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Directory of School Officials and Teachers of Porter County, Indiana (1917)

Submitted by Porter County Public Library

NOTE: This database was extracted from Directory of the School Officials and Teachers of Porter County, Indiana 1917-1918, which is in the library's collection.

Last Name First Name Town Position
AlexanderJames  Principal, Math, So. Kouts, Pleasant Twp.
AlexanderJames  Pleasant Twp., Kouts, Principal, Math, Sc.,
AndersonEd. A. Hobart Portage Twp. Trustee
AndersonEdith  Morgan Twp., Tassinong, Valparaiso R. 7
AndersonEdith  Morgan Twp., Tassinong, Valp R7
AndersonKathryn  St. Clair, Center Twp.
ArcherMildred  Special Teacher, Music
AshtonSusie  Liberty Twp., Daly District
AshtonVina  Liberty Twp., Salt Creek District
BabcockWinonia  Portage Twp., 1-2
BakerLucy  Cook's Corner, Center Twp. 1st-4th
BallH.R.  Board of Education-Treasurer
BarnesJeanette  Liberty Twp. 1-6
BartholomewMargaret  Special Teacher, Domestic Science
BaylesBessie Wolbrandt  Michigan City R 3., Pine Twp.
BeachVernon Valparaiso Center Twp. Trustee
BeckwithMarie  Pleasant Twp., Kouts 3
BeerMargaret  Gardner School, Principal and 1st Grade
BennettStella  Columbia School 3rd Grade
BenneyHelen M.  High School Teacher, English
BettertonWm. P. Kouts Pleasant Twp. Trustee
BlachlyAlice  Morgan, Twp., Bundy, Valparaiso R. 7
BlachlyAlice, Bundy  Valparaiso R7, Morgan Twp.
BlachlyEsther  Washington Twp., 1-5
BlaneyCatherine  Gardner School, 5th Grade
BorgBlance  Union Center, Primary
BoucherC.W.  Board of Education-Superintendent
BradleyVera  Union Twp., Wheeler, 6-7-8
BradtMary  Porter, 3-4
BrickPearl Greene  Chesterton, R. 2, Pine Township,
BriggsEva  Portage Twp, Dombery, Crisman
BriggsW. A.  Portage Twp., Crisman Principal, Math, SC., Commercial,
BrookeElla  Special Teacher, Domestic Art
BrookeLu S.  Board of Education-Clerk
BrownJennie  Leonard, Center Twp.
BrunsFreda  Central School, Department Teacher 3rd Grade
BuchananJay Hebron Boone Twp. Trustee
BundyAlice, Blachly  Valparaiso R7, Morgan Twp.
CarlsonBertha  Porter, 4-5
CarverMildred Carver-Schlundt  Pine Twp. Trustee
Carver-SchlundtMildred  Pine Twp., Carver, Michigan City R.4
CassellsGladys May  Portage Twp., Assistant, Latin, German, History
CastleH.M.  Attendance Officer
ClineWillie  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, Assistant, English, Latin
CobbGeneva  Porter Twp., Boone Grove 5-8
ColeFred H.  County Superintendent
ColemanMary  Porter Twp., Porter X Roads Kenworthy District, Valparaiso RR
CollinsAnnetta  Hayes, Center Twp.
CornishRuth  Morgan Twp.,
CraneJennie  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, Don.Sc. Art.
CraneJennie  Porter, Dom. Sc., Art.
CrosbyClara  Gardner School, 4th Grade
DavidsonMartha  Flint Lake, Center Twp.
DeeganMary  Central School, Department Teacher 7th & 8th Grade, Principal
DetlefsHerman Valparaiso Morgan Twp. Trustee
DeWittDorothy  Washington Twp., Principal, Latin, English, Valparaiso
DiefenbachEstella  Columbia School, Principal an 1st Grade
DillinghamMildred  Liberty Twp., Phares District
DinsmoreM.E.  Boone Twp. School, Hebron, Principal, Math, Sc., Hebron
DittmanWm. H.  Porter, Valparaiso, RR2
DonahueOlive  Morgan Twp. Schroeder, Valparaiso R. 7
DonahueOlive  Valparaiso R1 Morgan Twp.,
DoyleEdna  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 4.
DoyleNeva  Boone Twp., School Hebron 1st - 2sd
DrazerBertha  Morgan Twp., Flitter, Kouts R1
DrazerKatherine  Pleasant Twp., Kouts, Lauer District
DunnEdith  Porter Twp., Porter X Roads 5-8, Valparaiso R.2
EgglestonEd Valparaiso Jackson Twp. Trustee
EgglestonGladys  Jackson Twp, Carter District
FlemingElizabeth Chalmers  Liberty Twp., Math
FlitterBertha Drazer  Kouts, R1, Morgan Twp.
FoltzKathleen  Porter Twp., Porter X Roads Merriman District, Hebron R., 3
ForneyEdna  Central School, Department Teacher 4th Grade
FosbergAlbert  Porter, Manual Training
FosbergAlbert  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, Manual Training
FrameGrace  Pine Twp., Frame, Westville, R 1
FrameGrace  Westville, R 1, Pine Twp.
FryarDora  Morgan Twp.,
FuguittG.V.  Porter Twp., Boone Grove, Principal, Math, Latin,
GayGrace  Central School, Department Teacher 7th & 8th Grade
GelstonJ.M.  Board of Education-Secretary
GillGeneva  Portage Twp. Wolfe Valparaiso R.4, Care H.F. Carey
GillespieAnna  Gardner School, 6th Grade
GoldsboroughF.M.  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, Principal, Math, Science, Chesterton
GreenFlorence  Washington Twp 5 District Bryarly, Valparaiso R 6 care C. Bull
GreenePearl  Pine Twp., Brick, Chesterton R.2
HallFlorence L.  Columbia School 1st Frade Training Teacher
HannonFannie  Pleasant Twp., Music and Drawing
HarrisonOlive Bushell  Boone Twp., School Hebron Science, Music
HawbrookBess  Aylesworth District, 5th - 6th
HemstockMary, Mrs.  Special Teacher, Kindergarten
HerrickMabel  Columbia School, 6th Grade
HinelineLilah  Liberty Twp., Cole District
HutchensHelen Ruth  Assistant Eng., Latin, German, Pleasant Twp.
HutchensRuth  Pleasant Twp., Kouts, Assistant, Eng., Latin, German
HuttonOtholo  Washington Twp 6 District Island Valparaiso RR
JesseeH.M.  High School Teacher, Principal and Mathematics
JohnsonBess  Portage Twp., McCool
JohnsonJohn G. Chesterton Westchester Twp. Trustee
JonesIda H.  Central School, Department Teacher 1st Grade
JordanRuth  Liberty Twp., Assistant, Latin, Domestic Science,
JungjohanLillian  Columbia School 1st Grade
KellerHelen  Porter Twp, Porter X Roads 1-4
KinneGlen  Washington Twp. 6-7-8 and Manual Training
KosankeLenora  Pleasant Twp, Kouts, 6-7
KosankeLenora  Pleasant Twp.
KriegerZella  Porter Twp., Porter X Roads Hurlburt District, Hurlburt
KringKathryn  Algebra and 8th, Pleasant Twp.
KringKathryn  Pleasant Twp, Kouts Algebra and 8th
KruegerPauline  Domestic Science, Pleasant Twp.
KruegerPauline  Pleasant Twp, Kouts, Domestic Science
LarsonMabel  Union Center, Latin, Math, Hist
LeachGeorge Taylor  Special Teachers, Manual Training
LemingerWm.  Central School, Department Teacher 7th & 8th Grade
LemingerWm.  High School Teacher, German
LindstedtSelma  Jackson Twp. Burdick District
LindwallJudith  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 8
LingGrace  Aylesworth District, 1st - 4th
LinstadEsther  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, Commercial
LoebMildred S.  Jackson Twp. High School, Principal, Latin, English
LoomisE.L.  Board of Education-President
ManderLucy  Jackson Twp, Quakerdom District
MargquartCharles Wheeler Union Twp. Trustee
MarquartMartha  Union Twp., Wheeler, 3-4-5
MarsdenFern  Liberty Twp., Linderman District
McAuliffeFrances  Porter, 6 District Old Porter
McClurgR.R.  High School Teacher, Principal Commercial Department
McGinleyMary  Union Center District 7 Gordon, Valparaiso R 5
McGinleyRuth  Union Center District 6 Forster, Valparaiso R 5
McIntyreFannie  Central School, Department Teacher 7th & 8th Grade
McIntyreMinnie C.  High School Teacher, Assistant Principal and History
MillerEthel  Union Twp., Wheeler Assistant, Science, Dom.Sc., Music
MillerPearl  Gardner School 1st Grade
MorganAgnes  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 3.
MurphyRose  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 2.
MyersSarah Helen  Union Center Principal, English Valparaiso R 5
NeffDott O.  Cook's Corner, Center Twp. 5th- 8th
NicholsNeva  Boone Twp., School Hebron 3rd - 4th
NickelElsie  Porter, 4 District, Waverly
NobleMyra  Jackson Twp. County Line Distinct
NolanHelen  Pine Twp., Smoky Row, Burdick
NolandEva  Washington Twp 3 District Luther, Valparaiso R.1
OsbornEtta  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 6.
OsbornTennia  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 5.
PattonElizabeth  Boone Twp., School Hebron, Assistant, Latin, History
PauleyClaude O.  High School Teacher, Mathematics and Latin
PetersonEmily,  Porter, 6-7
PharesDallas Valparaiso Liberty Twp. Trustee
PhilleyFlora A.  Columbia School 5th Grade
PierceGeneva  Central School, Department Teacher 5th Grade
PotterLaVerna  Portage Twp., 3-4, Domestic Science
PrimeMargueriete  Porter Twp., Boone Grove, Assistant, English, Dom, Ec.
RannellaMabelle B.  Boone Twp., School Hebron, English
RecktenwallBlanche C.  Jackson Twp. Taylor District
RexMargaret  Central School, Department Teacher 7th & 8th Grade
ReynoldsBerniece  High School Teacher, English
RidgewayLillian  Washington Twp., Assistant, Math, Dom. Sc.
RobertsonR.M.  Union Twp., Wheeler Principal, English, History, German
RossCarmon G.  Porter, Principal, 8th. Porter
RuthEthel O.  Union Twp., Wheeler, 1-2
RyanMarie  Flint Lake, Center Twp.
SalzerMabelle  Pleasant Twp., Kouts Five Points District
SchlesingerRena B.  Jackson Twp, High School, Assistant, Math, Science
SchlundtFred Michigan City Pine Twp. Trustee
SchroederOlive Donahue  Valparaiso R 1, Morgan Twp. !
SchwinkendorfF. W. Valparaiso Washington Twp. Trustee
ScottKathryn  Union Center District 8 Cherry Glen, Valparaiso R 4
ScottT. G.  Boone Twp., School Hebron 7th - 8th Manual Training
SeigleFern  Porter Twp, Porter X Roads Skinner District Hebron RR.
ShaferB.F.  High School Teacher, Science
ShanerGail  Porter 3 District, Furnessville
ShermanFlorence  Morgan Twp., Rising Sun, Valparaiso R1
SieversAda  Columbia School 2sd Grade
SinkS.B.  In charge of agricultural work
SmallJohn E.  Liberty Twp., Principal English,
SmithLinia G.  Portage Twp., Assistant, English
SmokyRow Helen Nolan  Burdick, Pine Twp.
SowerMabel  Central School, Department Teacher 7th & 8th Grade, Training Teacher
SpencerLoa  Porter, 1-2
StevensAlma  Porter Twp., Boone Grove 1-4
SwansonIrene  Liberty Twp., Crocker District
SwansonMatilda  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, History and 8th.
SwardCarl  Porter 10 District, Mosquitotown
SweetBertha  Gardner School 3rd Grade
TabbertMildred  Portage Twp., Peak District, Hobart
TimmonsMarie Lyrene  Westchester Twp. Chesterton, 1.
TrinkleIdaline  Pleasant Twp., Kouts Miller District
TrudelleMary  Washington Twp 7 District Blake, Valparaiso
VincentElla  Gardner School, 6th Grade
WaltonDoshia  Bryant District,
WansbroughWilla  Assistant County Superintendent
WardAlice  Columbia School 4th Grade Training Teacher
WeicertMary  Jackson Twp. Coburg District
WeissGeneva  Porter, 5 District, Bailey Town
WelbrandtMamie  Portage Twp., 5-6
WelchRose  Pleasant Twp., Kouts, Marshall Grove District
WeltyOlie S.  High School Teacher, Latin
WheelerMabel  Pleasant Twp., Hebron, Morrison District
WhiteMartha  Gardner School 2sd Grade
WhiteNellie  Central School, Department Teacher 2sd Grade
WhitlockHenrietta  Jackson Twp. High School. Primary
WhitlockT.K.  Jackson Twp. High School
WilliamsMaud  Porter Twp., Porter X Roads Gates Corners, Valparaiso R2
WilliamsenLeonora  Pleasant Twp., Kouts RR1, Stowell District
WiseLeonora  Union Twp., Wheeler, Math, Latin
WithamFrederica  Pleasant Twp., Kouts 1-2
WolbrandtBessie  Bayles, Pine Twp, Michigan City R 3
WoodRuby  Boone Twp., School Hebron 5th - 6th
YoungFlorence  Pleasant Twp.
YoungFlorence  Pleasant Twp., Kouts 4-5
YoungMabel  High School Teacher, Phongraphy and Typewriting


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