moses 3425 Clear Creek  
Fielder, Lewis 3424 Clear Creek  
Fiffe, J. S. 112 Bean Blossom  
Figg, James 103 Bean Blossom  
Figg, James W. 1861 Richland  
Figg, Seeley 107 Bean Blossom  
Figg, Thomas 106 Bean Blossom  
Figg, Thomas D. 105 Bean Blossom  
Findley, George 2491 Perry  
Finley, David M. 2478 Perry  
Finley, David, Sr. 2491 Perry  
Finley, Francis 3418 Clear Creek  
Finley, George P. 2498 Perry  
Finley, Joseph D. 2480 Perry  
Finley, Owen 101 Bean Blossom  
Finley, William 3428 Clear Creek  
Finn, Ellen 1182 Bloomington  
Finn, Ellen 4095 Bloomington, City of  
Fish, Daniel W. 2490 Perry  
Fish, James F. 2179 Van Buren  
Fisher, Frank  Marion Immediately followed #680
Fisher, James  Marion First name to follow #678
Fisher, James 673 Marion  
Fisher, Nathaniel 680 Marion  
Fitzpatrick, John 3430 Clear Creek  
Fitzpatrick, Owen 111 Bean Blossom  
Fivecoat, G. W. 3773 Indian Creek  
Fleener, Aaron 844 Benton  
Fleener, Abram 2897 Salt Creek  
Fleener, Andrew 848 Benton  
Fleener, Archibald 1194 Bloomington  
Fleener, C. C. 849 Benton  
Fleener, Chris C. 1871 Richland  
Fleener, David F. 845 Benton  
Fleener, James G. 2901 Salt Creek  
Fleener, John 1192 Bloomington  
Fleener, Michael 846 Benton  
Fleener, Michael 678 Marion First name to follow #678
Fleetwood, Dennis 3156 Polk  
Fleetwood, Elizabeth 3148 Polk  
Fleetwood, Hiram 3155 Polk  
Fleetwood, J. D. 3154 Polk  
Fleetwood, James 3147 Polk  
Flemming, Stephen 1185 Bloomington  
Fletcher, George M. 1865 Richland  
Flood, Noah W. 3772 Indian Creek  
Flora, Eliza 3427 Clear Creek  
Flora, George W. 3774 Indian Creek  
Floyd, Abraham, 3420 Clear Creek  
Floyd, John 3417 Clear Creek  
Floyd, Matthew 3419 Clear Creek  
Floyd, Matthew 2898 Salt Creek  
Flynn, Zach 2479 Perry  
Flynn, Zachariah H. 2907 Salt Creek  
Foddrill, Charles M. 3768 Indian Creek  
Foddrill, John B. 3765 Indian Creek  
Fogeny, Andrew J. 672 Marion  
Followell, Thomas J. 2906 Salt Creek  
Followell, William 2904 Salt Creek  
Foot, Loretta 1201 Bloomington  
Forbes, E. H. 2902 Salt Creek  
Forbes, L. 847 Benton  
Forbes, Lealdes 2488 Perry  
Ford, George & Co. 2896 Salt Creek  
Ford, J. D. 3149 Polk  
Fossett, Pleasant 3767 Indian Creek  
Foster (see Hight & Foster)    
Foster, Ellen 3151 Polk  
Foster, Orlando E. 2175 Van Buren  
Foster, Robert 2903 Salt Creek  
Foster, Robert C. 1180 Bloomington  
Foster, Robert C. 4079 Bloomington, City of  
Foster, Thomas N. 1854 Richland  
Foster, William C. 1177 Bloomington  
Foster, William C. 4086 Bloomington, City of  
Fountain, Eliza 2900 Salt Creek  
Fowler, Eli 2483 Perry  
Fowler, S. F. 1867 Richland  
Fowler, Samuel 3146 Polk  
Fowler, Samuel F. 2496 Perry  
Fowler, Washington 3153 Polk  
Fowler, William 1866 Richland  
Fowler, William 2176 Van Buren  
Fowler, William W. 2178 Van Buren  
Fowles, Eli 4088 Bloomington, City of  
Fox, B. H. 3423 Clear Creek  
Fox, James 3421 Clear Creek  
Fox, John A. 3422 Clear Creek  
Fox, Sarah 100 Bean Blossom  
Fox, William L. 3429 Clear Creek  
Fox, William, Sr. 3416 Clear Creek  
Francis, Thomas J. 1198 Bloomington  
Francis, W. J. 1202 Bloomington  
Francisco, Herman 1860 Richland  
Franklin, James 2177 Van Buren  
Freeland, Harriet 1863 Richland  
Freeland, John 3415 Clear Creek  
Freeland, Lewis 3414 Clear Creek  
Freeland, William 1179 Bloomington  
Freeland, William 4096 Bloomington, City of  
Freeman, James 1857 Richland  
Freeman, James C. 1855 Richland  
Freeze, William & Son 2173 Van Buren  
Frill, John 104 Bean Blossom  
Frost, Joseph 1205 Bloomington  
Frost, William 1193 Bloomington  
Fry, Abigal (see Fry, Susannah & Abigail)    
Fry, George M.  Marion Third name to follow #678
Fry, George M. 675 Marion  
Fry, Henry C. 1197 Bloomington  
Fry, James M.  Marion Second name to follow #678
Fry, James M. 676 Marion  
Fry, John C. 677 Marion  
Fry, Joshua E. 671 Marion  
Fry, Susannah & Abigail  Marion Fourth name to follow #678
Fry, Susannah & Abigail 674 Marion  
Fry, William  Marion Fifth name to follow #678
Fry, William 679 Marion  
Fry, William 2905 Salt Creek  
Fulford, Absalom H. 670 Marion  
Fulford, James J. 669 Marion  
Fulford, Jonathan H. 450 Washington  
Fulford, Leathy 449 Washington  
Fulford, Spicy 448 Washington  
Fulk, Joseph 3771 Indian Creek  
Fulk, Rchard A. 2499 Perry  
Fulk, Richard A. 4094 Bloomington, City of  
Fulkerson, Lavina 108 Bean Blossom  
Fulkerson, William 110 Bean Blossom  
Fullerton, Andrew 2482 Perry  
Fullerton, Andy H. 1206 Bloomington  
Fullerton, John 2484 Perry  
Fullerton, Joseph E. 2481 Perry  
Fullerton, Thomas 2493 Perry  
Fullerton, Thomas 2172 Van Buren  
Furguson, Amanda 3775 Indian Creek  
Fyffe, G. W. 1204 Bloomington  
Fyffe, John 1190 Bloomington  
Gabbart, Michael 1219 Bloomington  
Gabbert, Michael 2516 Perry  
Gaither, Perry 3432 Clear Creek  
Galaher, John K. 2514 Perry  
Gallagher, Dennis 683 Marion  
Gallaspie, Elizabeth (see also Gillaspie, John & Elizabeth)    
Galloway, Everett 1881 Richland  
Galloway, R. M. 4097 Bloomington, City of  
Galloway, R. M. 3776 Indian Creek  
Galloway, R. M. 3162 Polk  
Galloway, Robert M. 1208 Bloomington  
Galloway, Robert M. 3438 Clear Creek  
Galloway, Robert M. 1874 Richland  
Galloway, Samuel 1877 Richland  
Galloway, William 1880 Richland  
Galyan, Catherine 859 Benton  
Galyan, George W. 854 Benton  
Galyan, John W. 853 Benton  
Galyan, William H. 850 Benton  
Gamble, Henry 1884 Richland  
Gamble, J. 1875 Richland  
Garber, Lewis 1232 Bloomington  
Gard, John 1226 Bloomington  
Gardner, Isaac (heirs of) 2191 Van Buren  
Gardner, Joseph 2188 Van Buren  
Garrison, James 3439 Clear Creek  
Garrison, James 3160 Polk  
Gaskins, Allen 455 Washington  
Gaskins, Hosea 474 Washington  
Gaskins, James 3433 Clear Creek  
Gaskins, John 475 Washington  
Gaskins, Samuel, Sr. 464 Washington  
Gaskins, Sarah A. 473 Washington  
Gaskins, Stephen 467 Washington  
Gaskins, Thomas N. 472 Washington  
Gaskins, Thomas S. 477 Washington  
Gaskins, William 468 Washington  
Gaskins, William (estate of) 451 Washington  
Gelvin, John 2909 Salt Creek  
Gentry (heirs of) 2195 Van Buren  
Gentry, Absalom E. 2192 Van Buren  
Gentry, Betsy Ann 115 Bean Blossom  
Gentry, Eliza 3778 Indian Creek  
Gentry, Elizabeth A. 2193 Van Buren  
Gentry, Jame S. 114 Bean Blossom  
Gentry, James 3781 Indian Creek  
Gentry, James 2185 Van Buren  
Gentry, James C. 3785 Indian Creek  
Gentry, James C. 2197 Van Buren  
Gentry, James W. 121 Bean Blossom  
Gentry, Milton H. 123 Bean Blossom  
Gentry, Richard H. 3780 Indian Creek  
Gentry, Seth (heirs of) 2194 Van Buren  
Gentry, Tillman 116 Bean Blossom  
Gentry, William 124 Bean Blossom  
Gentry, William B. 122 Bean Blossom  
Getsindinner, William H. 1873 Richland  
Getty, Samuel 852 Benton  
Gibson, Sarah A. 458 Washington  
Gillam, James (heirs of) 3777 Indian Creek  
Gillaspie, Charlotte 126 Bean Blossom  
Gillaspie, Isaac 466 Washington  
Gillaspie, James R. (estate of) 117 Bean Blossom  
Gillaspie, John & Elizabeth 1876 Richland  
Gillaspie, Nancy 462 Washington  
Gillaspie, Nancy D. 463 Washington  
Gillaspie, Nancy J. 465 Washington  
Gillaspie, Thomas 1215 Bloomington  
Gillaspie, Thomas 471 Washington  
Gillaspie, William H. 469 Washington  
Gillaspy (see also Gillaspie)    
Gillett, S. R. 4106 Bloomington, City of  
Gillette, T. 1225 Bloomington  
Gillican, Jarvis 2517 Perry  
Gilllaspie (see also Gillaspy)    
Gillman, A. J. 3442 Clear Creek  
Gillman, Benjamin 2518 Perry  
Gillstrap, William  Salt Creek No number noted; follows 2907
Gilman, Henry 454 Washington  
Gilmore, James 2910 Salt Creek  
Gilmore, John 1878 Richland  
Gilmore, John 2911 Salt Creek  
Gilpin, John 2912 Salt Creek  
Givens, Alexander 2506 Perry  
Givens, Robert F. 2509 Perry  
Glenn, Ann & Jane 4105 Bloomington, City of  
Glenn, Ann and Jane 1210 Bloomington  
Glenn, Jane (see also Glenn, Ann & Jane)    
Glenn, Nancy J. 3435 Clear Creek  
Glesnor, Samuel 856 Benton  
Glick & Co. 684 Marion  
Goble, Catharine 118 Bean Blossom  
Goble, John 119 Bean Blossom  
Goble, John 456 Washington  
Goble, Rufus 113 Bean Blossom  
Godsey, Abram 457 Washington  
Godsey, Isaac 470 Washington  
Goodale, Charles 2184 Van Buren  
Goodall, William 2908 Salt Creek  
Goodman, Abraham 3440 Clear Creek  
Goodman, Charles 1228 Bloomington  
Goodman, Elijah L. 478 Washington  
Goodman, Mariah J. 461 Washington  
Goodman, Mary E. 459 Washington  
Goodman, Thomas J. 460 Washington  
Goodwin, Jesse 1229 Bloomington  
Goodwin, Jesse 4107 Bloomington, City of  
Goodwin, Martha 2508 Perry  
Goodwin, Seth (estate of) 2190 Van Buren  
Gooley, James 1235 Bloomington  
Gordon, Aaron 2513 Perry  
Gordon, James 2507 Perry  
Gordon, Samuel 2501 Perry  
Gore, Mary 4109 Bloomington, City of  
Gore, Mary A. 1234 Bloomington  
Goss, David 120 Bean Blossom  
Goss, Jesse R. 2182 Van Buren  
Gourley (estate of) 1212 Bloomington  
Gourley, Jane 1214 Bloomington  
Gourley, William 1216 Bloomington  
Grabeal, Samuel 2183 Van Buren  
Grady, Joseph W. 858 Benton  
Graham, Alfred 1227 Bloomington  
Graham, Alfred E. 4102 Bloomington, City of  
Graham, George W. (estate of) 453 Washington  
Graham, Henry 452 Washington  
Graham, James G. 1222 Bloomington  
Graham, James G. 4100 Bloomington, City of  
Graham, Jeff 681 Marion  
Graham, John, Jr. 1221 Bloomington  
Graham, John, Jr. 4101 Bloomington, City of  
Graham, John, Sr. 1209 Bloomington  
Graham, John, Sr. 4099 Bloomington, City of  
Graham, Robertson 2196 Van Buren  
Grason, John 3157 Polk  
Graves, Andrew 3784 Indian Creek  
Graves, George H. 3436 Clear Creek  
Graves, J. C. 3445 Clear Creek  
Graves, James 3786 Indian Creek  
Graves, James 682 Marion  
Graves, M. F. 3783 Indian Creek  
Graves, T. M. 3443 Clear Creek  
Graves, Thomas P. 3431 Clear Creek  
Graves, Thomas P. 3787 Indian Creek  
Graves, William C. 3779 Indian Creek  
Graves, William G. 3782 Indian Creek  
Gray (see also Griffith & Gray)    
Gray (see also Leforce & Gray)    
Gray, A. 1883 Richland  
Gray, A. J. 1230 Bloomington  
Gray, David 1218 Bloomington  
Gray, David 3444 Clear Creek  
Gray, John B. 476 Washington  
Gray, John J. 1882 Richland  
Gray, William 3164 Polk  
Greaves, John J. 1211 Bloomington  
Green, Enoch 2503 Perry  
Green, Isaac 2180 Van Buren  
Green, Joseph 1879 Richland  
Green, Laban 2181 Van Buren  
Green, Morris M. 2515 Perry  
Green, Solomon 2502 Perry  
Green, Thomas G. 1233 Bloomington  
Green, Thomas G. 4108 Bloomington, City of  
Greenwood, John R. 3441 Clear Creek  
Greenwood, William 4104 Bloomington, City of  
Greenwood, William 2500 Perry  
Greeves, John J. 4098 Bloomington, City of  
Gregory, Ed 4103 Bloomington, City of  
Gregory, Edward 1223 Bloomington  
Griffin, William 855 Benton  
Griffith & Gray 1213 Bloomington  
Griffith, Isaac T. 851 Benton  
Griffith, John L. 1217 Bloomington  
Griffith, M. D. 1224 Bloomington  
Grimes Silas (see Grimes, Irvin & Silas)    
Grimes, Irvin & Silas 3437 Clear Creek  
Ground, Logan 125 Bean Blossom  
Grubb, Isaac 3158 Polk  
Grubb, Isaac J. 3159 Polk  
Grubb, J. F. 3163 Polk  
Grubb, John S. 3161 Polk  
Guy, Elizabeth 2504 Perry  
Guy, J. M. 1231 Bloomington  
Guy, Lilley A. 3434 Clear Creek  
Guy, Lillie 2511 Perry  
Guy, Reuben W. 2512 Perry  
Guy, Silas E. 2505 Perry  
Guy, Stephens 2510 Perry  
Gwin & Rice 2186 Van Buren  
Gwin, Samuel 2189 Van Buren  
Gwin, William R. 2187 Van Buren  
Gwinn, W. 1220 Bloomington  
Hacker, Andrew 495 Washington  
Hacker, Frederic 491 Washington  
Hacker, Mahlon 692 Marion  
Hacker, Mary 497 Washington  
Hacker, Mary E. 694 Marion  
Hacker, William 697 Marion  
Hadden, Jacob 481 Washington  
Hadden, King D. 498 Washington  
Haefgen, Samuel B. 861 Benton Surname very difficult to read
Haley, Timothy 1247 Bloomington  
Hall, Bainbridge 1899 Richland  
Hall, Benjamin 1901 Richland  
Hall, Benjamin 2206 Van Buren  
Hall, Benjamin & John 1897 Richland  
Hall, E. A. 1299 Bloomington  
Hall, E. A. 4174 Bloomington, City of  
Hall, James 1896 Richland  
Hall, John 1895 Richland  
Hall, John (see also Hall, Benjamin & John)    
Hall, John J. 1910 Richland  
Hall, Malinda 3170 Polk  
Hall, Moses 2558 Perry  
Hall, Noel 1891 Richland  
Hall, Samuel S. 2529 Perry  
Hall, W. W. 2552 Perry  
Hall, William 1242 Bloomington  
Hall, William 4126 Bloomington, City of  
Ham, Burton & E. F. 2201 Van Buren  
Ham, E. F. (see Ham, Burton & E. F.)    
Ham, E. F. (see Ham, William L. & E. F.)    
Ham, Lawson 2200 Van Buren  
Ham, Richard 2208 Van Buren  
Ham, William L & E. F. 2202 Van Buren  
Hamlin & Co. 864 Benton  
Hamlin, Harvey D. 1238 Bloomington  
Hamlin, Isabell 1284 Bloomington  
Hand, Harvey 2556 Perry  
Handy, Joseph D. 2538 Perry  
Hanley, James 4169 Bloomington, City of  
Hanlin, Harvey D. 4118 Bloomington, City of  
Hanna, James 1900 Richland  
Hannah, James, Jr. 1916 Richland  
Hansford, Benjamin F. 1893 Richland  
Hansford, John (estate of) 1894 Richland  
Hansford. Elias 1915 Richland  
Hanson, Ambrose 3183 Polk  
Hanson, C. T. 3448 Clear Creek  
Hanson, Clarrissa J. 3450 Clear Creek  
Hanson, James 2914 Salt Creek  
Hanson, James E. 3172 Polk  
Hanson, John 3171 Polk  
Hanson, Levi 2212 Van Buren  
Hanson, William 2918 Salt Creek  
Harbison, David M. 1898 Richland  
Harbison, Mary 1887 Richland  
Harbison, Samuel (estate of) 1886 Richland  
Harden, Elias D. 699 Marion  
Harden, George W. 1266 Bloomington  
Harden, John V. 703 Marion  
Harden, Phoebe J. 3458 Clear Creek  
Hardin, Alex 3479 Clear Creek  
Hardin, George W. 4141 Bloomington, City of  
Hardin, Thomas 869 Benton  
Hardin, William 3793 Indian Creek  
Harford, H. J. 3186 Polk  
Harman, Lewis & Son 2204 Van Buren  
Harmon, George W. 488 Washington  
Harrah, Samuel A. 1890 Richland  
Harrell, Alonzo M. 1303 Bloomington  
Harrell, Alonzo M. 4179 Bloomington, City of  
Harrell, Charles W. 3454 Clear Creek  
Harrell, G. W. 3453 Clear Creek  
Harrell, James 3451 Clear Creek  
Harrell, Joseph 3452 Clear Creek  
Harrell, Susan 1304 Bloomington  
Harrell, Susan 4178 Bloomington, City of  
Harrell, W. B. 4112 Bloomington, City of  
Harrell, W. W. 4111 Bloomington, City of  
Harrell, William B. 1296 Bloomington  
Harris, George 150 Bean Blossom  
Harris, James M. 1903 Richland  
Harris, Nancy E. 137 Bean Blossom  
Harris, Rice C. 1905 Richland  
Harris, Richard 151 Bean Blossom  
Harris, Samuel B. 1904 Richland  
Harris, W. B. 1306 Bloomington  
Harris, W. D., Dr. 4122 Bloomington, City of  
Harris, William B. 1254 Bloomington  
Harris, William B. 4180 Bloomington, City of  
Harrold, William W. 1280 Bloomington  
Harshbarger (see also Hashburger)    
Harshbarger, Rebecca 4138 Bloomington, City of  
Hartsock, Squire 686 Marion  
Harvey, C. C. 3471 Clear Creek  
Harvey, J. 2913 Salt Creek  
Harvey, John 479 Washington  
Hash, James 867 Benton  
Hash, Robert 2527 Perry  
Hashbarger, Rebecca 1255 Bloomington  
Hasket, John 133 Bean Blossom  
Hathaway, Joseph 2205 Van Buren  
Haub, Henry 3175 Polk  
Hawkins, H. 146 Bean Blossom  
Hawkins, John 136 Bean Blossom  
Hawkins, Joseph 145 Bean Blossom  
Hayes, Gilbert 3798 Indian Creek  
Hayes, Joel E. 3798 Indian Creek  
Hays, Charles L. 316 Polk  
Hays, David 2922 Salt Creek  
Hays, James C. 3176 Polk  
Hays, Mary 862 Benton  
Hays, Mary 1289 Bloomington  
Hays, Mary 2562 Perry  
Hays, Robert T. 3167 Polk  
Hays, Solomon 3169 Polk  
Hays, Walter 3179 Polk  
Hays, William 2921 Salt Creek  
Hazel, A. J. 3455 Clear Creek  
Hazel, Hiram 3789 Indian Creek  
Hazel, Jackson 3790 Indian Creek  
Hazel, Richard 3791 Indian Creek  
Head, J. A. 3180 Polk  
Healey, Jeremiah 1252 Bloomington  
Healey, Jerry 4148 Bloomington, City of  
Healey, Timothy 4147 Bloomington, City of  
Healy, Michael 4162 Bloomington, City of  
Hedgecock, John 1913 Richland  
Hedrick, William 135 Bean Blossom  
Heldman, John 3792 Indian Creek  
Helms, Samuel 3447 Clear Creek  
Helms, William 3469 Clear Creek  
Helton & Co. 1248 Bloomington  
Helton & Co. 4142 Bloomington, City of  
Helton, A. & A. J. 1274 Bloomington  
Helton, A. A. & A. J. 860 Benton  
Helton, A. J. 1292 Bloomington  
Helton, A. J. 4145 Bloomington, City of  
Helton, A. J. (see Helton, A. A. & A. J.)    
Helton, Adam 480 Washington  
Helton, Andrew 1250 Bloomington  
Helton, Andrew 4143 Bloomington, City of  
Helton, Andrew 3466 Clear Creek  
Helton, Arnold 3476 Clear Creek  
Helton, Hetty L. 3461 Clear Creek  
Helton, M. W. 1285 Bloomington  
Helton, M. W. 4144 Bloomington, City of  
Hemming, Adam 3467 Clear Creek  
Hemphill, Andrew 2528 Perry  
Hemphill, Hugh 2521 Perry  
Hemphill, Robert 2526 Perry  
Henderson, J. T. 4125 Bloomington, City of  
Hendricks (see also Showers and Hendricks)    
Hendricks, A. G. 3182 Polk  
Hendricks, James M. 1265 Bloomington  
Hendricks, John 1287 Bloomington  
Hendricks, John 4171 Bloomington, City of  
Hendricks, Sam, Jr. 4173 Bloomington, City of  
Hendricks, Sam, Sr. 4156 Bloomington, City of  
Hendricks, Samuel 1294 Bloomington  
Hendricks, Samuel, Sr. 1298 Bloomington  
Hendrickson, James M. 4164 Bloomington, City of  
Hendrickson, James M. 691 Marion  
Hendrickson, John 693 Marion  
Hendrickson, Reuben 685 Marion  
Hendrix (see also Showers & Hendrix)    
Henley, Dicey 870 Benton Given name and surname difficult to read
Henry, Agnes L. 1241 Bloomington  
Henry, Agnes L. 4158 Bloomington, City of  
Henry, Alexander 2523 Perry  
Henry, Alexander & Others 2924 Salt Creek  
Henry, Robert 2524 Perry  
Henry, Samuel 2541 Perry  
Hensley, James 3796 Indian Creek  
Hensley, James 2209 Van Buren  
Hensley, Jefferson 2927 Salt Creek  
Hensley, Jonathan 1889 Richland  
Hensley, Nathan 1249 Bloomington  
Hensley, Nathan 4113 Bloomington, City of  
Hensley, William F. 868 Benton  
Heppart, George 2546 Perry  
Herch, Nathan 4163 Bloomington, City of  
Herrold, Joseph 2537 Perry  
Heser, John S. 687 Marion  
Hession, John 4150 Bloomington, City of  
Hession, Mary 1257 Bloomington  
Hession, Mary 4166 Bloomington, City of  
Hewson, H. L. 4175 Bloomington, City of  
Hewson, Henry 1300 Bloomington  
Hickam, Solomon 1906 Richland  
Hickam, Solomon 2199 Van Buren  
Hidenridge, Isabella 1301 Bloomington  
Higgins, Daniel 1260 Bloomington  
Higgins, Daniel 4154 Bloomington, City of  
Higgins, Felix 1261 Bloomington  
Higgins, Felix 4153 Bloomington, City of  
Higgins, James 2554 Perry  
Higgins, John 494 Washington  
Higgins, Pat 4136 Bloomington, City of  
Higgins, Pat 4155 Bloomington, City of  
Higgins, Patrick 1251 Bloomington  
Hight & Foster 1281 Bloomington  
Hight & Foster 2536 Perry  
Hight, Felix G. (estate of) 134 Bean Blossom  
Hight, James S. 147 Bean Blossom  
Hight, John 2545 Perry  
Hight, Milton 1240 Bloomington  
Hight, Milton 4115 Bloomington, City of  
Hight, Milton 3462 Clear Creek  
Hight, Milton 2923 Salt Creek  
Hight, Wallace 1262 Bloomington  
Hight, Wallace 4159 Bloomington, City of  
Hightower, William 1282 Bloomington  
Hiicks, Boyls S. 688 Marion  
Hill A. P. 4132 Bloomington, City of  
Hill, A. P. 1286 Bloomington  
Hill, Alfred P. 2547 Perry  
Hill, B. F. 3470 Clear Creek  
Hill, Basil 3459 Clear Creek  
Hill, Eliza 4133 Bloomington, City of  
Hill, F. M. 3478 Clear Creek  
Hill, Gaston M. 140 Bean Blossom  
Hill, H. H. 3472 Clear Creek  
Hill, Harris 130 Bean Blossom  
Hill, Henry D. 696 Marion  
Hill, Hugh & William G. 2544 Perry  
Hill, Hugh & William G. 2926 Salt Creek  
Hill, James M. 486 Washington  
Hill, Jules 144 Bean Blossom  
Hill, W. G. 3456 Clear Creek  
Hill, Whit M. 2535 Perry  
Hill, William F. 2559 Perry  
Hill, William G. (see Hill, Hugh & William G.)    
Hillenburg, Christian 3177 Polk  
Hillenburg, John, Jr. 3166 Polk  
Hillenburg, John, Sr. 3165 Polk  
Hillenburg, Valentine 3178 Polk  
Hinds, George 1911 Richland  
Hines, Daniel 2555 Perry  
Hines, John 2540 Perry  
Hines, John H. 3457 Clear Creek  
Hines, John H. 3477 Clear Creek  
Hines, S. F. 2548 Perry  
Hines, W. W. (guardian for Woodward heirs) 2553 Perry  
Hines, William 2563 Perry  
Hinkle, Jonathan 1279 Bloomington  
Hite, Andrew J. 141 Bean Blossom  
Hoadley, John 127 Bean Blossom  
Hoadley, John & William 129 Bean Blossom  
Hoadley, William 128 Bean Blossom  
Hoadley, William (see Hoadley, John & William)    
Hoard, Spillman 2211 Van Buren  
Hobbs, Emanuel 486 Washington  
Hodges, E. W. 3794 Indian Creek  
Hodges, Lucy 131 Bean Blossom  
Hodges, Wareham 3788 Indian Creek  
Hoffstetter, David 4167 Bloomington, City of  
Hogue, Annamas 1290 Bloomington  
Hogue, Annanias 4172 Bloomington, City of  
Holder, John 2207 Van Buren  
Holder, Nancy 3795 Indian Creek  
Holland, Edward 1302 Bloomington  
Holland, Edward 4177 Bloomington, City of  
Holler, Andrew 504 Washington  
Holler, George 501 Washington  
Holmes, Samuel 3468 Clear Creek  
Holsapple, Adam 152 Bean Blossom  
Holsapple, John 1297 Bloomington  
Holtzman & Son 4170 Bloomington, City of  
Holtzman, Augustus 1273 Bloomington  
Holtzman, Augustus 4128 Bloomington, City of  
Holtzman, J. T. 4127 Bloomington, City of  
Holtzman, T. A. 1269 Bloomington  
Holzman & Son 1307 Bloomington  
Honeycut, Moses 3185 Polk  
Honeycutt, Rufus 2928 Salt Creek  
Hook, Eliza Jane 4117 Bloomington, City of  
Hook, Eliza Jane 2534 Perry  
Hook, Henry S. 2561 Perry  
Hook, John C. 4116 Bloomington, City of  
Hooke, John C. 1246 Bloomington  
Hooper, Isaac 1271 Bloomington  
Hooper, Isaac 4140 Bloomington, City of  
Hooper, Isaac 2530 Perry  
Hooper, James 1244 Bloomington  
Hooper, James 4139 Bloomington, City of  
Hoover, A. J. 4130 Bloomington, City of  
Hoover, Andrew J. 2520 Perry  
Hoover, Joshua 1268 Bloomington  
Hoover, Joshua 4129 Bloomington, City of  
Hopkins, T. M. 4135 Bloomington, City of  
Hopkins, Thomas 2543 Perry  
Hopkins, Thomas M. 1267 Bloomington  
Horn , David N. 143 Bean Blossom  
Hornbaker, John 3446 Clear Creek  
Horton, Joseph 866 Benton  
Hostetter, James H. 1914 Richland  
Hough, Joseph 2210 Van Buren  
Houshour, Daniel 3181 Polk  
Houshour, Sarah 3184 Polk  
Houston (see Spencer & Houston)    
Houston Frank 3460 Clear Creek  
Houston, Alfred W. 1276 Bloomington  
Houston, Cary A. (estate of) 1902 Richland  
Houston, Clinton M. 1275 Bloomington  
Houston, F. M. 1909 Richland  
Houston, George W. 1912 Richland  
Houston, James 2522 Perry  
Houston, James H. 1277 Bloomington  
Houston, James H. 482 Washington  
Houston, Jefferson 1907 Richland  
Houston, Joseph 138 Bean Blossom  
Houston, M. A. 1288 Bloomington  
Houston, Nancy 2551 Perry  
Houston, Purnell 132 Bean Blossom  
Houston, Richard M. 3797 Indian Creek  
Houston, William J. 1305 Bloomington  
Houston, William J. 2550 Perry  
Hovious, John 499 Washington  
Hovious, Nancy J. 695 Marion  
Hovious, Nancy J. 496 Washington  
Hovious, Robert 485 Washington  
Hovious, Stephen 490 Washington  
Hovious, Thomas 503 Washington  
Hovious, William 492 Washington  
Howard, Alvin 3464 Clear Creek  
Howard, Eli 3473 Clear Creek  
Howard, Forris 3449 Clear Creek  
Howard, Israel 863 Benton  
Howard, Thomas 1291 Bloomington  
Howard, Thomas 1892 Richland  
Howard, Thomas R. 4148 Bloomington, City of  
Howe (see also Fee & Howe)    
Howe, James M. 4120 Bloomington, City of  
Howe, James M. 2557 Perry  
Howe, James M. 2198 Van Buren  
Howe, James M. & Co. 1283 Bloomington  
Howe, James M. & Co. 4119 Bloomington, City of  
Howe, Joseph M. 1259 Bloomington  
Howe, Joseph M. 4121 Bloomington, City of  
Howe, Joseph M. 2539 Perry  
Howe, Joshua O. 2519 Perry  
Howe, Joshua O. 2925 Salt Creek  
Howe, Joshua O., Jr. 4124 Bloomington, City of  
Howe, Joshua, Jr. 1239 Bloomington  
Howe, Joshua, Sr. 1263 Bloomington  
Howe, Joshua, Sr. 4123 Bloomington, City of  
Hubbard, David W. 700 Marion  
Hubbard, Felix 704 Marion  
Hubbard, James J. 698 Marion  
Hubbard, John 690 Marion  
Hubbard, Joseph D. 1272 Bloomington  
Hubbard, Joseph D. 4131 Bloomington, City of  
Hubbard, Stephen W. 702 Marion  
Hubbard, Thomas 3465 Clear Creek  
Hubbard, Willis 489 Washington  
Hudinger, Nicholas 2917 Salt Creek  
Hudlin, George H. 2916 Salt Creek  
Hudson, George 3463 Clear Creek  
Huff, Pearson M. 484 Washington  
Huff, William F. 505 Washington  
Huffman, Jacob 493 Washington  
Huffman, James M. 701 Marion  
Hughes, Charles 2549 Perry  
Hughes, Charles, Jr. 4152 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, Charles, Sr. 1256 Bloomington  
Hughes, Charles, Sr. 4151 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, Dicey 4163 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, Dicy 1270 Bloomington  
Hughes, Esther 1243 Bloomington  
Hughes, Esther 4168 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, Hamilton 1908 Richland  
Hughes, James 1237 Bloomington  
Hughes, James 4110 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, James 2532 Perry  
Hughes, John 149 Bean Blossom  
Hughes, John C. 3475 Clear Creek  
Hughes, Levi 4137 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, Levi 2542 Perry  
Hughes, W. B. 4157 Bloomington, City of  
Hughes, William B. 1295 Bloomington  
Hughes, William G. 4182 Bloomington, City of  
Hughs, Levi 1245 Bloomington  
Humphrey, E. 3474 Clear Creek  
Hunley, James 1293 Bloomington  
Hunly, Hynman 4181 Bloomington, City of  
Hunt, Hannah 1888 Richland  
Hunter, Andrew J. 3174 Polk  
Hunter, David 1278 Bloomington  
Hunter, David 2525 Perry  
Hunter, David E. 4146 Bloomington, City of  
Hunter, David E. 2533 Perry  
Hunter, J. S. Smith 1264 Bloomington  
Hunter, J. S. Smith 4114 Bloomington, City of  
Hunter, Margareat C. 2560 Perry  
Hunter, Morton C. 1258 Bloomington  
Hunter, Morton C. 4165 Bloomington, City of  
Hunter, Morton C. 4479 Bloomington, City of  
Hunter, Robert 2531 Perry  
Hunter, Robert H. 4134 Bloomington, City of  
Hunter, William 3173 Polk  
Huntington, B. J. 2915 Salt Creek  
Huntington, C. 1253 Bloomington  
Huntington, Elizabeth 2920 Salt Creek  
Huntington, H. S. 4160 Bloomington, City of  
Huntington, John 2919 Salt Creek  
Hupp, Angelina 502 Washington  
Hupp, George R. 500 Washington  
Hupp, John 483 Washington  
Hutsonpiller, William 2203 Van Buren  
Huxley, Joseph 689 Marion  
Hyatt, William H. 142 Bean Blossom  
Hyde, Samuel 865 Benton  
Hydenrick, Isabelle 4176 Bloomington, City of  
Hyneman, Melvin M. 139 Bean Blossom  
Ingall, Moses 1308 Bloomington  
Ingle, Moses 4183 Bloomington, City of  
Iseminger, George 2929 Salt Creek  
Isenhower, Elizabeth 3480 Clear Creek  
Isenhower, George 3481 Clear Creek  
Isham, August  Benton No number given; follows 870
Isham, J. A. 2564 Perry  
Isom, Henry 2215 Van Buren  
Isom, Joseph H. 2213 Van Buren  
Isom, William N. 2214 Van Buren  
Jackson, Alexander 1310 Bloomington  
Jackson, Alexander 3803 Indian Creek  
Jackson, Edward 871 Benton  
Jackson, Edward 508 Washington  
Jackson, Enoch 507 Washington  
Jackson, John 1318 Bloomington  
Jackson, Rolley 1324 Bloomington  
Jackson, W. J. 1922 Richland  
Jackson, William 2933 Salt Creek  
Jackson, William H. 1920 Richland  
Jacobi, F. A. 1322 Bloomington  
Jacobi, F. A. 4191 Bloomington, City of  
Jacobs, Andrew Jackson 2935 Salt Creek  
Jacobs, David 2932 Salt Creek  
Jacobs, Henry H. 2931 Salt Creek  
Jacobs, Stanford 2930 Salt Creek  
Jacobs, William 2934 Salt Creek  
James, Ephraim 707 Marion  
James, James 154 Bean Blossom  
James, John 156 Bean Blossom  
James, Luke 4184 Bloomington, City of  
James, Luke 2568 Perry  
Jameson, William G. 1919 Richland  
Jamison, Peter 506 Washington  
Jay, L. D. 2216 Van Buren  
Jefferys, George H. 4185 Bloomington, City of  
Jeffries, George H. 2569 Perry  
Jenkins, David 1314 Bloomington  
Jenkins, James M. 1315 Bloomington  
Jenkins, S. 4189 Bloomington, City of  
Jennings, H. W. 1921 Richland  
Jennings, Isaac 3485 Clear Creek  
Jennings, James 3483 Clear Creek  
Jewell, A. D. 155 Bean Blossom  
Johnson, Andrew 1312 Bloomington  
Johnson, Andrew W. 1325 Bloomington  
Johnson, D. M. 1321 Bloomington  
Johnson, David 2570 Perry  
Johnson, David M. 4190 Bloomington, City of  
Johnson, George H. 4187 Bloomington, City of  
Johnson, Jno. C. 1323 Bloomington  
Johnson, Joab (heirs of) 509 Washington  
Johnson, John 4186 Bloomington, City of  
Johnson, John G. 3484 Clear Creek  
Johnson, John G. 3801 Indian Creek  
Johnson, John S. 1918 Richland  
Johnson, John, Jr. 705 Marion  
Johnson, John, Sr. 706 Marion  
Johnson, Mary A. 3189 Polk  
Johnson, Peter 1320 Bloomington  
Johnson, Robert S. 1313 Bloomington  
Johnson, Robert S.  Clear Creek No number; follows No. 3485
Johnson, Thomas 3487 Clear Creek  
Johnson, W. H. 3804 Indian Creek  
Johnson, W. T.  Indian Creek No number; follows No. 3807
Johnson, William 3486 Clear Creek  
Johnson, William A. 2220 Van Buren  
Johnson, William J. 1311 Bloomington  
Johnston, George H. 1317 Bloomington  
Johnston, George H. 2565 Perry  
Johnston, John 2571 Perry  
Johnston, John P. 2566 Perry  
Jones, Alex 3489 Clear Creek  
Jones, Alexander 3187 Polk  
Jones, Catharine 3806 Indian Creek  
Jones, Dougan 3802 Indian Creek  
Jones, J. L. 2219 Van Buren  
Jones, John 2217 Van Buren  
Jones, John 2218 Van Buren  
Jones, Lewis (estate of) 3805 Indian Creek  
Jones, Lewis W. 3807 Indian Creek  
Jones, William 3800 Indian Creek  
Jones, William H. 2567 Perry  
Jordan, William (estate of) 153 Bean Blossom  
Judah, David B. 1316 Bloomington  
Judah, David B. 4188 Bloomington, City of  
Judah, Samuel D. 3482 Clear Creek  
Judah, Samuel D. 3188 Polk  
Judah, Winepark 3488 Clear Creek  
Judd, Nancy 3490 Clear Creek  
Judd, S. B. 3491 Clear Creek  
Junkins, Samuel 1319 Bloomington  
Kahn & Brother 1344 Bloomington  
Kahn & Brother 4215 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, Eli 4193 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, Isaac 1333 Bloomington  
Kahn, Isaac 4205 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, Isaac 2937 Salt Creek  
Kahn, M. (see also Kahn, S. & M.)    
Kahn, Moses 1341 Bloomington  
Kahn, Moses 4202 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, S & M. 1343 Bloomington  
Kahn, S. & M. 4214 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, Samuel 1327 Bloomington  
Kahn, Samuel 4201 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, Simon 1331 Bloomington  
Kahn, Simon 4204 Bloomington, City of  
Kahn, Solomon 1340 Bloomington  
Kahn, Solomon 4203 Bloomington, City of  
Kanala, James 3502 Clear Creek  
Kaufman, M. 4213 Bloomington, City of  
Kaufman, Michael 1339 Bloomington  
Keagan, John 161 Bean Blossom  
Keane, George W. 4208 Bloomington, City of  
Kears, Levi S. 160 Bean Blossom  
Keene, George W. 2578 Perry  
Kegley, C. F. 159 Bean Blossom  
Keith, Hannah 3505 Clear Creek  
Keith, John 3493 Clear Creek  
Keith, John (estate of) 2574 Perry  
Keller, John 2222 Van Buren  
Kelley, Alexander 2577 Perry  
Kelley, Alexander, Jr. 2579 Perry  
Kelley, Mary 1329 Bloomington  
Kelly, Jonathan 158 Bean Blossom  
Kelly, Lawrence 157 Bean Blossom  
Kelly, M. 1927 Richland  
Kelly, Mary 4198 Bloomington, City of  
Kelly, Rich E. 3503 Clear Creek  
Kelty, John B. 3498 Clear Creek  
Kemp, Perry 3196 Polk  
Kendrick, D. B. 514 Washington  
Kerr, Alexander 2575 Perry  
Kerr, Alexander 2936 Salt Creek  
Kerr, James 1337 Bloomington  
Kerr, James 4207 Bloomington, City of  
Kerr, John 1326 Bloomington  
Kerr, John & Mother 1332 Bloomington  
Kerr, John & Mother 4196 Bloomington, City of  
Kerr, John, Estate of 872 Benton  
Kerr, John, Jr. 4197 Bloomington, City of  
Kerr, Roger 1334 Bloomington  
Kerr, Roger 4211 Bloomington, City of  
Kerr, Ruth Ann 873 Benton  
Kerr, Samuel 874 Benton  
Kerr, Samuel, Jr. 1345 Bloomington  
Kerr, Samuel, Jr. 4200 Bloomington, City of  
Kerr, Samuel, Sr. 1346 Bloomington  
Kerr, Samuel, Sr. 4199 Bloomington, City of  
Kerr, William 875 Benton  
Kesler, Andrew 512 Washington  
Ketcham, A. (see Ketcham, G. P. & A.)    
Ketcham, Absalom 3497 Clear Creek  
Ketcham, Absalom 3811 Indian Creek  
Ketcham, Daniel 3494 Clear Creek  
Ketcham, G. & A. 3810 Indian Creek  
Ketcham, G. P. & A. 3496 Clear Creek  
Ketcham, George P. 3495 Clear Creek  
Ketcham, George P. 3809 Indian Creek  
Ketcham, H. & Co. 2938 Salt Creek  
Ketcham, William 3500 Clear Creek  
Ketcham. B. P. 3507 Clear Creek  
Killpatrick, Thomas 2582 Perry  
Kimberlin, Henry 2576 Perry  
Kimberlin, Joseph 3499 Clear Creek  
Kimble, Logan 3190 Polk  
Kimmell, Elijah 3195 Polk  
Kincaid, W. B. 164 Bean Blossom  
Kinder, Letticia 3506 Clear Creek  
King, David H. 1342 Bloomington  
King, James, Jr. 3814 Indian Creek  
King, James, Sr. 3813 Indian Creek  
King, John 3504 Clear Creek  
King, John R. 510 Washington  
King, Martin, Jr. 163 Bean Blossom  
King, Martin, Sr. 162 Bean Blossom  
King, William 3502 Clear Creek  
Kinley, Joshua 511 Washington  
Kinley, Joshua 516 Washington  
Kinser, Andrew 3192 Polk  
Kinser, Austin W. 3191 Polk  
Kinser, Hezekiah 3196 Polk  
Kinser, Joseph S. 3193 Polk  
Kinser, William J. 3194 Polk  
Kirby, Elizabeth 1924 Richland  
Kirby, William 2221 Van Buren  
Kirby, William M. 1925 Richland  
Kirk, Drury 3819 Indian Creek  
Kirk, George W. 3808 Indian Creek  
Kirk, Joseph 3817 Indian Creek  
Kirk, Leeson 3812 Indian Creek  
Kirk, Michael 3818 Indian Creek  
Kirkman, Charles 3816 Indian Creek  
Kirkman, Richard 1338 Bloomington  
Kirkmjan, Richard 4209 Bloomington, City of  
Kirkwood, Daniel 4194 Bloomington, City of  
Knight (see also Night)    
Knight, Elijah 513 Washington  
Knight, Eliza 2939 Salt Creek  
Knight, Henry 2940 Salt Creek  
Knight, James H. 2941 Salt Creek  
Knight, John 2942 Salt Creek  
Knight, W. H. 4192 Bloomington, City of  
Knight, William H. 1328 Bloomington  
Knighton, James P. 1926 Richland  
Knuckolls, George 2581 Perry  
Knuckolls, James 2580 Perry  
Knuckolls, John 2572 Perry  
Koons, Allen 2228 Van Buren  
Koons, Doctor F. 2227 Van Buren  
Koons, Eli 2226 Van Buren  
Koons, Gasper 2223 Van Buren  
Koons, Henry 2225 Van Buren  
Koons, James W. 2231 Van Buren  
Koons, John 3815 Indian Creek  
Koons, John G. 2229 Van Buren  
Koons, John S. 2230 Van Buren  
Koons, Mary 2224 Van Buren  
Koshinsky, Joseph 1335 Bloomington  
Koshmuskey, Joseph 4195 Bloomington, City of  
Kostenbader, John 1928 Richland  
Krass, Christain 515 Washington  
Kreager, August & Co. 1330 Bloomington  
Kriner, William 4210 Bloomington, City of  
Kriner, William 2573 Perry  
Kruger, August 1336 Bloomington  
Kruger, August 4212 Bloomington, City of  
Kruger, August & Co. 4206 Bloomington, City of  
Kutch, John 3492 Clear Creek  
Labertew, Asher 1355 Bloomington  
Lake, Andrew 3517 Clear Creek  
Lake, E. T. 3521 Clear Creek  
Lake, W. B. 3528 Clear Creek  
Lamb, John 178 Bean Blossom  
Lamkins, George W. 2947 Salt Creek  
Lamkins, John 880 Benton  
Lamkins, Sarah 2943 Salt Creek  
Landry, Nicholas 520 Washington  
Lane, Arch 3827 Indian Creek  
Lane, David R. 3825 Indian Creek  
Lane, Isaac 3820 Indian Creek  
Langhagon, Charles Thomas 2592 Perry  
Langley, Isaac 1360 Bloomington  
Langley, Thomas 172 Bean Blossom  
Langston, Hiram 2590 Perry  
Langston, Samuel P. 2584 Perry  
Languell, Joseph 175 Bean Blossom  
Languell, Thomas  Bean Blossom No ID #; follows No. 164
Langwell, Ezekial 524 Washington  
Langwell, John 523 Washington  
Langwell, John 528 Washington  
Langwell, Martin V. 526 Washington  
Langwell, Thomas 519 Washington  
Langwell, Thomas S. 525 Washington  
Lansford, James 3828 Indian Creek  
Laswell, William 3516 Clear Creek  
Lathan, R. M. 1930 Richland  
Latimer, Samuel 1353 Bloomington  
Laton, J. H. 2589 Perry  
Lattimore, Samuel 2587 Perry  
Lawrence, H. M. 4223 Bloomington, City of  
Lawrence, Harvey 1359 Bloomington  
Lawson, Amos 3204 Polk  
Lawson, Drury 3205 Polk  
Layman, Bartlett 173 Bean Blossom  
Layman, Bartlett & others 171 Bean Blossom  
Layman, Zacharias 174 Bean Blossom  
Lazarus, Antonia 1361 Bloomington  
Lee, Henry S. 2591 Perry  
Lefler, Andrew B. 1932 Richland  
Leforce & Gray 3199 Polk  
Legg, Henry C. 1358 Bloomington  
Legg, Henry C. 4221 Bloomington, City of  
Legg, William A. 1354 Bloomington  
Legg, William A. 4222 Bloomington, City of  
Leigh, Abraham 176 Bean Blossom  
Lemon, A. J. 3203 Polk  
Lemon, Abraham 522 Washington  
Lemon, Abram 165 Bean Blossom  
Lemon, Cyntha  Bloomington, City of No number; follows 4217
Lemon, Cynthia 4217 Bloomington, City of  
Lemon, Cynthia H. 2583 Perry  
Lemon, Harvey A. 3201 Polk  
Lemon, John 2588 Perry  
Lemon, W. W. (estate of) 3518 Clear Creek  
Lemon, William 4216 Bloomington, City of  
Lemon, William H. 2593 Perry  
Lents (see also Lentz)    
Lents, Jackson 876 Benton  
Lents, Jackson 1352 Bloomington  
Lents, Jackson 517 Washington  
Lents, Jonathan 527 Washington  
Lents, Priscilla 1351 Bloomington  
Lentz (see also Lents)    
Lentz (see Lents)    
Leonard, J. H. 3527 Clear Creek  
Leonard, James F. 2232 Van Buren  
Leonard, William 3510 Clear Creek  
Lewis, Henry C. 2945 Salt Creek  
Lidy, Daniel 1356 Bloomington  
Lifford, William P. 168 Bean Blossom  
Lindsey, Lorenzo D. 3202 Polk  
Lindsey, William  Bean Blossom No ID#; follows No. 178
Linthicum, David 3826 Indian Creek  
Linthicum, Eliza 3823 Indian Creek  
Linthicum, Esther (see Linthicum, Jane & Esther)    
Linthicum, Jane & Esther 3824 Indian Creek  
Litten, J. C. 169 Bean Blossom  
Litten, Lavina 170 Bean Blossom  
Litten, Lawrence 177 Bean Blossom  
Litten, William C. 167 Bean Blossom  
Little, James 518 Washington  
Litz, Andrew J. 2523 Clear Creek  
Litz, John 3519 Clear Creek  
Litz, Leonard 3515 Clear Creek  
Livingston, Jno. 2948 Salt Creek  
Logan, John 878 Benton  
Logston, Hiram 708 Marion  
Long, A. H. 3198 Polk  
Long, Cornelius 877 Benton  
Long, Daniel 1357 Bloomington  
Long, Sexton 3822 Indian Creek  
Long, William 879 Benton  
Louden, John H. 1349 Bloomington  
Louden, John H. 4219 Bloomington, City of  
Lowe, Jacob B. 2585 Perry  
Lowe, John 3821 Indian Creek  
Lowe, R. J. & B. 521 Washington  
Lucas, D. M. 3525 Clear Creek  
Lucas, James 3522 Clear Creek  
Lucas, James & Joseph 3509 Clear Creek  
Lucas, John 3520 Clear Creek  
Lucas, John 2944 Salt Creek  
Lucas, Joseph 3526 Clear Creek  
Lucas, Joseph (see Lucas, James & Joseph)    
Lucas, Peter 3514 Clear Creek  
Lucas, Solomon 3512 Clear Creek  
Lucas, Solomon 2586 Perry  
Lucas, Thomas 2946 Salt Creek  
Lucas, Thomas J. 3200 Polk  
Lucas, Thomas P.  Bloomington No #; follows 1355
Lucas, Thomas P. 1350 Bloomington  
Lucas, Thomas P. 3513 Clear Creek  
Lucas, Thomas T. 4220 Bloomington, City of  
Lucas, Thomas, Sr. (estate of) 3511 Clear Creek  
Lucas, W. B. 3524 Clear Creek  
Lucas, William 3508 Clear Creek  
Lunderman, Daniel 1348 Bloomington  
Lunderman, Daniel 4218 Bloomington, City of  
Lundy, Hiram 1933 Richland  
Lundy, J. C. 1931 Richland  
Lundy, Porter B. 166 Bean Blossom  
Luzzader, Margaret  Perry No number noted; follows #2593
Macumber, Perry 548 Washington  
Maddox & Brother 1446 Bloomington  
Maddox & Brother 4300 Bloomington, City of  
Maddox, L. D. 1444 Bloomington  
Maddox, L. D. 429 Bloomington, City of  
Maddox, Ren 4265 Bloomington, City of  
Maddox, Thomas 1445 Bloomington  
Maginis, Thomas 709 Marion  
Mailos & Burris 711 Marion  
Major, Nancy 194 Bean Blossom  
Malicoat, Anderson 1962 Richland  
Malicoat, Joel H. 1949 Richland  
Maloney, George 2247 Van Buren  
Maloney, John 4273 Bloomington, City of  
Maloney, John 2652 Perry  
Manley (see also Stewart & Manley)    
Manley, James 4227 Bloomington, City of  
Manley, James F. 1416 Bloomington  
Manna, Francis 3211 Polk  
Maples, Elisha 2248 Van Buren  
Marcherry, John B. 2952 Salt Creek  
Markam, Margaret 4289 Bloomington, City of  
Marker (see Baker and Marker  Bloomington  
Markham, Margaret 1423 Bloomington  
Markle (see also Baker and Markle)    
Markle, Henry 1435 Bloomington  
Markle, Henry 4228 Bloomington, City of  
Marlin, Hugh 1408 Bloomington  
Marquis, E. 4242 Bloomington, City of  
Marquis, Emanuel 1371 Bloomington  
Marshall, Decker L. 1428 Bloomington  
Marshall, E. A. 1937 Richland  
Marshall, James 885 Benton  
Marshall, Mark A. 552 Washington  
Marshall, Peter 558 Washington  
Marshall, Robert 2623 Perry  
Marshall, Robert, Jr. 2638 Perry  
Marshall, Thomas 2624 Perry  
Marshall, William D. 535 Washington  
Martin, Abram 555 Washington  
Martin, David (see Martin, James, John & David    
Martin, George W. 550 Washington  
Martin, Henry 712 Marion  
Martin, Henry 3213 Polk  
Martin, Henry 2951 Salt Creek  
Martin, Henry 546 Washington  
Martin, Isaac 547 Washington  
Martin, Isaiah 532 Washington  
Martin, James, John & David  Salt Creek No number noted; follows 2971
Martin, John 537 Washington  
Martin, John (see Martin, James, John & David)    
Martin, John E. 536 Washington  
Martin, John W. 538 Washington  
Martin, Martha 190 Bean Blossom  
Martin, Susan 531 Washington  
Martin, Thomas C. 195 Bean Blossom  
Martin, W. H. 3225 Polk  
Martin, William 533 Washington  
Mason, Daniel 1957 Richland  
Mason, Silas 1936 Richland  
Mason, Silas 2239 Van Buren  
Mathers, B. W. 2640 Perry  
Mathers, Benjamin F. 2645 Perry  
Mathers, James P. 2616 Perry  
Mathers, M. D. 2642 Perry  
Mathers, William 2654 Perry  
Mathes (see also Mathis)    
Mathes, Benjamin 2613 Perry  
Mathes, James E. 2617 Perry  
Mathes, John, Sr. 2627 Perry  
Mathes, Mary 3209 Polk  
Mathes, Pat 4286 Bloomington, City of  
Mathes, Patrick 1370 Bloomington  
Mathes, Samuel 2607 Perry  
Mathes, Sarah 2626 Perry  
Mathes, Thomas N. 2628 Perry  
Mathes,, James 3224 Polk  
Mathews, J. & Peter Thoms 1951 Richland  
Mathis (see also Mathes)    
Mathis, Patrick 2618 Perry  
Matlock (see Mattlock)    
Matlock, George W. 1409 Bloomington  
Matrow, George W. 204 Bean Blossom  
Matson, Nathan 334 Bean Blossom  
Mattlock, James 2648 Perry  
Mattock, Parris 1429 Bloomington  
Maupin, Thomas 1953 Richland  
Mausby, J. H. 199 Bean Blossom  
Maxwell, James D. 1384 Bloomington  
Maxwell, James D. 4260 Bloomington, City of  
Maxwell, James D. 2619 Perry  
Maxwell, Mary 2651 Perry  
May, Abner 2967 Salt Creek  
May, Abraham 3837 Indian Creek  
May, Charles G. 1954 Richland  
May, David 2622 Perry  
May, Eli 3850 Indian Creek  
May, Elijah C. 2249 Van Buren  
May, Elizabeth, Jr. 3836 Indian Creek  
May, Elizabeth, Sr. 3839 Indian Creek  
May, James 2254 Van Buren  
May, Joel 3856 Indian Creek  
May, John F. 2630 Perry  
May, John P. (heirs of) 2242 Van Buren  
May, John S. 3862 Indian Creek  
May, John W. 3846 Indian Creek  
May, Jonas 3855 Indian Creek  
May, Jonas R. 2241 Van Buren  
May, Jonathan M. 2643 Perry  
May, Lewis 3842 Indian Creek  
May, Lewis J. 3854 Indian Creek  
May, Mary 3861 Indian Creek  
May, Mrs. (heirs of) 4284 Bloomington, City of  
May, Nancy 3829 Indian Creek  
May, Nancy 2240 Van Buren  
May, Preston 3841 Indian Creek  
May, Simeon 3838 Indian Creek  
May, Simeon 2655 Perry  
May, Stephen T. 3860 Indian Creek  
May, Susan 2252 Van Buren  
May, William 2246 Van Buren  
May, William (heirs of) 1388 Bloomington  
May, William A. 1419 Bloomington  
May, William H. 4270 Bloomington, City of  
May, William R. 186 Bean Blossom  
May, William R. 3830 Indian Creek  
Mayfield, Davaid S. 2656 Perry  
Mayfield, I. M. 1959 Richland  
Mayfield, M. H. 205 Bean Blossom  
Mayfield, Nicholas S. 1935 Richland  
Mayfield, William 1938 Richland  
Mays, John 181 Bean Blossom  
Mays, Peter 197 Bean Blossom  
McArdle, Peter 713 Marion  
McBride, James 1392 Bloomington  
McBride, James 4243 Bloomington, City of  
McBride, Malcomb 3217 Polk  
McBride, Wash 4306 Bloomington, City of  
McCabe, Owen 1369 Bloomington  
McCabe, Owen 4275 Bloomington, City of  
McCalla & Co. 4263 Bloomington, City of  
McCalla, Chris G. 4252 Bloomington, City of  
McCalla, H. L. 2633 Perry  
McCalla, John 1417 Bloomington  
McCalla, John 4251 Bloomington, City of  
McCalla, John 2614 Perry  
McCalla, Samuel 2598 Perry  
McCalla, Samuel 2959 Salt Creek  
McCalla, Samuel, Jr. 2637 Perry  
McCalla, Sarah 2612 Perry  
McCaughan, Charles 2606 Perry  
McCaughan, Charles 2250 Van Buren  
McCaw, Henry 1411 Bloomington  
McClelland, Alexander 1420 Bloomington  
McClelland, Alexander 4266 Bloomington, City of  
McClung, A. C. 1436 Bloomington  
McClung, Alexander C. 4297 Bloomington, City of  
McClung, John 894 Benton  
McClung, Minerva 714 Marion  
McClung, Nancy 889 Benton  
McClung, Nathan 891 Benton  
McClung, Nathan 723 Marion  
McColllough, Johnson 2615 Perry  
McCollough & son 4301 Bloomington, City of  
McCollough & Son 2636 Perry  
McCollough, J. O. 4249 Bloomington, City of  
McCollough, J. O. 2631 Perry  
McCollough, J. O. & M. L. 1387 Bloomington  
McCollough, J. O. & M. L. 4246 Bloomington, City of  
McCollough, James 4278 Bloomington, City of  
McCollough, Johnson 1414 Bloomington  
McCollough, Johnson 4244 Bloomington, City of  
McCollough, M. L. 4248 Bloomington, City of  
McCollough, M. L. (see McCollough, J. O. & M. L.)    
McCollough, William 2602 Perry  
McCollough, William H. 4245 Bloomington, City of  
McCombs, Margaret 3219 Polk  
McConnell, Fletch & Matt 3845 Indian Creek  
McConnell, Mathew 2657 Perry  
McConnell, Matt (see McConnell, Fletch & Matt)    
McConnell, Matthew 2238 Van Buren  
McCool, Thomas 1382 Bloomington  
McCool, Thomas 4276 Bloomington, City of  
McCormick, Samuel 179 Bean Blossom  
McCormick, William 196 Bean Blossom  
McCowen (see also McCown)    
McCowen, Elijah T. 193 Bean Blossom  
McCowen, J. L. 206 Bean Blossom  
McCowen, James 530 Washington  
McCown (see also McCowen)    
McCown, James 203 Bean Blossom  
McCoy, Cornelius 716 Marion  
McCoy, Daniel 715 Marion  
McCoy, Hiram 887 Benton  
McCoy, John M. 4295 Bloomington, City of  
McCoy, Laura G. 1413 Bloomington  
McCoy, Lewis 895 Benton  
McCoy, Stephen D. 719 Marion  
McCoy, William A. 883 Benton  
McCrea, Mary 1394 Bloomington  
McCrea, Mary 4264 Bloomington, City of  
McCune, F. O. 2634 Perry  
McCune, John 2608 Perry  
McCune, John R. 2611 Perry  
McCune, Lucinda 2635 Perry  
McCune, Thomas B. 1364 Bloomington  
McCune, thomas B. 4224 Bloomington, City of  
McCune, William 1410 Bloomington  
McCune, William 2609 Perry  
McDaniel, Cornelius E. 2244 Van Buren  
McDaniel, Daniel 2245 Van Buren  
McDaniel, Herman 710 Marion  
McDaniel, Stephen G. 720 Marion  
McDermont, Francis 2251 Van Buren  
McDermott, Jane 4283 Bloomington, City of  
McDermott, Jane 2620 Perry  
McDowell, Emsley 3834 Indian Creek  
McElroy, Johnson F. 1956 Richland  
McFadden, John 3864 Indian Creek  
McFadden, N. K. 3537 Clear Creek  
McGara, Pat 4274 Bloomington, City of  
McGarry, Patrick 1422 Bloomington  
McGee, Benjamin 1389 Bloomington  
McGee, Benjamin 4247 Bloomington, City of  
McGinnis, Arch 4305 Bloomington, City of  
McGinnis, Elizabeth 1390 Bloomington  
McGinnis, Elizabeth 4253 Bloomington, City of  
McGinnis, Thomas 553 Washington  
McGrath, Martin 2255 Van Buren  
McGuire & Stratford 2949 Salt Creek  
McHenry, G. W. 1961 Richland  
McHenry, John 192 Bean Blossom  
McHenry, William 183 Bean Blossom  
McKee, William 886 Benton  
McKinely, Francis, Jr. & Joseph McKinley 1403 Bloomington  
McKinely, Joseph (see McKinley, Francis, Jr. & Joseph McKinley)    
McKinley, Francis & Son 1401 Bloomington  
McKinley, Francis, Jr. & Joseph McKinley 1402 Bloomington  
McKinley, Joseph 1366 Bloomington  
McKinley, Joseph 4225 Bloomington, City of  
McKinney, Lawson 2595 Perry  
McKinney, Lawson 2632 Perry  
McLane, Joseph W. 1406 Bloomington  
McLane, Samuel 1399 Bloomington  
McLaughlin, Charles 2237 Van Buren  
McLaughlin, Dan 4298 Bloomington, City of  
McLaughlin, Daniel 1437 Bloomington  
McLaughlin, Jno. G. 3546 Clear Creek  
McLaughlin, Ruth 3547 Clear Creek  
McManis, Philip 560 Washington  
McManus, H. 209 Bean Blossom  
McMillen, Amanda 4288 Bloomington, City of  
McMillin, Amanda 1434 Bloomington  
McNamara, Edward 554 Washington  
McNamara, Edward 561 Washington  
McNeeley (see also McNeely)    
McNeeley, Andrew J. 191 Bean Blossom  
McNeeley, Andrew J. 544 Washington  
McNeeley, E. 1946 Richland  
McNeeley, E. E. 1944 Richland  
McNeeley, Irvin 534 Washington  
McNeeley, M. V. (see also McNeeley, William & M. V.)    
McNeeley, W. & Irvin 543 Washington  
McNeeley, William 541 Washington  
McNeeley, William & M. V. 1943 Richland  
McNeely (see also McNeeley)    
McNeely, William 1955 Richland  
McNeely, William B. 1948 Richland  
McPheeters, Joseph G. 1391 Bloomington  
McPheeters, Joseph G., Jr. 1431 Bloomington  
McPheeters, Joseph G., Jr. 4255 Bloomington, City of  
McPheeters, Joseph G., Sr. 4254 Bloomington, City of  
McPheeters, Mary 4282 Bloomington, City of  
McPheeters, Mrs. 2625 Perry  
McPhetridge, John G. 4268 Bloomington, City of  
McPhetridge, John G. 2601 Perry  
McPhetridge, M. (see Mitchell & M. McPhetridge)    
McPhetridge, Matthew 2596 Perry  
McPhetridge, Milton 1385 Bloomington  
McPhetridge, Milton 4234 Bloomington, City of  
McPhetridge, Milton, Jr. 1424 Bloomington  
McPhetridge, Milton, Sr. 2604 Perry  
McPhetridge, S. 4267 Bloomington, City of  
McPhetridge, Steven P. 1425 Bloomington  
McPhetridge, William H. 4269 Bloomington, City of  
McPhetridge, William H. 2603 Perry  
McPike, Andrew J. 559 Washington  
McQueen, Catharine 2950 Salt Creek  
McQueen, Thomas 1362 Bloomington  
McQueen, Thomas 4291 Bloomington, City of  
McQueen, thomas 1965 Richland  
McQuistin, Hugh 1415 Bloomington  
McQuistin, Nancy 1404 Bloomington  
McSweeny, T. 182 Bean Blossom  
Meadows, Cornelius 1427 Bloomington  
Meadows, Pleasant 1453 Bloomington  
Meadows, Riley 1407 Bloomington  
Meadows, Thomas 890 Benton  
Meadows, William 3535 Clear Creek  
Mealy, Edward 1400 Bloomington  
Mefford, Anna 881 Benton  
Mefford, Caloway C. 2963 Salt Creek  
Mefford, James 882 Benton  
Mefford, William 1967 Richland  
Mercer, Eliza J. 1393 Bloomington  
Mercer, Eliza J. 4237 Bloomington, City of  
Mercer, Felix 1374 Bloomington  
Mercer, Felix G. 4238 Bloomington, City of  
Meredith, James & Son 2234 Van Buren  
Merrick, James 4287 Bloomington, City of  
Mershon, Cornelius 4290 Bloomington, City of  
Mershon, Cornelius A. 1432 Bloomington  
Mershon, Cynthia 1412 Bloomington  
Mershon, Cynthia 4296 Bloomington, City of  
Mershon, Dan 4239 Bloomington, City of  
Methodist Church 1376 Bloomington  
Methodist Church 4285 Bloomington, City of  
Methodist Church 1941 Richland  
Methodist Church 2243 Van Buren  
Milam, Francis W. (heirs of) 539 Washington  
Milburn, John 2974 Salt Creek  
Milburn, Thomas 4233 Bloomington, City of  
Millen William M. 1396 Bloomington  
Millen, Eli K. 1451 Bloomington  
Millen, Eli K. 4230 Bloomington, City of  
Millen, James 1386 Bloomington  
Millen, James 4231 Bloomington, City of  
Millen. W. C. 1452 Bloomington  
Miller, Allen 2621 Perry  
Miller, Andrew 1397 Bloomington  
Miller, Andrew 2597 Perry  
Miller, Andrew 2953 Salt Creek  
Miller, Charles D. 184 Bean Blossom  
Miller, Charles D. 545 Washington  
Miller, Charles D. (guardian) 208 Bean Blossom  
Miller, Charles S. 2649 Perry  
Miller, David 3544 Clear Creek  
Miller, David 3847 Indian Creek  
Miller, David 3206 Polk  
Miller, David 2233 Van Buren  
Miller, David J. 3220 Polk  
Miller, Felix 3531 Clear Creek  
Miller, Henry 2653 Perry  
Miller, Henry W. 529 Washington  
Miller, Isaac 2641 Perry  
Miller, James 2971 Salt Creek  
Miller, James (heirs of) 2594 Perry  
Miller, John M. 1449 Bloomington  
Miller, John P. 1405 Bloomington  
Miller, Joseph 2639 Perry  
Miller, Latitia 2647 Perry  
Miller, Mary 3221 Polk  
Miller, Mary Jane 2529 Clear Creek  
Miller, Nathan 1958 Richland  
Miller, Sampson 3532 Clear Creek  
Miller, W. C. 4302 Bloomington, City of  
Miller, William 1375 Bloomington  
Miller, William 3216 Polk  
Miller, William E. 3215 Polk  
Miller, William M. 2960 Salt Creek  
Mills, Isaac 2965 Salt Creek  
Mills, R. J. 1945 Richland  
Miner, Charles 1438 Bloomington  
Miner, Charles 4258 Bloomington, City of  
Minett, Thomas 1383 Bloomington  
Minett, Thomas 4256 Bloomington, City of  
Minic, James 1441 Bloomington  
Minks, Henry 3831 Indian Creek  
Minks, William 3853 Indian Creek  
Misner, Jackson 1367 Bloomington  
Misner, Jackson 4232 Bloomington, City of  
Mitchell & M. McPhetridge 2605 Perry  
Mitchell, Alexander 3218 Polk  
Mitchell, G. T. 3222 Polk  
Mitchell, Isaac 3538 Clear Creek  
Mitchell, Jesse 1947 Richland  
Mitchell, Jesse S. 188 Bean Blossom  
Mitchell, John 3534 Clear Creek  
Mitchell, P. L. D. 4235 Bloomington, City of  
Mitchell, P. L. D. 2600 Perry  
Mitchell, Thomas 540 Washington  
Mitchell, W. 198 Bean Blossom  
Mitchell, William 3208 Polk  
Mize, Ambrose 2956 Salt Creek  
Mize, Lemuel 2957 Salt Creek  
Mize, Troyless 2954 Salt Creek  
Moberly, E. E. 1963 Richland  
Moberly, Nathaniel 2970 Salt Creek  
Mobley, Charles A. 2962 Salt Creek  
Mobley, Joan 2961 Salt Creek  
Moffatt, John 2610 Perry  
Moffett, David 2644 Perry  
Moffett, James 1964 Richland  
Moffett, S. B. 4257 Bloomington, City of  
Moffett, Samuel 1418 Bloomington  
Moffett, Samuel 1939 Richland  
Monaghan, Pat, Jr. 1439 Bloomington  
Monaham, Pat, Jr. 4229 Bloomington, City of  
Monahan, Pat, Sr. 4226 Bloomington, City of  
Monahan, Stephen 1395 Bloomington  
Monahan, Thomas 1443 Bloomington  
Monahan, Thomas 4272 Bloomington, City of  
Monahon, Patrick 1378 Bloomington  
Monnin, John C. 2972 Salt Creek  
Monnin, Joseph P. 2793 Salt Creek  
Monson, W. B. 4240 Bloomington, City of  
Montgomery, John 3545 Clear Creek  
Montz, Andrew 1447 Bloomington  
Moon, John P. 1421 Bloomington  
Moon, William J. 2629 Perry  
Mooney, George 722 Marion  
Moore & Chambers 3843 Indian Creek  
Moore, Alvis 3844 Indian Creek  
Moore, Catharine 4250 Bloomington, City of  
Moore, Catherine 1379 Bloomington  
Moore, Charles 1950 Richland  
Moore, Daniel 3540 Clear Creek  
Moore, George 185 Bean Blossom  
Moore, George B. 1942 Richland  
Moore, George W. 2236 Van Buren  
Moore, H. J. and R. D. 187 Bean Blossom  
Moore, Howard J. 201 Bean Blossom  
Moore, J. T. 4303 Bloomington, City of  
Moore, James 3857 Indian Creek  
Moore, James H. 189 Bean Blossom  
Moore, Jane 200 Bean Blossom  
Moore, John M. 3852 Indian Creek  
Moore, Joseph 1442 Bloomington  
Moore, Joseph 4299 Bloomington, City of  
Moore, Joseph 551 Washington  
Moore, Mary G. 1381 Bloomington  
Moore, Mary G. 4262 Bloomington, City of  
Moore, R. D. (see Moore, H. J. and R. D.)    
Moore, Richard 2955 Salt Creek  
Moore, Rufus D. 202 Bean Blossom  
Moore, Thomas 1380 Bloomington  
Moore, Thomas 4236 Bloomington, City of  
Moore, W. D. 3542 Clear Creek  
Moore, William H. 3848 Indian Creek  
Moore, William H. 3858 Indian Creek  
Moore, William R. 3543 Clear Creek  
Moreland, J. D. 1960 Richland  
Morgan, E. J. 3840 Indian Creek  
Morgan, Elizabeth 3835 Indian Creek  
Morgan, F. M. 3863 Indian Creek  
Morgan, John D. 3851 Indian Creek  
Morgan, John W. 3832 Indian Creek  
Morgan, John W. 3849 Indian Creek  
Morgan, Solomon 3833 Indian Creek  
Morris, Anderson 4304 Bloomington, City of  
Morris, James 2650 Perry  
Morris, James T. 2253 Van Buren  
Morris, John 2235 Van Buren  
Morrison & Co. 3210 Polk  
Morrison, H. H. 1433 Bloomington  
Morrison, H. H. 4292 Bloomington, City of  
Morrison, Jackson 721 Marion  
Morrison, James 892 Benton  
Morrison, John 717 Marion  
Morrow, William 893 Benton  
Morrow, William 3212 Polk  
Morse, Justus 2646 Perry  
Morton, Behnjamin 207 Bean Blossom  
Mosier, John 2968 Salt Creek  
Mosier, Joseph 180 Bean Blossom  
Mosier, Lewis 884 Benton  
Mulikin, James 1430 Bloomington  
Mulkey, James B. 1372 Bloomington  
Mulkey, James B. 4241 Bloomington, City of  
Mull, Anthony 3859 Indian Creek  
Mullen, Malachi 4277 Bloomington, City of  
Mullen, Malichi 1377 Bloomington  
Mulligan, Uriah 1426 Bloomington  
Mulliken, Thomas 1373 Bloomington  
Mullikin, Thomas 4261 Bloomington, City of  
Mullikin, Uriah 4271 Bloomington, City of  
Mullin, William 4281 Bloomington, City of  
Munson, Chester 1940 Richland  
Munson, W. B. 1450 Bloomington  
Murphy, Alexander 2599 Perry  
Murphy, Alexander, Jr. 4280 Bloomington, City of  
Murphy, Alexander, Sr. 1368 Bloomington  
Murphy, Alexander, Sr. 4279 Bloomington, City of  
Murphy, Dennis 3207 Polk  
Murphy, Henry W. 1966 Richland  
Murphy, Michael 1398 Bloomington  
Murphy, Philip 1440 Bloomington  
Murphy, Phillip 4294 Bloomington, City of  
Murray, Daniel 4307 Bloomington, City of  
Murray, Dennis 1365 Bloomington  
Murray, Dennis 2966 Salt Creek  
Murry, Dennis 4259 Bloomington, City of  
Musser, A. 3541 Clear Creek  
Musser, Alexander 3214 Polk  
Musser, Alexander (see Musser, William & Alexander)    
Musser, George 3533 Clear Creek  
Musser, Henry 3223 Polk  
Musser, Joseph 3530 Clear Creek  
Musser, W. W. 3539 Clear Creek  
Musser, William & Alexander 3536 Clear Creek  
Myers, Charles 2964 Salt Creek  
Myers, Henderson 888 Benton  
Myers, Henderson 2958 Salt Creek  
Myers, Henry 549 Washington  
Myers, Jacob 542 Washington  
Myers, Jacob 557 Washington  
Myers, John 556 Washington  
Myers, Mary R. 1448 Bloomington  
Myers, Milton 2969 Salt Creek  
Nash, John 1457 Bloomington  
Nash, John 4314 Bloomington, City of  
Neall, John 3228 Polk  
Neeld, Benjamin 2258 Van Buren  
Neeld, George W. (heirs of) 563 Washington  
Neeld, John R. 1968 Richland  
Neeld, John R. 2257 Van Buren  
Neeld, Robert (heirs of) 2259 Van Buren  
Neeld, William 2260 Van Buren  
Neeld, William C. 1461 Bloomington  
Neeld, William H. 4315 Bloomington, City of  
Nelson, James 1969 Richland  
Nelson, Jesse 3551 Clear Creek  
Newton, E. 724 Marion  
Nicholas, Thomas 3548 Clear Creek  
Nichols, Armilla and Smith, Nathan 2658 Perry  
Nichols, Fernando 2975 Salt Creek  
Nichols, H. J. 4308 Bloomington, City of  
Nichols, Hiram J. 1454 Bloomington  
Nichols, M. 1460 Bloomington  
Nichols, N. 4312 Bloomington, City of  
Nichols, Sarah 1455 Bloomington  
Nichols, Sarah 4309 Bloomington, City of  
Nicholson, Alexander 1456 Bloomington  
Nicholson, Alexander 4310 Bloomington, City of  
Nicholson, Jonathan 2661 Perry  
Nickerson, Alexander 2660 Perry  
Night (see also Knight)    
Night, Owen 564 Washington  
Nikirk, William 3549 Clear Creek  
Nishwitz, George 562 Washington  
Nixon, Benjamin T. 3227 Polk  
Nixon, James 3550 Clear Creek  
Norman, Hezekiah 3226 Polk  
Norman, James 3231 Polk  
Norman, Peter 3229 Polk  
Norman, William 3230 Polk  
Norris, Martin 1458 Bloomington  
Norris, Martin 4313 Bloomington, City of  
Nuchols (see also Knuckolls)    
Nutt, Cyrus 1459 Bloomington  
Nutt, Cyrus 4311 Bloomington, City of  
O'Bold, William F. 1464 Bloomington  
O'Bold, William F. 4320 Bloomington, City of  
O'Boyle, Cornelius 727 Marion  
O'Boyle, J. H. 726 Marion  
Oliphant & Woodward 3553 Clear Creek  
Oliphant, F. M. 3552 Clear Creek  
Oliphant, Harvey 3870 Indian Creek  
Oliphant, R. & Carmichael 3865 Indian Creek  
Oliphant, Richard 3868 Indian Creek  
Oliphant, Thomas 3867 Indian Creek  
Oliphant, W. L. 3869 Indian Creek  
Oliver, George 1475 Bloomington  
Oliver, Thomas 1474 Bloomington  
Oliver, Thomas 4324 Bloomington, City of  
Oliver, Zachariah 3232 Polk  
Orchard, J. & S. M. 4317 Bloomington, City of  
Orchard, J. & S. M. 2663 Perry  
Orchard, J. & S. M. 2976 Salt Creek  
Orchard, J. and S. M. 1466 Bloomington  
Orchard, James 1472 Bloomington  
Orchard, James 4321 Bloomington, City of  
Orchard, John 1467 Bloomington  
Orchard, John 4318 Bloomington, City of  
Orchard, John 2664 Perry  
Orchard, John C. 1473 Bloomington  
Orchard, John C. 4322 Bloomington, City of  
Orchard, S. M. 4319 Bloomington, City of  
Orchard, S. M. (see Orchard, J. & S. M.)    
Orchard, Samuel 2663 Perry  
Orchard, Samuel M. 1465 Bloomington  
Oscamps, Clemons 568 Washington  
Otis, William B. 565 Washington  
Ott, A. B. B. 567 Washington  
Ott, Ann B. 725 Marion  
Otwell, Francis 1476 Bloomington  
Otwell, James 1471 Bloomington  
Otwell, James 4323 Bloomington, City of  
Owen, A. 896 Benton  
Owen, Berry 3866 Indian Creek  
Owen, W. D. 4316 Bloomington, City of  
Owen, W. M. 3554 Clear Creek  
Owens, Charles J. 210 Bean Blossom  
Owens, Dorothy & Benjamin 1468 Bloomington  
Owens, Henry 1470 Bloomington  
Owens, Henry C. 566 Washington  
Owens, Jacob 2261 Van Buren  
Owens, Thomas 1469 Bloomington  
Owens, William 1970 Richland  
Owens, William D. 1463 Bloomington  
Owens, William J. 3233 Polk  
Paddock, Clinton 3871 Indian Creek  
Palmer, Rebecca 3569 Clear Creek  
Parcels, Charles B. 2978 Salt Creek  
Parham, Cynthia A. 897 Benton  
Parham, G. J. 3874 Indian Creek  
Parham, John 1495 Bloomington  
Parham, William 3561 Clear Creek  
Parks & Egbert 213 Bean Blossom  
Parks, Albert 1482 Bloomington  
Parks, Andrew 911 Benton  
Parks, Andrew 2982 Salt Creek  
Parks, James B. 215 Bean Blossom  
Parks, James M. 1489 Bloomington  
Parks, James M. 1974 Richland  
Parks, James, Sr. 1977 Richland  
Parks, John 2268 Van Buren  
Parks, John A. 1492 Bloomington  
Parks, John C. 225 Bean Blossom  
Parks, M. A. 222 Bean Blossom  
Parks, P. M. 216 Bean Blossom  
Parks, S. B. 223 Bean Blossom  
Parks, William W. 1477 Bloomington  
Parnell, William 3240 Polk  
Parson, Francis 3557 Clear Creek  
Parson, William 574 Washington  
Parsons, Uriah N. 3564 Clear Creek  
Pate, Arbogast 2979 Salt Creek  
Patridge, B. B. 1505 Bloomington  
Patten, Daniel 1485 Bloomington  
Patten, E. 3572 Clear Creek  
Patterson (see Plummer & Patterson)    
Patterson, Charles H. 1503 Bloomington  
Patterson, John 4327 Bloomington, City of  
Patterson, John B. 3567 Clear Creek  
Patterson, John C. 1493 Bloomington  
Patton, Jacob 4332 Bloomington, City of  
Patton, Jacob & Robert 1496 Bloomington  
Patton, John 3236 Polk  
Patton, Mary 3238 Polk  
Patton, Robert 4333 Bloomington, City of  
Patton, Robert (see also Patton, Jacob & Robert)    
Patton, William 3237 Polk  
Paul, Edmond 1494 Bloomington  
Paul, Gilbert T. 1483 Bloomington  
Paul, James W. 1484 Bloomington  
Paul, Thomas M. 212 Bean Blossom  
Paule, Hiram 1976 Richland  
Pauley, Abram (heirs of) 2981 Salt Creek  
Pauley, H. P. 1497 Bloomington  
Pauley, Hiram 1973 Richland  
Pauley, James B. M. 2264 Van Buren  
Pauley, P. G. 2670 Perry  
Paxton (see Chambers & Paxton)    
Payne, Alexander 2270 Van Buren  
Payne, Andrew J. 2977 Salt Creek  
Payne, F. M. 2985 Salt Creek  
Payne, Francis M. 577 Washington  
Payne, George W. 573 Washington  
Payne, Hiram 1504 Bloomington  
Payne, Isaiah 1500 Bloomington  
Payne, James 2984 Salt Creek  
Payne, James M. 576 Washington  
Payne, Jesse 2673 Perry  
Payne, John 217 Bean Blossom  
Payne, John W. 567 Washington  
Payne, Joseph 571 Washington  
Payne, Joseph D. 570 Washington  
Payne, Nancy 578 Washington  
Payne, Noah 572 Washington  
Payne, Solomon C. 2267 Van Buren  
Payne, Thomas 575 Washington  
Payne, Thomas A. 1478 Bloomington  
Payne, William L. 1480 Bloomington  
Payton, Isaac M. 734 Marion  
Pearson (heirs of) 3555 Clear Creek  
Pearson, Parker 1502 Bloomington  
Pearson, Thomas J. 903 Benton  
Pedigo, Elizabeth 3872 Indian Creek  
Pedigo, J. D. 3873 Indian Creek  
Pence, G. W. 2677 Perry  
Penland, Sam D. 898 Benton  
Pennington, Abel E. 3559 Clear Creek  
Pennington, John 3562 Clear Creek  
Pennington, John W. 2676 Perry  
Pennington, Joseph 2674 Perry  
Pennington, Joseph & Others 2983 Salt Creek  
Pennington, Joseph D. 3558 Clear Creek  
Pennington, Joseph, Jr. 2675 Perry  
Pennington, Joseph, Sr. 3563 Clear Creek  
Pennington, Samuel 3560 Clear Creek  
Perkins, George W. 1498 Bloomington  
Perkins, George W. 4331 Bloomington, City of  
Perring, Alfred 2668 Perry  
Perring, Ezra 2666 Perry  
Perring, John O. 2665 Perry  
Perring, Thomas C. 1491 Bloomington  
Perring, Thomas C. 4330 Bloomington, City of  
Perry, Albert 3570 Clear Creek  
Perry, Alfred 910 Benton  
Perry, John 912 Benton  
Perry, Margaret 3556 Clear Creek  
Perry, Richard 2669 Perry  
Peters, Samuel (estate of) 569 Washington  
Peterson & Soul 1486 Bloomington  
Peterson, Andrew J. 917 Benton  
Peterson, Gammell 904 Benton  
Peterson, Gammell 1487 Bloomington  
Peterson, Henry 909 Benton  
Peterson, Mary 916 Benton  
Peterson, Napoleon B. 915 Benton  
Peterson, Thomas 906 Benton  
Peterson, William 908 Benton  
Pettis, Samuel 2263 Van Buren  
Pettus, Samuel 1971 Richland  
Philips, Conrad 2266 Van Buren  
Philips, Daniel 1499 Bloomington  
Philips, Felix L. 2271 Van Buren  
Philips, Rebecca 2262 Van Buren  
Philips, Solomon 2265 Van Buren  
Philips, W. G. 3566 Clear Creek  
Phillip, Z. F. 3573 Clear Creek  
Phillips, Sam H. 2671 Perry  
Phillips, Timothy 3875 Indian Creek  
Pickle, Andrew 3565 Clear Creek  
Pidgeon, Mary 3234 Polk  
Pierson, Parker 4328 Bloomington, City of  
Pike, John 2986 Salt Creek  
Piland, Anderson H. 899 Benton  
Ping, Richard 3568 Clear Creek  
Ping, William 2672 Perry  
Ping, William 2980 Salt Creek  
Pitt, John C. 3571 Clear Creek  
Pleasant (heirs of) 2667 Perry  
Plummer & Patterson 3239 Polk  
Poe, Jerry C. 1972 Richland  
Pollard, George W. 2269 Van Buren  
Pollard, Joseph 732 Marion  
Pollard, Joshua 735 Marion  
Polley, Absalom 902 Benton  
Polley, Absalom 1479 Bloomington  
Polley, Benjamin 730 Marion  
Polley, Benjamin H. 907 Benton  
Polley, John A. 736 Marion  
Polley, John G. 914 Benton  
Polley, Joseph L. 905 Benton  
Polley, Joseph, Sr. 900 Benton  
Polley, Lafayette 737 Marion  
Polley, Lorenzo D. 568 Washington  
Polley, Sarilda 901 Benton  
Polley, Sarilda 731 Marion  
Pope, Patrick H. 3241 Polk  
Pope, William 2678 Perry  
Powell, Nathan 3242 Polk  
Powell, William 913 Benton  
Prather, Mary 1975 Richland  
Presnell, John 224 Bean Blossom  
Pressel, Henry 1501 Bloomington  
Pressell, Henry 4329 Bloomington, City of  
Prince, Eldridge 3235 Polk  
Prior, John 733 Marion  
Pritchett, E. W. 219 Bean Blossom  
Pritchett, E. W. & Co. 220 Bean Blossom  
Pryor, Levi 729 Marion  
Pryor, Robert 728 Marion  
Puckett, Mary 1481 Bloomington  
Puett, George W. 214 Bean Blossom  
Puett, Mary E. 4325 Bloomington, City of  
Puett, Mathias 218 Bean Blossom  
Puett, William, Sr. 1490 Bloomington  
Pugh, George W. 221 Bean Blossom  
Pugh, John 211 Bean Blossom  
Pullen, Sidney S. 1488 Bloomington  
Pullin, S. S. 4326 Bloomington, City of  
Quick & Craig 740 Marion  
Quick, Alex 3244 Polk  
Quick, Milton E. 739 Marion  
Quick, Sarah 3243 Polk  
Quick, Sarah 2987 Salt Creek  
Quick, William G. 738 Marion  
Rader, David 1513 Bloomington  
Rader, George B. 1515 Bloomington  
Rader, Julia A. 1514 Bloomington  
Rader, Thomas 1516 Bloomington  
Rader, Thomas Y. 743 Marion  
Radmore, Charles 1553 Bloomington  
Rairden, Owen 4351 Bloomington, City of  
Ranard, Elias 1981 Richland  
Rand, Samuel 940 Benton  
Randolph, Samuel 1522 Bloomington  
Raney, John 1993 Richland  
Raper, Andrew J. 1539 Bloomington  
Raper, Andy J. 4335 Bloomington, City of  
Raper, Jesse 1995 Richland  
Raper, John 1557 Bloomington  
Raper, John 4344 Bloomington, City of  
Raper, Thomas 2274 Van Buren  
Raridon, Owen 1542 Bloomington  
Ratliff, Henry J. 1994 Richland  
Ratliff, John 950 Benton  
Ravenscroft, A. 2704 Perry  
Rawlins, David S. 583 Washington  
Rawlins, James S. 581 Washington  
Rawlins, William 584 Washington  
Ray, David 593 Washington  
Ray, James 947 Benton  
Ray, S. (estate of) 3574 Clear Creek  
Raymond, W. H. 1549 Bloomington  
Redman, Ann 1548 Bloomington  
Reed 2291 Van Buren  
Reed, Henrietta 3878 Indian Creek  
Reed, Isaac 1546 Bloomington  
Reed, James 2989 Salt Creek  
Reed, James G. 921 Benton  
Reed, James G. 3248 Polk  
Reed, John F. 3245 Polk  
Reed, R. B. 595 Washington  
Reed, William F. 1537 Bloomington  
Reed, William F. 4336 Bloomington, City of  
Reeves, A. W. 1990 Richland  
Reeves, Andrew W. 1983 Richland  
Reeves, Andrew W. 1989 Richland  
Reeves, Austin B. 2281 Van Buren  
Reeves, Burrell H. 3877 Indian Creek  
Reeves, George 3576 Clear Creek  
Reeves, George W. 232 Bean Blossom  
Reeves, George W. 2288 Van Buren  
Reeves, John A. 1986 Richland  
Reeves, John D. 1980 Richland  
Reeves, Lizzie 2278 Van Buren  
Reeves, Samuel 2282 Van Buren  
Reeves, William M. 1992 Richland  
Renshaw, William 1545 Bloomington  
Renshaw, William 1996 Richland  
Reyner, William D. 3251 Polk  
Reynolds (see also Runnels)    
Reynolds, James W. 2681 Perry  
Reynolds, John 2710 Perry  
Reynolds, Nelson 2712 Perry  
Reynolds,Pleasant 3579 Clear Creek  
Rhorer, Anderson 2708 Perry  
Rhorer, Christopher 2697 Perry  
Rhorer, Daniel 2711 Perry  
Rhorer, G. H. 2713 Perry  
Rhorer, Henry C. 2695 Perry  
Rhorer, Henry G. 2709 Perry  
Rhorer, Jacob 2705 Perry  
Rhorer, Levi 2719 Perry  
Rhorer, William H. 2706 Perry  
Rice (see Gwin & Rice)    
Rice, E. K. 2283 Van Buren  
Rice, John 4358 Bloomington, City of  
Rice, Mary H. 2287 Van Buren  
Rice, Nancy 2714 Perry  
Rice, Nathan L. 2289 Van Buren  
Rice, Sarah B. 2277 Van Buren  
Rice, Sarah E. 2275 Van Buren  
Rice, Thomas 2273 Van Buren  
Rice, William 1535 Bloomington  
Rice, William 4359 Bloomington, City of  
Rice, William 2276 Van Buren  
Richards, Benjamin 586 Washington  
Richardson (see also Richison)    
Richardson, Andrew 918 Benton  
Richeson, Andrew 2992 Salt Creek  
Richeson, P. W. 1551 Bloomington  
Richeson, P. W. 4342 Bloomington, City of  
Richison (see also Richardson)    
Richison, Abram 933 Benton  
Richison, David 946 Benton  
Richison, David R. 944 Benton  
Richison, George 926 Benton  
Richison, J. V. William 939 Benton  
Richison, Jacob 948 Benton  
Richison, Jeremiah 934 Benton  
Richison, Joel 923 Benton  
Richison, John 949 Benton  
Richison, Jonathan 920 Benton  
Richison, Joshua 925 Benton  
Richison, L. J. 929 Benton  
Richison, Owen 943 Benton  
Richison, Pleasant W. 927 Benton  
Richison, Sarah 942 Benton  
Richison, William, Sr. 924 Benton  
Ricoff, Aaron 2703 Perry  
Riddle (see Watts & Riddle)    
Riddle, George M. 580 Washington  
Riddle, George W. 741 Marion  
Riddle, John J. 3247 Polk  
Riddle, Samuel J. 3250 Polk  
Ridge, Benjamin 1519 Bloomington  
Ridge, James 591 Washington  
Ridge, James C. 1507 Bloomington  
Ridge, John S. 1987 Richland  
Ridge, Levi 1526 Bloomington  
Ridge, Levi 1985 Richland  
Ridge, William 227 Bean Blossom  
Riley Michael 4362 Bloomington, City of  
Riley, John 1556 Bloomington  
Riley, John 4343 Bloomington, City of  
Riley, John 2683 Perry  
Riley, Larry 231 Bean Blossom  
Riley, Pat 1529 Bloomington  
Riley, Pat 4361 Bloomington, City of  
Riley, Peter 230 Bean Blossom  
Risdon, James 1997 Richland  
Ritter, George 1524 Bloomington  
Ritter, Henry 1984 Richland  
Robbins, Matilda 928 Benton  
Robbins, William 937 Benton  
Roberts, Humphrey 742 Marion  
Roberts, Martha 592 Washington  
Robertson, Alex 4353 Bloomington, City of  
Robertson, Alexander 922 Benton  
Robertson, Andrew 596 Washington  
Robertson, Daniel 931 Benton  
Robertson, J. A. 2720 Perry  
Robertson, James D. 1520 Bloomington  
Robertson, James D. 4352 Bloomington, City of  
Robertson, Pleasant 932 Benton  
Robertson, Samuel 1547 Bloomington  
Robertson, Thomas J. 945 Benton  
Robertson, W. F. 1550 Bloomington  
Robertson, Wesley 1521 Bloomington  
Robertson, William 4354 Bloomington, City of  
Robinson, Alexander 1531 Bloomington  
Robinson, Charles 589 Washington  
Robinson, Fountain 3249 Polk  
Robinson, Hastin 579 Washington  
Robinson, James 1979 Richland  
Robinson, James 588 Washington  
Robinson, John 941 Benton  
Robinson, John 1517 Bloomington  
Robinson, John 1552 Bloomington  
Robinson, John 4349 Bloomington, City of  
Robinson, John 1988 Richland  
Robinson, Joseph 936 Benton  
Robinson, Matthew 1511 Bloomington  
Robinson, Nelson 3246 Polk  
Robinson, Nelson  Salt Creek No number noted; follows 2992
Robinson, Wylie H. 587 Washington  
Robinson, Young 1508 Bloomington  
Robinsons & Bryan 1525 Bloomington  
Robison, J. G. 2990 Salt Creek  
Robison, John 2692 Perry  
Robison, William 2685 Perry  
Roby, Lawrence 2680 Perry  
Roce, Robert (estate of) 2280 Van Buren  
Rock, John 930 Benton  
Roddy, J. L. 3578 Clear Creek  
Roddy, William 2684 Perry  
Roddy, William W. 3577 Clear Creek  
Rogers, Aquilla W. 2700 Perry  
Rogers, B. F., Jr. 2716 Perry  
Rogers, Benjamin 1510 Bloomington  
Rogers, Benjamin 2691 Perry  
Rogers, Benjamin F. 2689 Perry  
Rogers, D. W. 2717 Perry  
Rogers, David H. 2694 Perry  
Rogers, F. M. 1554 Bloomington  
Rogers, Henry 1523 Bloomington  
Rogers, Henry 2690 Perry  
Rogers, I. Milt 4337 Bloomington, City of  
Rogers, James M. 1512 Bloomington  
Rogers, James R. 2693 Perry  
Rogers, James, Sr. 1530 Bloomington  
Rogers, James, Sr. 4334 Bloomington, City of  
Rogers, John T. 2688 Perry  
Rogers, Jonathan 2698 Perry  
Rogers, Mary 1540 Bloomington  
Rogers, Milton 1527 Bloomington  
Rogers, N. B. 2682 Perry  
Rogers, Philip 1509 Bloomington  
Rogers, Stephen & Shields 2991 Salt Creek  
Rogers, William A. 2707 Perry  
Rollins, B. F. 1528 Bloomington  
Rollins, B. F. 4360 Bloomington, City of  
Romans, Sarah 938 Benton  
Rose, Aaron W. 1536 Bloomington  
Rose, Aaron W. 4340 Bloomington, City of  
Rose, Eliza 2686 Perry  
Rose, Francis A. 935 Benton  
Rose, King 4347 Bloomington, City of  
Rose, William 582 Washington  
Roseberry, William N. 2279 Van Buren  
Ross, Amanda J. 3252 Polk  
Ross, C. Y. 3255 Polk  
Ross, P. J. 597 Washington  
Ross, William 2702 Perry  
Ross, William H. 2701 Perry  
Ross, William, Sr. 3575 Clear Creek  
Roth, Charles 1541 Bloomington  
Roth, Charles 4348 Bloomington, City of  
Rott, Henry 1544 Bloomington  
Rott, Henry 4338 Bloomington, City of  
Rouse, E. A. 1558 Bloomington  
Rouse, Eliza 4341 Bloomington, City of  
Rouse, S. 4357 Bloomington, City of  
Rouse, Seward 2715 Perry  
Row, King 1538 Bloomington  
Rowan, John 1532 Bloomington  
Rowan, John 4350 Bloomington, City of  
Rumple, Eli 1982 Richland  
Runnells, David 3254 Polk  
Runnells, Jno. 3256 Polk  
Runnells, Thomas 3253 Polk  
Runnels (see also Reynolds)    
Runnels, Benjamin 233 Bean Blossom  
Runnels, Jesse 229 Bean Blossom  
Runnels, Jesse 585 Washington  
Runnels, Perry 228 Bean Blossom  
Runnion (heirs of) 226 Bean Blossom  
Rush, Coleman 2285 Van Buren  
Rush, John 1534 Bloomington  
Rush, John 4345 Bloomington, City of  
Rush, John 2988 Salt Creek  
Rush, John T. 3876 Indian Creek  
Rush, Thomas 2286 Van Buren  
Rush, William 2284 Van Buren  
Russ, David 590 Washington  
Russell, James 2696 Perry  
Russell, John A. 4339 Bloomington, City of  
Russell, John A. 2699 Perry  
Rutledge, Jackanias 4356 Bloomington, City of  
Rutledge, Jaconicas 1543 Bloomington  
Rutledge, W. C. 1555 Bloomington  
Rutledge, W. C. 4355 Bloomington, City of  
Ryan, David B. 1533 Bloomington  
Ryan, David B. 4346 Bloomington, City of  
Ryan, Elizabeth 594 Washington  
Ryan, M. B. 919 Benton  
Ryers, Alfred 2718 Perry  
Ryers, Louisa W. 1518 Bloomington  
Ryors, Louisa 2687 Perry  
Sabin, E. H. 1646 Bloomington  
Sabin, Elias H. 4396 Bloomington, City of  
Saddler (see also Sadler)    
Saddler, William C. 2292 Van Buren  
Sadler, J. M. 2298 Van Buren  
Sadler, John M. 3882 Indian Creek  
Sample, C. C. 2026 Richland  
Sample, Hugh 2310 Van Buren  
Sample, James 2314 Van Buren  
Sample, Margaret 2305 Van Buren  
Sample, William 2036 Richland  
Sample, William 2306 Van Buren  
Sanders & Campbell 2294 Van Buren  
Sanders, Henry 2293 Van Buren  
Sanders, I. W. 1999 Richland  
Sanders, J. Madison 2031 Richland  
Sanders, Luke W. 2002 Richland  
Sanders, Mary 2297 Van Buren  
Sanders, Perry 2030 Richland  
Sanders, Riley 2029 Richland  
Sare, Ashberry 3892 Indian Creek  
Sare, David M. (heirs of) 3894 Indian Creek  
Sare, Frank (see Sare, Thomas & Frank)    
Sare, John 4377 Bloomington, City of  
Sare, John 3888 Indian Creek  
Sare, Lucian B. 3891 Indian Creek  
Sare, Nancy 2726 Perry  
Sare, Peter A. 3905 Indian Creek  
Sare, Rebecca 3893 Indian Creek  
Sare, T. M. 3624 Clear Creek  
Sare, Thomas & Frank 3897 Indian Creek  
Sare, William W. 3906 Indian Creek  
Satterfield, J. S. 2754 Perry  
Scarbraugh, Henry 3904 Indian Creek  
Scarbrough, Elijah 3017 Salt Creek  
Scarbrough, James 3034 Salt Creek  
Scarbrough, William A. 3030 Salt Creek  
Scharp, J. M. 292 Bean Blossom  
Schell, Ann 256 Bean Blossom  
Schell, C. 234 Bean Blossom  
Schell, James H. 285 Bean Blossom  
Schell, Joseph 280 Bean Blossom  
Schidmiller, John 3262 Polk  
Schobel, John 2764 Perry  
Schoble, John & Co. 4406 Bloomington, City of  
Schuler, Frederic 759 Marion  
Scisco, Peter C. 2749 Perry  
Scisco, William T. 2757 Perry  
Sciscoe, Elizabeth 2736 Perry  
Sciscoe, John P. (estate of) 3257 Polk  
Sciscoe, Sarah S. 3595 Clear Creek  
Sciscoe, W. F. 3588 Clear Creek  
Sciscoe, William H. 3586 Clear Creek  
Sciscoe, William H. 3269 Polk  
Scott, Cyrus 337 Bean Blossom  
Scott, James (or John) 279 Bean Blossom  
Scott, John 291 Bean Blossom  
Scott, John 3582 Clear Creek  
Scott, William 1600 Bloomington  
Seall, Henry R. 2008 Richland  
Sears, George 2755 Perry  
Sears, John 1609 Bloomington  
Secrest, James 263 Bean Blossom  
Sedwick, James B. 2024 Richland  
Sedwick, John (heirs of) 2016 Richland  
Sedwick, John E. 2020 Richland  
Sedwick, T. H. 2038 Richland  
Service, M. A. 3600 Clear Creek  
Service, Robert 3607 Clear Creek  
Seward & Sons 1559 Bloomington  
Seward & Sons 4411 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, Austin 1585 Bloomington  
Seward, Austin 4380 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, Irvin 4397 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, James 4381 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, James M. 1565 Bloomington  
Seward, John M. 1615 Bloomington  
Seward, John M. 4416 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, John M. 2727 Perry  
Seward, Robert 4398 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, Robert D. 1643 Bloomington  
Seward, Samuel 1645 Bloomington  
Seward, W. B. 4382 Bloomington, City of  
Seward, William B. 1560 Bloomington  
Sewell, Cyrus 2316 Van Buren  
Sexton, Frederick 3008 Salt Creek  
Sexton, James C. 3013 Salt Creek  
Sexton, James W. 3009 Salt Creek  
Sexton, John 3024 Salt Creek  
Sexton, Lemuel 3901 Indian Creek  
Seyfert, William 4410 Bloomington, City of  
Sh(illegible), Andrew H. 3011 Salt Creek  
Shackleford, M. M. 1642 Bloomington  
Sharp (see also Sharpe)    
Sharp, Daniel 336 Bean Blossom  
Sharp, Hubbard 248 Bean Blossom  
Sharp, James 2022 Richland  
Sharp, Thomas J. 2013 Richland  
Sharpe, George P. 2037 Richland  
Sharpe, Joseph K. 750 Marion  
Sharpless, David 3603 Clear Creek  
Sharpless, R. P. 3609 Clear Creek  
Shaver, Christian 240 Bean Blossom  
Shaw, Charles G. 746 Marion  
Shaw, David 2728 Perry  
Shaw, Gideon 3264 Polk  
Shaw, J. D. 4409 Bloomington, City of  
Sheeks, David 968 Benton  
Sheeks, David 1576 Bloomington  
Sheeks, David 4375 Bloomington, City of  
Sheeks, Geoerge 1647 Bloomington  
Sheffield, J. J. 2034 Richland  
Shelburn (heirs of) 255 Bean Blossom  
Shelburn, James 253 Bean Blossom  
Shelburn, Jinsy 252 Bean Blossom  
Shelburn, Miles 332 Bean Blossom  
Shelburn, Squire 611 Washington  
Shelton, John 2759 Perry  
Sheppard, G. F. 2315 Van Buren  
Sheppird, O. F. 3002 Salt Creek  
Sherfey, Samuel 2724 Perry  
Sherlock, John 3618 Clear Creek  
Sherman, Robert 3587 Clear Creek  
Sherrill, William J. 3023 Salt Creek  
Sherwood, Robert R. 3015 Salt Creek  
Shicks, John 3274 Polk  
Shields, David 2993 Salt Creek  
Shields, David 3022 Salt Creek  
Shields, David W. 2734 Perry  
Shields, Isaac 3032 Salt Creek  
Shields, James 3589 Clear Creek  
Shields, Jefferson 2751 Perry  
Shields, John (estate of) 2738 Perry  
Shields, John J. 747 Marion Surname difficult to read
Shields, Joseph 2994 Salt Creek  
Shields, Thomas T. 3025 Salt Creek  
Shields, William 2739 Perry  
Shields, William 3012 Salt Creek  
Shipman, G. M. 3593 Clear Creek  
Shipman, G. W. 3613 Clear Creek  
Shipman, John B. 2304 Van Buren  
Shipman, Nicholas 3612 Clear Creek  
Shipman, Susan 3890 Indian Creek  
Shipman, Thomas 3911 Indian Creek  
Shipman, Thomas P. 2039 Richland  
Shipman, W. B. 3614 Clear Creek  
Shipman, W. B. 3629 Clear Creek  
Shirley, George W. 243 Bean Blossom  
Shirley, James M. 281 Bean Blossom  
Shirley, John L. 2299 Van Buren  
Shirley, Letitia 244 Bean Blossom  
Shobel, John & Co. 1573 Bloomington  
Shook, Betsy 2021 Richland  
Shook, Charles N. 748 Marion  
Shook, Henry W. 2023 Richland  
Shook, John H. 2019 Richland  
Shook, Joseph 250 Bean Blossom  
Shortridge 969 Benton No given name noted
Showers & Co. 1580 Bloomington  
Showers & Co. 4412 Bloomington, City of  
Showers & Hendircks 4368 Bloomington, City of  
Showers & Hendrix 1649 Bloomington  
Showers, Adam 1616 Bloomington  
Showers, Adam 1617 Bloomington Guardian for Viola Smith
Showers, Adam 4365 Bloomington, City of  
Showers, C. C. 1561 Bloomington  
Showers, C. C. 4367 Bloomington, City of  
Showers, James 4366 Bloomington, City of  
Shreve, Anderson 3021 Salt Creek  
Shryer, John 2750 Perry  
Shryer, Lewis G. 2741 Perry  
Shryer, Lewis G. 2300 Van Buren  
Shryer, Mark H. 3275 Polk  
Shull, Aaron 603 Washington  
Shull, Tobias 1638 Bloomington  
Sigisamond, Ralph 959 Benton  
Simmons, Henry 286 Bean Blossom  
Simmons, James 333 Bean Blossom  
Simpson, Burton 3898 Indian Creek  
Simpson, Levi 3879 Indian Creek  
Sims, Allen 1639 Bloomington  
Sims, John 1641 Bloomington  
Sims, Lindsay 2767 Perry  
Sims, Lindsey M. 1608 Bloomington  
Sims, Mary A. 608 Washington  
Sims, Melinda 615 Washington  
Sims, William H. 600 Washington  
Sinks 598 Washington  
Sipes, Charles 3260 Polk  
Sipes, James R. 3621 Clear Creek  
Sipes, Susan 3884 Indian Creek  
Sipes, William 3265 Polk  
Skinner, Alex L. 3585 Clear Creek  
Skinner, Thomas 3584 Clear Creek  
Skirvin, Elizabeth 970 Benton  
Skirvin, George 955 Benton  
Skirvin, Simpson 964 Benton  
Skirvin, Simpson 1633 Bloomington  
Slocomb, Addison 1567 Bloomington  
Slocomb, Austin 1605 Bloomington  
Slocomb, Matilda 1650 Bloomington  
Slocomb, Matilda 4402 Bloomington, City of  
Slocomb, William 4390 Bloomington, City of  
Slocomb, William H. 1648 Bloomington  
Slocum, M. J. 1632 Bloomington  
Slocum, Paul E., Mrs. 4393 Bloomington, City of  
Slocumb, Austin 4413 Bloomington, City of  
Sluss, E. E. 4371 Bloomington, City of  
Sluss, Ellis E. 1562 Bloomington  
Sluss, James R. 1569 Bloomington  
Sluss, James R. 4400 Bloomington, City of  
Sluss, John 4376 Bloomington, City of  
Sluss, John M. 1568 Bloomington  
Sluss, John M. 2729 Perry  
Sluss, Katharine E. 277 Bean Blossom  
Small, J. 3276 Polk  
Small, James 1588 Bloomington  
Small, James 4378 Bloomington, City of  
Small, Martha 1640 Bloomington  
Small, Robert 1579 Bloomington  
Small, Robert 4379 Bloomington, City of  
Smallwood, A. T. 3620 Clear Creek  
Smith, A. D. 749 Marion  
Smith, A. D. 3003 Salt Creek  
Smith, Abram 1584 Bloomington  
Smith, Abram 4383 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, Addison C. 2303 Van Buren  
Smith, Alexander 3885 Indian Creek  
Smith, Ashbury 606 Washington  
Smith, Augustus 3610 Clear Creek  
Smith, Benjamin B. 1614 Bloomington  
Smith, Benjamin B. 4384 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, Cyrus 338 Bean Blossom  
Smith, Darius 2311 Van Buren  
Smith, David 2006 Richland  
Smith, David S. 2744 Perry  
Smith, Dudley C. 2301 Van Buren  
Smith, Elias 1628 Bloomington  
Smith, Elizabeth 614 Washington  
Smith, Ellett G. 2318 Van Buren  
Smith, Geoerge 4391 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, George 3599 Clear Creek  
Smith, George S. 613 Washington  
Smith, George W. 1635 Bloomington  
Smith, George W. 605 Washington  
Smith, James 258 Bean Blossom  
Smith, James 3263 Polk  
Smith, James 3018 Salt Creek  
Smith, James L. 1587 Bloomington  
Smith, James L. 1618 Bloomington  
Smith, James L. 4364 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, James M. 1571 Bloomington  
Smith, James M. 4363 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, James W. 760 Marion  
Smith, Jarvis 965 Benton  
Smith, Jesse 3270 Polk  
Smith, John 1601 Bloomington  
Smith, John 4370 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, John 2731 Perry  
Smith, John 3271 Polk  
Smith, John 2308 Van Buren  
Smith, John 604 Washington  
Smith, John J. 272 Bean Blossom  
Smith, John P. 1620 Bloomington  
Smith, Leonard 2309 Van Buren  
Smith, Milton J. 1563 Bloomington  
Smith, Milton J. 4372 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, Nathan 2746 Perry  
Smith, Nathan (see Nichols, Armilla and Smith, Nathan)    
Smith, Nicholas, Jr. 601 Washington  
Smith, Nicholas, Sr. 602 Washington  
Smith, Oliver H. (estate of) 238 Bean Blossom  
Smith, Philip H. 609 Washington  
Smith, R. H. 3909 Indian Creek  
Smith, Rebecca 610 Washington  
Smith, Riley 268 Bean Blossom  
Smith, Samuel 2740 Perry  
Smith, Samuel 2766 Perry  
Smith, Thomas 2732 Perry  
Smith, Thomas 3019 Salt Creek  
Smith, W. G. 3279 Polk  
Smith, William 259 Bean Blossom  
Smith, William 1564 Bloomington  
Smith, William 1586 Bloomington  
Smith, William 4408 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, William 3590 Clear Creek  
Smith, William 3886 Indian Creek  
Smith, William 3907 Indian Creek  
Smith, William 745 Marion  
Smith, William 2761 Perry  
Smith, William (heirs of) 1566 Bloomington  
Smith, William (heirs of) 4407 Bloomington, City of  
Smith, William (heirs of) 2001 Richland  
Smith, William C. 2730 Perry  
Smith, William H. 1634 Bloomington  
Smith, William H. 2760 Perry  
Smock, James 2011 Richland  
Snider, Christian 2998 Salt Creek  
Snider, Elizabeth 1594 Bloomington  
Snider, J. L. 3031 Salt Creek  
Snider, William 3020 Salt Creek  
Snider, William, Jr. 3026 Salt Creek  
Snoddy, J. M. 2762 Perry  
Snoddy, Samuel 2735 Perry  
Snoddy, William H. 2763 Perry  
Snodgrass, C. F. 1606 Bloomington  
Snodgrass, Cal F. 4387 Bloomington, City of  
Snodgrass, Charles 278 Bean Blossom  
Snodgrass, Hannah 1570 Bloomington  
Snodgrass, Hannah 4389 Bloomington, City of  
Snodgrass, Homer 1583 Bloomington  
Snodgrass, Homer 4388 Bloomington, City of  
Snodgrass, Jennie 1625 Bloomington  
Snodgrass, M. L. 4386 Bloomington, City of  
Snodgrass, Mary E. 1572 Bloomington  
Snodgrass, mary E. 4385 Bloomington, City of  
Snodgrass, Mary Jane 4418 Bloomington, City of  
Sorrell, Alfred 3617 Clear Creek  
Soul (see Peterson & Soul)    
South, John 260 Bean Blossom  
Sowder, David 1575 Bloomington  
Sowder, David 4369 Bloomington, City of  
Sowder, John 3277 Polk  
Sowder, Lavina 3261 Polk  
Sowle, John 1637 Bloomington  
Sparks, Allen 3889 Indian Creek  
Sparks, Henry 3895 Indian Creek  
Sparks, J. P. 3903 Indian Creek  
Sparks, William 3880 Indian Creek  
Spencer & Houston 973 Benton  
Spencer, Daniel 1574 Bloomington  
Spencer, Daniel 4401 Bloomington, City of  
Spencer, Daniel O. 1619 Bloomington  
Spencer, Daniel O.  Bloomington, City of Not numbered; follows No. 4409
Spencer, Daniel O. 4420 Bloomington, City of  
Spencer, James W. 1602 Bloomington  
Spencer, John L. 1622 Bloomington  
Spencer, John L. 4417 Bloomington, City of  
Spencer, William 1613 Bloomington  
Spencer, William 4399 Bloomington, City of  
Spicer, Thomas 1592 Bloomington  
Spires, Reuben 612 Washington  
Spires, Sally 758 Marion  
Spoonemore, Thomas 1611 Bloomington  
Spoonemore, Thomas 4415 Bloomington, City of  
Spriggs, Elias C. 960 Benton  
Spriggs, Jesse S. 951 Benton  
Spriggs, Lewis 952 Benton  
Spriggs, William 957 Benton  
Sproul (see Bigger & Sproul)    
St. Clair, Alexander 1628 Bloomington  
Stader, Adam (estate of) 2997 Salt Creek  
Stafford, F. M. 3029 Salt Creek  
Stafford, Thomas 3604 Clear Creek  
Staley, Elizabeth 3583 Clear Creek  
Staley, William 257 Bean Blossom  
Stanger, James H. 1595 Bloomington  
Stanger, John 2748 Perry  
Stanger, John 2018 Richland  
Stanger, L. D. 1604 Bloomington  
Stanley, Elizabeth 1599 Bloomington  
Stansberry, Caleb 2320 Van Buren  
Stansifer, Henry 2307 Van Buren  
Stark, Tilghman J. 237 Bean Blossom  
Stark, Tilghman J. 607 Washington  
Starks, Margaraet 4414 Bloomington, City of  
Starks, Margaret 1610 Bloomington  
Starnes, Alexander 2033 Richland  
Starnes, G. W. 2028 Richland  
Starnes, James, Jr. 2003 Richland  
Starnes, James, Sr. 2005 Richland  
Starnes, Richard M. 3273 Polk  
Starns, H. P. 3278 Polk  
Steele, James M. 2014 Richland  
Steinburg, Conrad 1577 Bloomington  
Stephens, Adam 958 Benton  
Stephens, Adam 2996 Salt Creek  
Stephens, Benjamin B. 971 Benton  
Stephens, C. W. 3267 Polk  
Stephens, Edward 246 Bean Blossom  
Stephens, Hugh 3004 Salt Creek  
Stephens, Jno T. 3283 Polk  
Stephens, John 3280 Polk  
Stephens, John M. 3028 Salt Creek  
Stephens, Jordan 963 Benton  
Stephens, Lewis 3033 Salt Creek  
Stephens, Mahuldah 3005 Salt Creek  
Stephens, Richard L. 3001 Salt Creek  
Stephens, Robert 966 Benton  
Stephens, Samuel W. 3027 Salt Creek  
Stephens, T. J. 247 Bean Blossom  
Stephens, Uriah 974 Benton  
Stephens, William 2995 Salt Creek  
Stephenson, Cal R. 3908 Indian Creek  
Stephenson, J. 2721 Perry  
Stephenson, James H. 4392 Bloomington, City of  
Stephenson, John 2733 Perry  
Stephenson, John M. 3887 Indian Creek  
Stephenson, William 3896 Indian Creek  
Stepp, Francis 757 Marion  
Stepp, George 3580 Clear Creek  
Stepp, George 755 Marion  
Stepp, Granville 3258 Polk  
Stepp, John 3605 Clear Creek  
Stepp, John 3622 Clear Creek  
Stepp, John 3259 Polk  
Stepp, Joshua 756 Marion  
Stepp, Reuben 752 Marion  
Stevens, Esther 953 Benton  
Stewart & Manley 1603 Bloomington  
Stewart & Manley 4373 Bloomington, City of  
Stewart, Charles 3010 Salt Creek  
Stewart, Daniel 3628 Clear Creek  
Stewart, Elizabeth 3910 Indian Creek  
Stewart, John 3627 Clear Creek  
Stewart, Milton 3596 Clear Creek  
Stewart, Stephen 1631 Bloomington  
Stewart, William 1624 Bloomington  
Stewart, William 4374 Bloomington, City of  
Still, Abraham C. 3608 Clear Creek  
Still, Andrew C. 3007 Salt Creek  
Stillons, James 3281 Polk  
Stimpson (see Stimson)    
Stimson, Emma 290 Bean Blossom  
Stimson, Henry (estate of) 254 Bean Blossom  
Stimson, Henry (heirs of) 2017 Richland  
Stimson, J. S. 2032 Richland  
Stimson, John 271 Bean Blossom  
Stimson, Robert T. 2015 Richland  
Stinburg, Coonrod 4405 Bloomington, City of  
Stine, Aaron 249 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Aaron 1593 Bloomington  
Stine, Enoch N. 287 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Eusebius 266 Bean Blossom Properties noted on two pages w same ID#
Stine, Eusebius, Jr. 335 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Henry 241 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Henry T. 236 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Joel 283 Bean Blossom  
Stine, John D. 288 Bean Blossom  
Stine, John H. 283 Bean Blossom  
Stine, John, Jr. 273 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Louisa 264 Bean Blossom  
Stine, Paul 1582 Bloomington  
Stine, Paul 4403 Bloomington, City of  
Stine, Paul (estate of) 265 Bean Blossom  
Stine, S. H. 276 Bean Blossom  
Stiner, Gabriel 2752 Perry  
Stines, Jonas 262 Bean Blossom  
Stinson, Henry 2313 Van Buren  
Stipp, George 2737 Perry  
Stipp, John 751 Marion  
Stockwell & Brother 2312 Van Buren  
Stockwell, Jesse 2758 Perry  
Stockwell, Jno. 2765 Perry  
Stockwell, N. L. 2747 Perry  
Stockwell, William A. 2756 Perry  
Stohr, Sebastian 3598 Clear Creek  
Stohr, Sebastian 3268 Polk  
Stone, Constant 3899 Indian Creek  
Stone, Ellis 1581 Bloomington  
Stone, Ellis 4404 Bloomington, City of  
Stone, Ellis 2725 Perry  
Stone, Ellis & Son 2296 Van Buren  
Stone, James 2319 Van Buren  
Stone, John R. 2302 Van Buren  
Stone, Stephen T. 2317 Van Buren  
Stone, William 2742 Perry  
Stone, William 2295 Van Buren  
Storm, Alfred 3900 Indian Creek  
Story, John B. 2999 Salt Creek  
Stoughton, James H. 3883 Indian Creek  
Stoughton, Thomas 3912 Indian Creek  
Stout, Alexander O. 1627 Bloomington  
Stout, Cory D. & Others 1596 Bloomington  
Stout, Daniel 1644 Bloomington  
Stout, Daniel, Jr. 2010 Richland  
Stout, George W. 599 Washington  
Stout, James 1630 Bloomington  
Stout, John G. 1623 Bloomington  
Stout, Joseph S. 967 Benton  
Stout, Robert & Others 1590 Bloomington  
Stout, W. H. 4395 Bloomington, City of  
Stout, William & Others 1597 Bloomington  
Stout, William H. 1621 Bloomington  
Strain, David 3626 Clear Creek  
Strain, J. A. 3618 Clear Creek  
Strain, Samuel 3623 Clear Creek  
Stratford (see McGuire & Stratford)    
Strean, Alex 3596 Clear Creek  
Strean, Eleanor 3581 Clear Creek  
Strean, Robert 3591 Clear Creek  
Strean, Robert M. 3016 Salt Creek  
Strean, William 3611 Clear Creek  
Strong, J. A. 2040 Richland  
Strong, Letitia 2000 Richland  
Strong, Robert 2004 Richland  
Strong, Robert 2035 Richland  
Stuff, John 3006 Salt Creek  
Stuffle, Jacob 1652 Bloomington  
Stuffle, John 1589 Bloomington  
Stultz, Isaac 3902 Indian Creek  
Stultz, John M. 3601 Clear Creek  
Stultz, Phillip 3602 Clear Creek  
Sturm, Robert 753 Marion  
Suggs, Simon 1626 Bloomington  
Sullinger, John B. 2723 Perry  
Sullivan, A. G. 3282 Polk  
Sullivan, Evan 270 Bean Blossom  
Sullivan, Ira J. (estate of) 3881 Indian Creek  
Sullivan, James B. 1578 Bloomington  
Sullivan, M. H. 3625 Clear Creek  
Sullivan, Permelia 1636 Bloomington  
Summett, Christian A. 284 Bean Blossom  
Summett, Christian, Sr. 239 Bean Blossom  
Summett, Daniel 242 Bean Blossom  
Summett, John C. 275 Bean Blossom  
Summett, Joseph (heirs of) 251 Bean Blossom  
Summett, Lydia 245 Bean Blossom  
Summett, Marion 274 Bean Blossom  
Summitt, Lettita 2722 Perry  
Summitt, W. S. A. 2025 Richland  
Sumner, George 3014 Salt Creek  
Sumner, Mier 2027 Richland  
Sumner, Samuel 1607 Bloomington  
Sutherland, Alex 3594 Clear Creek  
Sutherland, Alex 2753 Perry  
Sutherland, Alexander 4419 Bloomington, City of  
Sutherland, Emeline 2745 Perry  
Sutphin, Lucy 3615 Clear Creek  
Sutphin, Peter (heirs of) 3606 Clear Creek  
Sutter, Frederick 1651 Bloomington  
Sutter, John 2743 Perry  
Swafford, John D. 235 Bean Blossom  
Swafford, Larkin 261 Bean Blossom  
Swafford, Peter 289 Bean Blossom  
Swafford, Thomas 267 Bean Blossom  
Swan, Enos 1612 Bloomington  
Swan, Enos 4394 Bloomington, City of  
Swartz, Valentine 3000 Salt Creek  
Swearingin, Charles 1598 Bloomington  
Swearingin, Charles 2007 Richland  
Swearingin, James W. 1591 Bloomington  
Swearingin, Joseph 2012 Richland  
Swearingin, Van 2009 Richland  
Swinford, Joseph 3272 Polk  
Swink, Nancy 744 Marion  
Swisher, David 954 Benton  
Swisher, Jacob 754 Marion  
Swisher, Jacob 3266 Polk  
Swisher, Jacob R. 961 Benton  
Swisher, Jacob, Sr. 962 Benton  
Swisher, Sylvester 972 Benton  
Swisher, William H. 956 Benton  
Switzer, Samuel 269 Bean Blossom  
Sylvester, James 3592 Clear Creek  
Sylvester, Ransom 3616 Clear Creek  
Tague, Jacob 3920 Indian Creek  
Tannenbaum, Levi 1666 Bloomington  
Tannenbaum, Levi 4430 Bloomington, City of  
Tarkington, E. W. (estate of) 3919 Indian Creek  
Tarkington, James O. 3927 Indian Creek  
Tarkington, Joseph 3916 Indian Creek  
Tarkington, W. C. 4424 Bloomington, City of  
Tarkington, William C. 1657 Bloomington  
Tarkington, William E. 3926 Indian Creek  
Tate, John (estate of) 2769 Perry  
Tate, Sarah 3915 Indian Creek  
Tate, William M. 1659 Bloomington  
Tate, William M. 4423 Bloomington, City of  
Tatum, E. G. 3928 Indian Creek  
Tatum, Seth 3913 Indian Creek  
Tatum, Thomas 3924 Indian Creek  
Taylor (heirs of) 3644 Clear Creek  
Taylor, George 297 Bean Blossom  
Taylor, H. L. 3636 Clear Creek  
Taylor, Hezekiah 618 Washington  
Taylor, J. W. 3637 Clear Creek  
Taylor, Jenetta 293 Bean Blossom  
Taylor, John A. 3631 Clear Creek  
Taylor, Montgomery 294 Bean Blossom  
Taylor, Reuben 620 Washington  
Taylor, Robert 979 Benton  
Taylor, Robert 3630 Clear Creek  
Taylor, Robert 2768 Perry  
Taylor, Sarah 616 Washington  
Taylor, Thomas P. 3290 Polk  
Taylor, W. H. 3638 Clear Creek  
Taylor, W. J. 3639 Clear Creek  
Teagarden, George W. 764 Marion  
Tedrow, George 1660 Bloomington  
Tedrow, George 3039 Salt Creek  
Temple, William J. 3286 Polk  
Temples, Andrew J. 3287 Polk  
Terrell, W. 3297 Polk  
Terrell, William 3036 Salt Creek  
Terry, George W. 296 Bean Blossom  
Terry, Nancy Ann 295 Bean Blossom  
Thacker, J. H. 4429 Bloomington, City of  
Thacker, J. H. 2773 Perry  
Thacker, John H. 1664 Bloomington  
Thalheimer, Ignatius 3289 Polk  
Thomas, D. 766 Marion First name difficult to read
Thomas, Abner 2043 Richland  
Thomas, Daniel 1667 Bloomington  
Thomas, Daniel 761 Marion  
Thomas, Hiram 298 Bean Blossom  
Thompson, A. C. (see Thompson, M. J. and A. C.    
Thompson, C. P. 980 Benton  
Thompson, Cyrus S. 975 Benton  
Thompson, Elizabeth 978 Benton  
Thompson, Elizabeth 763 Marion  
Thompson, Gilbert 3914 Indian Creek  
Thompson, Gilmore B. 762 Marion  
Thompson, John 976 Benton  
Thompson, M. J. & A. C. 981 Benton  
Thompson, Samuel P. 2042 Richland  
Thompson, Silas S. 982 Benton  
Thoms, Peter (see also Mathews J. & Peter Thoms) 1952 Richland  
Thornton, James A. 1655 Bloomington  
Thornton, James A. 4428 Bloomington, City of  
Thrasher, Alfred 2326 Van Buren  
Thrasher, Emasiah 3641 Clear Creek  
Thrasher, George, Jr. 3632 Clear Creek  
Thrasher, George, Sr. 3635 Clear Creek  
Thrasher, Hazlett 3923 Indian Creek  
Thrasher, Joel 2323 Van Buren  
Thrasher, John, Jr. 3922 Indian Creek  
Thrasher, John, Sr. 3917 Indian Creek  
Thrasher, Joseph W. 3925 Indian Creek  
Thrasher, Michael 2324 Van Buren  
Thrasher, S. M. 4431 Bloomington, City of  
Thrasher, Stanford 2330 Van Buren  
Thrasher, Stephen 2325 Van Buren  
Thrasher, Stephen M. 1665 Bloomington  
Thrasher, Theodore 3643 Clear Creek  
Thrasher, William 2322 Van Buren  
Throop, John W. 1668 Bloomington  
Throop, John W. 2772 Perry  
Todd, Arnold 3285 Polk  
Todd, Arnold (heirs of) 3035 Salt Creek  
Todd, Arwine 3284 Polk  
Todd, David 1669 Bloomington  
Todd, David 3295 Polk  
Todd, Elijah 3296 Polk  
Todd, Elizabeth 3039 Salt Creek  
Todd, Granville 3299 Polk  
Todd, James N. 3293 Polk  
Todd, John 3294 Polk  
Todd, John S., Jr. 3298 Polk  
Todd, Thomas 3291 Polk  
Todd, Thomas, Sr. 3292 Polk  
Tongate, Cornelius 619 Washington  
Tourner, Henry P. 1656 Bloomington  
Townsend, Robinson 765 Marion  
Trabue, William 2327 Van Buren  
Treadway, Chris B. 3918 Indian Creek  
Treadway, Jonas 3921 Indian Creek  
Trisler, Daniel 3642 Clear Creek  
Trisler, Jonathan 3640 Clear Creek  
Trisler, Joshua 2774 Perry  
Trotter, Jeremiah 3038 Salt Creek  
Trueblood, Mark 3633 Clear Creek  
Truman, William H. 2329 Van Buren  
Tubo, Isaac 3037 Salt Creek  
Tuftz, F. G. 3634 Clear Creek  
Tuley, Charles P. 1670 Bloomington  
Tuley, Charles P. 4425 Bloomington, City of  
Tuley, Susan 1658 Bloomington  
Tuley, Susan 4426 Bloomington, City of  
Tullis, Jeremiah 3288 Polk  
Turner (heirs of) 1663 Bloomington  
Turner (heirs of) 617 Washington  
Turner (see Delap & Turner)    
Turner, George L. 1662 Bloomington  
Turner, Henry T. 4427 Bloomington, City of  
Turner, J. A. 1661 Bloomington  
Turner, James 977 Benton  
Turner, Samuel 2328 Van Buren  
Turner, William 2771 Perry  
Turner, William H. 2770 Perry  
Umbarger, Leander 2332 Van Buren  
Umbarger, William 2331 Van Buren  
Unknown 983 Benton  
Unknown 3300 Polk  
Unknown 647 Washington  
Urmey, J. M. 3646 Clear Creek  
Urmey, Josephas D. 3645 Clear Creek  
Vandegrift, Christopher 624 Washington  
Vanderpool, Samuel 3045 Salt Creek  
Vandevender (see also Vandeventer)    
Vandevender, Amos (see Vandevender, Benjamin & Amos)    
Vandevender, Bejamin & Amos 622 Washington  
Vandevender, Emily 623 Washington  
Vandevender, James 626 Washington  
Vandevender, Josiah 627 Washington  
Vandevender, William 625 Washington  
Vandeventer (see also Vandevender)    
Vandeventer, Benjamin 621 Washington  
Vanduson, Daniel 3303 Polk  
Vannoy, Andrew 1675 Bloomington  
Vannoy, Caleb 1674 Bloomington  
Vanzant, David 3929 Indian Creek  
Vattier, John L. 984 Benton  
Vaughn, Jesse 299 Bean Blossom  
Vaught Benjamin F. 3044 Salt Creek  
Vaught, Andrew J. 3041 Salt Creek  
Vaught, Benjamin W. 3042 Salt Creek  
Vaught, G. W. 3046 Salt Creek  
Vaught, H. J. 3647 Clear Creek  
Vaught, Henry 3043 Salt Creek  
Vest, Jacob 3302 Polk  
Vest, Nathaniel 3301 Polk  
Vint (see Wampler & Vint)    
Vint, J. D. 300 Bean Blossom  
Vint, Jno. T. 1678 Bloomington  
Vint, Luca A. 3041 Salt Creek  
Vinyard, T. M. 2044 Richland  
Voliner, George 1677 Bloomington  
Volkins, E. 985 Benton  
Voss, Benjamin 1672 Bloomington  
Voss, Benjamin 4432 Bloomington, City of  
Voss, E. 1673 Bloomington  
Voss, Emery 4476 Bloomington, City of  
Voss, Emory 4433 Bloomington, City of  
Voss, Henry 4434 Bloomington, City of  
Voss, Henry H. 1676 Bloomington  
Wade, Sarah B. 1683 Bloomington  
Wade, Sarah B. 4448 Bloomington, City of  
Wagamon, Margaret 307 Bean Blossom  
Waggoner (see also Wagoner)    
Waggoner, Alfred 2793 Perry  
Waggoner, Burgess 2778 Perry  
Wagoner (see also Waggoner)    
Wagoner, Asher (estate of) 2794 Perry  
Wagoner, W. W. 2801 Perry  
Walden, Austin 308 Bean Blossom  
Walden, Lewis L. 315 Bean Blossom  
Walden, Lewis M. 318 Bean Blossom  
Walden, W. B. 2058 Richland  
Waldo, Francis 3056 Salt Creek  
Waldron, Frank 2057 Richland  
Waldron, John 1687 Bloomington  
Waldron, John 4459 Bloomington, City of  
Walingford, S. M. 3673 Clear Creek  
Walingford, Saul 3672 Clear Creek  
Walk, Joseph S., Sr. 3947 Indian Creek  
Walker (see also Whitaker & Walker)    
Walker, A. (estate of) 4463 Bloomington, City of  
Walker, A. (estate of) 2780 Perry  
Walker, Ann 1689 Bloomington  
Walker, E. J. 3938 Indian Creek  
Walker, Elmer (estate of) 2342 Van Buren  
Walker, George 2343 Van Buren  
Walker, Isaac 1716 Bloomington  
Walker, Isaac 1717 Bloomington Administrator of Amos Walker Estate
Walker, Isaac 4462 Bloomington, City of  
Walker, J. F. 2076 Richland  
Walker, J. S., Jr. 2345 Van Buren  
Walker, J. W. 1681 Bloomington  
Walker, J. W. 4454 Bloomington, City of  
Walker, Job (heirs of) 3660 Clear Creek  
Walker, John F. 1680 Bloomington  
Walker, John F. 4435 Bloomington, City of  
Walker, John K. 2064 Richland  
Walker, Joseph B. 2049 Richland  
Walker, Joseph S. 3937 Indian Creek  
Walker, Mary 2080 Richland  
Walker, R. J. 3946 Indian Creek  
Walker, W. 3052 Salt Creek  
Walker, Ware 302 Bean Blossom  
Wall, Elmus 772 Marion  
Wallace, Jno. M. 646 Washington  
Walling, Henry J. 3657 Clear Creek  
Wallingford, H. 3658 Clear Creek  
Walls, Adam 774 Marion  
Walls, Alexander 644 Washington  
Wampler & Vint 301 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, A. G. 3675 Clear Creek  
Wampler, Adam 3048 Salt Creek  
Wampler, Andrew 2060 Richland  
Wampler, David 321 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, David 2805 Perry  
Wampler, David 3061 Salt Creek  
Wampler, Elias 3678 Clear Creek  
Wampler, Elizabeth 3050 Salt Creek  
Wampler, G. E. 3677 Clear Creek  
Wampler, Henry 324 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, Henry 3062 Salt Creek  
Wampler, Jacob 309 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, Jacob 2074 Richland  
Wampler, Jacob, Jr. 2062 Richland  
Wampler, James 327 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, Jefferson 310 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, John 3310 Polk  
Wampler, Joseph 314 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, Joseph 3058 Salt Creek  
Wampler, Michael (estate of) 2783 Perry  
Wampler, Paris D. 304 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, Thomas 325 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, Thomas 2083 Richland  
Wampler, W. J. 303 Bean Blossom  
Wampler, William 3049 Salt Creek  
Ward, C. 1724 Bloomington  
Ward, David B. 2811 Perry  
Ward, Isaac 2802 Perry  
Ward, James A. 2781 Perry  
Ward, John 2803 Perry  
Ward, John F. 4458 Bloomington, City of  
Ward, Luke & sons 2336 Van Buren  
Ward, Reuben 2334 Van Buren  
Ward, Rufus 1708 Bloomington  
Ward, Thomas J. 1706 Bloomington  
Warren, Charles 1720 Bloomington  
Warriner, Iverson L. 3669 Clear Creek  
Warriner, J. C. 3663 Clear Creek  
Warriner, W. F. 3665 Clear Creek  
Warring, John A 3055 Salt Creek  
Warring, John M. 3651 Clear Creek  
Waterford, David 3930 Indian Creek  
Watson, Campbell 3676 Clear Creek  
Watson, James S. 994 Benton  
Watson, Joel 3671 Clear Creek  
Watts & Riddle 305 Bean Blossom  
Watts, John B. 639 Washington  
Watts, John S. 1691 Bloomington  
Watts, John S. 4456 Bloomington, City of  
Waugh, A. F. 2806 Perry  
Waugh, James H. (estate of) 2787 Perry  
Weaver, Abraham 630 Washington  
Weaver, John 2348 Van Buren  
Weaver,George W. 631 Washington  
Webb, Henry 1729 Bloomington  
Wedde, Jeptha 645 Washington  
Weimer, William 2782 Perry  
Weimer, William 2335 Van Buren  
Weir (see also Wier)    
Weith, Francis B. 771 Marion  
Welborn, G. H. 2347 Van Buren  
Welburn, John 2339 Van Buren  
Welch, George 993 Benton  
Welch, James 4473 Bloomington, City of  
Welch, John 4472 Bloomington, City of  
Welch, Jonathan 3060 Salt Creek  
Welch, Mariah 989 Benton  
Welch, Michael 326 Bean Blossom  
Welch, Thomas 1685 Bloomington  
Welch, Thomas 4461 Bloomington, City of  
Welch, Thomas 2777 Perry  
Wellens, Henry J. 768 Marion  
Wellins, William 773 Marion Surname difficult to read
Wendt, Andrew Jr. 632 Washington  
Wendt, Andrew, Sr. 633 Washington  
West, David 986 Benton  
West, Jacob 992 Benton  
West, Waldo 990 Benton  
Wetherby, E. C. 4447 Bloomington, City of  
Wetherly, P. C. 1719 Bloomington  
Wetty, Jacob 769 Marion  
Whaley, John D. 2333 Van Buren  
Whaley, Samuel W. 2344 Van Buren  
Whaley, William T. 2346 Van Buren  
Whisenand (see also Whisnand)    
Whisenand, Isaac J. 2341 Van Buren  
Whisenand, J. K. 1705 Bloomington  
Whisinand, Elizabeth 3054 Salt Creek  
Whisnand (see also Whisenand)    
Whisnand, Columbus 3655 Clear Creek  
Whisnand, John C. 1692 Bloomington  
Whisnand, John C. 4437 Bloomington, City of  
Whisnand, John D. 2051 Richland  
Whisnand, John K. 2065 Richland  
Whisnand, John W. 636 Washington  
Whisnand, Jonathan 1707 Bloomington  
Whisnand, Marion 3659 Clear Creek  
Whisnand, Nicholas  Clear Creek No number; follows No. 3653
Whisnand, Nicholas 3656 Clear Creek  
Whisnand, Nicholas 3939 Indian Creek  
Whisnand, William 2072 Richland  
Whisnand, William F. 1728 Bloomington  
Whisnand, William H. 637 Washington  
Whisnand, William, Jr. 1703 Bloomington  
Whisnand, William, Sr. 1704 Bloomington  
Whitaker & Walker 1714 Bloomington  
Whitaker & Walker 4469 Bloomington, City of  
Whitaker & Whitaker 1734 Bloomington  
Whitaker, Abram 4466 Bloomington, City of  
Whitaker, Clement 1712 Bloomington  
Whitaker, Clement 4465 Bloomington, City of  
Whitaker, George W. 3674 Clear Creek  
Whitaker, James 4451 Bloomington, City of  
Whitaker, James 3649 Clear Creek  
Whitaker, James 2775 Perry  
Whitaker, James 2337 Van Buren  
Whitaker, John 3940 Indian Creek  
Whitaker, William 3944 Indian Creek  
Whitcomb, C. B. 1726 Bloomington  
Whitcomb, C. B. 4438 Bloomington, City of  
White, Perry 641 Washington  
Whitesell (see also Whitsell)    
Whitesell, A. M. 1721 Bloomington  
Whitesell, John 1702 Bloomington  
Whitesell, Peter 1709 Bloomington  
Whitesell, Sarah 1715 Bloomington  
Whitesell, William 770 Marion  
Whitsell (see also Whitesell)    
Whitsell, James S. 2063 Richland  
Whitsell, James S. 2338 Van Buren  
Whitsell, Lemuel 1700 Bloomington  
Whitsell, Lemuel 4477 Bloomington, City of  
Whitsell, Mary A. 1699 Bloomington  
Whitsell, Mary A. 4452 Bloomington, City of  
Whitson, Volney 2081 Richland  
Whitson, Wesley 2061 Richland  
Whitson, William A. 317 Bean Blossom  
Wibble, Henry T. 3057 Salt Creek  
Wier (see also Weir)    
Wier, Alexander C. 2054 Richland  
Wier, Charles S. 2052 Richland  
Wier, Jennett 2079 Richland  
Wier, Mary 2075 Richland  
Wier, Samuel (heirs of) 2045 Richland  
Wilkinson, John 3308 Polk  
Wilkinson, John 3053 Salt Creek  
William, James 1732 Bloomington  
Williams, Benjamin 1698 Bloomington  
Williams, F. M. 1725 Bloomington  
Williams, F. M. 4449 Bloomington, City of  
Williams, F. M. 2804 Perry  
Williams, Isaac 2069 Richland  
Williams, James S. 312 Bean Blossom  
Williams, Jesse 634 Washington  
Williams, John 320 Bean Blossom  
Williams, John 1733 Bloomington  
Williams, John 2070 Richland  
Williams, John B. 987 Benton  
Williams, Mac 328 Bean Blossom  
Williams, Mary J. 2071 Richland  
Williams, Mathias 629 Washington  
Williams, Nicholas (estate of) 306 Bean Blossom  
Williams, Sarah 1690 Bloomington  
Williams, Sarah 4450 Bloomington, City of  
Williams, Sarah 2791 Perry  
Williams, T. N. 991 Benton  
Williams, Thomas N. 1682 Bloomington  
Williams, Thomas N. 4436 Bloomington, City of  
Williams, William 311 Bean Blossom  
Williams, William 2047 Richland  
Wills, Eli P. F. 2078 Richland  
Willson, Leander 1731 Bloomington  
Wilson, Allen 1701 Bloomington  
Wilson, Annie 1718 Bloomington  
Wilson, Archibald 2798 Perry  
Wilson, Archibald 2067 Richland  
Wilson, Emsley 1694 Bloomington  
Wilson, Emsley 4443 Bloomington, City of  
Wilson, Emsley 2795 Perry  
Wilson, F. M. 1711 Bloomington  
Wilson, Francis M. 4478 Bloomington, City of  
Wilson, Henry 3309 Polk  
Wilson, James 322 Bean Blossom  
Wilson, James S. 2084 Richland  
Wilson, John 1693 Bloomington  
Wilson, John 4457 Bloomington, City of  
Wilson, Lee 4471 Bloomington, City of  
Wilson, Martha 2050 Richland  
Wilson, Martha J. 1688 Bloomington  
Wilson, Martha J. 4453 Bloomington, City of  
Wilson, Mary 635 Washington  
Wilson, Mary J. 643 Washington  
Wilson, Rebecca 642 Washington  
Wilson, Stephen 628 Washington  
Wilson, Tarlton 2048 Richland  
Wilson, Thomas 319 Bean Blossom  
Wilson, William 2055 Richland  
Winder, Felix 2809 Perry  
Winder, Henry 2792 Perry  
Winder, Joseph 2808 Perry  
Winfrey, James 1730 Bloomington  
Winfrey, James L. 4470 Bloomington, City of  
Wisley, Frederic 3661 Clear Creek  
Witherow, William C. 3650 Clear Creek  
Wolf, F. J. 3666 Clear Creek  
Wood, Andrew J. 640 Washington  
Wood, David B. 2056 Richland  
Wood, Emsley 1695 Bloomington  
Wood, John 2082 Richland  
Wood, William E. 638 Washington  
Woodall, Oliver 4446 Bloomington, City of  
Woodall, Oliver P. 1727 Bloomington  
Woodall, Oliver P. 2812 Perry  
Woodall, P. J. 2077 Richland  
Woodall, Perry 1710 Bloomington  
Woodall, Perry 2059 Richland  
Woodard, John 4455 Bloomington, City of  
Woodburn, James 1686 Bloomington  
Woodburn, James 4445 Bloomington, City of  
Woodburn, John 2786 Perry  
Woodburn, Sarah 2785 Perry  
Woodburn, Thomas A. 2807 Perry  
Wooden, Ellen 3648 Clear Creek  
Wooden, Granville S. 3059 Salt Creek  
Woods, Jacob 313 Bean Blossom  
Woods, James S. 3047 Salt Creek  
Woods, John L. 3305 Polk  
Woodsack, Richard 2073 Richland  
Woodward (see also Oliphant & Woodward)    
Woodward, Bartlet 2784 Perry  
Woodward, Chesley 3652 Clear Creek  
Woodward, Chesley 3307 Polk  
Woodward, E. 3664 Clear Creek  
Woodward, J. 767 Marion  
Woodward, James 3654 Clear Creek  
Woodward, John F. 1723 Bloomington  
Woodward, Salitta 3670 Clear Creek  
Woodward, Sarah 3662 Clear Creek  
Woodward, Sarah 2799 Perry  
Woolery & Co. 3668 Clear Creek  
Woolery (see also Woollery)    
Woolery, Henry 3667 Clear Creek  
Wooley (see also Woolley)    
Wooley, John C. 2340 Van Buren  
Woollery (see also Woolery)    
Woollery, A. H. 3653 Clear Creek  
Woolley (see also Wooley)    
Woolley, James 2046 Richland  
Woolley, John  Richland No number noted; follows No. 2084
Wooster, James A. 3306 Polk  
Workman, Christopher 3943 Indian Creek  
Workman, Reuben 3942 Indian Creek  
Worley & Tuley 4467 Bloomington, City of  
Worley, David 323 Bean Blossom  
Worley, Eli 4439 Bloomington, City of  
Worley, Eli (estate of) 2788 Perry  
Worley, Frank E. 2068 Richland  
Worley, George H. 988 Benton  
Worley, George H. 1713 Bloomington  
Worley, Henry 4440 Bloomington, City of  
Worley, Hiram 316 Bean Blossom  
Worley, Hiram 2066 Richland  
Worley, James C. 1722 Bloomington  
Worley, James Craig 4442 Bloomington, City of  
Worley, Joshua 2800 Perry  
Worley, Moses 2810 Perry  
Worley, Zimry 1696 Bloomington  
Worley, Zimry 4441 Bloomington, City of  
Worth, Jacob 3304 Polk  
Wright, Alfred 3945 Indian Creek  
Wright, David 3936 Indian Creek  
Wright, Elijah 3934 Indian Creek  
Wright, James 3935 Indian Creek  
Wright, John 3932 Indian Creek  
Wright, Levi 3933 Indian Creek  
Wright, Peter 3931 Indian Creek  
Wright, Preston 3948 Indian Creek  
Wright, Vin 3941 Indian Creek  
Wylie, Francis 1697 Bloomington  
Wylie, James 4468 Bloomington, City of  
Wylie, James (estate of) 2779 Perry  
Wylie, Jane 2789 Perry  
Wylie, John 2053 Richland  
Wylie, Reddick 4460 Bloomington, City of  
Wylie, Reddick M. 2790 Perry  
Wylie, Samuel Mc 2797 Perry  
Wylie, T. A. 4444 Bloomington, City of  
Wylie, T. A. 2776 Perry  
Wylie, William 1684 Bloomington  
Wylie, William 4464 Bloomington, City of  
Wylie, William 2796 Perry  
Wylie, William T. 3051 Salt Creek  
Yandes & Co. 775 Marion  
Yoder, George 1735 Bloomington  
York, Sarah 330 Bean Blossom  
York, William 331 Bean Blossom  
Young, Alexander 2353 Van Buren  
Young, Andrew 3680 Clear Creek  
Young, Anna 3950 Indian Creek  
Young, Barbara 3064 Salt Creek  
Young, Calvin 3679 Clear Creek  
Young, David 997 Benton  
Young, David 3065 Salt Creek  
Young, David, Jr. 1002 Benton  
Young, David, Sr. 1003 Benton  
Young, Harvey 1004 Benton  
Young, Isaac W. 1001 Benton  
Young, J. D. 2814 Perry  
Young, Jacob 1736 Bloomington  
Young, Jacob 4474 Bloomington, City of  
Young, James 2813 Perry  
Young, John 995 Benton  
Young, John F. 996 Benton  
Young, John W. 1738 Bloomington  
Young, John W. 4475 Bloomington, City of  
Young, John, Jr. 1005 Benton  
Young, Joseph 998 Benton  
Young, Joseph 3949 Indian Creek  
Young, Joseph 3063 Salt Creek  
Young, Lewis 999 Benton  
Young, Nicholas J. 1000 Benton  
Young, Priscilla 2350 Van Buren  
Young, Robert 1737 Bloomington  
Young, Robert (estate of) 2351 Van Buren  
Young, Robert S. 2352 Van Buren  
Young, Susan 1006 Benton  
Zimmerman, John 3066 Salt Creek  
Zink, Jacob 3951 Indian Creek  
Zink, Jacob 648 Washington  

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